*We open in the Cave. All the lights are on & there's various sounds of tools being used.*

*Micky sits at his work table, using a soldering gun. He's obviously in deep concentration... his tongue is sticking out one side of his mouth.* ;)

Mike: (He enters from the red crystal side cave, carrying a tool box and his own soldering gun) How's it comin', Mick?

Micky: *looks up* Huh? *blinks* Oh, they're coming, though not as quickly as before since they're different shapes now.

Mike: This was a brilliant idea, Mick. (He sets the tool box on the crystal table) We need communicators that are less obvious and tougher. We either keep losin' our to the devils or breakin' them every time we fall on our asses or wrists. ;) :p

Micky: No kidding. I lost track a long time ago on how many of these I've made. :P

Micky: *holds up the current one, letting it catch the light* This one looks good. It just needs to cool & I can put the back on it. *sets it on the table with a couple others that are already completed*

Mike: (Sees the red casing) That one's yours?

Micky: *grins* Another thing I thought of. I thought the different colors might blend it more easily & make them not as noticeable. *nods* And, yes, the red one's mine. ;)

Mike: (Nods) Anythin' I can do?

Micky: I need some more wires cut from the spool. *points at a rather large spool wrapped with wire* The cutters are right next to it. I need them to be about an inch & a half long. Too much or too little won't work.

Mike: Got it. (He goes to the spool and picks up the cutters)

Mike: You guys ought to come see Robbie sometime. He's a cute kid...and boy, does he have a set of pipes! When he wants his ma at 3AM, the whole NEIGHBORHOOD knows! ;)

Micky: *grins* Oh definitely! *smirks* Welcome to the world of loud children. ;)

*Micky picks up the next casing & some pre-cut wires & starts placing the wires with tweezers.*

Mike: And you put up with THREE! Katie weren't nearly this bad! How do you do it? :p

Micky: *looks up enough for Mike to see his smirk* It's a talent. ;)

Mike: How are yours, anyway? I ain't seen them since the Halloween party. The twins sure are gettin' big, ain't they?

Micky: Yeah. I can't believe it. Mick's starting to shoot up. He's a couple inches taller than Shelly. Poor Shelly's gonna have Lauren's lack of height. ;)

Micky: But they're all doing great. Mick is always yacking up a storm. Shelly's quieter, she seems more thoughtful. Leah's starting to be a talker. Mick gets her going every so often. ;)

Mike: Think Katie got my and her grandmother's and aunt's height. She's already pretty tall for her age. She don't look three, that's for sure. (Sighs) She's three already...man, my Cowgirl sure is gettin' big.

Micky: And the twins are four & a half... I hope I have a chance to warn the school before kindergarten. ;)

Mike: Are they teachin' chemistry in kindergarten these days? I'm afraid to ask what Mick'll do to the paste 'n crayons. ;)

Micky: *chuckles* I hope not. Though I'm afraid it won't be long before he atleast knows the taste of the paste. :P ;)

Micky: Just about everything he gets his hands on goes in his mouth, but he does know what to definitely not taste, thankfully.

Mike: Kid takes too much after his old man for his own good. ;)

Micky: I knew I set myself up for a shot. ;)

Mike: (Waves the tool cutter) You ought to know better than to do that with me by now, bo...uh, Mick. ;)

Micky: *slight grin to acknowledge Mike's correction* I shouldn't, shouldn't I? *shrugs*

*Micky sets the casing on the table & picks up his soldering gun again & starts working on it.*

Mike: The soundtrack album's due in a few days. How many copies you have ordered? ;)

Micky: Oh, just one each... for everyone I know. ;)

Mike: (Grins) Figures. I ordered a few for me, 'course, and one for Em and one for the kids, and one for Aunt Katie an' Ma, and a couple of cousins wanted some, and Em sent a copy to her brother.

Micky: Hey, can't keep a good thing to ourselves.

Mike: The movie's comin' out in 'bout a week. (Sighs) I hope the movie goes well. The filmin'....well, things weren't lookin' so good.

Micky: Dave & I are still planning on sitting in on the premiere so we can let you know how the audience reacts to it. :)

Mike: Pete's gonna be devastated if this don't work. He keeps talkin' about how we're finally gonna show everyone who we really are and what our music is REALLY like and how we're all gonna be big stars. (Makes a face) I ain't sure if I even WANT to be a big star. I just know I hate bein' treated like a kid, 'cause I play in a band that makes TV shows that are big with kids. :p

Micky: *sighs* I never mentioned my personal opinion on it... :P

Mike: Uh, how DO you feel about the movie?

Micky: Well... the ads are bad, the movie itself really does look like it was thrown together hastily &... I just don't like it. I mean, I kinda had fun filming my stuff. Driving the tank & blowing up the Coke machine was fun, but... who's really gonna GET it, you know?

Mike: Not me, that's for sure. Pete claims he does, but this is a guy who also claims that telepathy is the coming phenomenon. I think he's too stoned with those buddies of his in Laurel Canyon these days to get much of anything. :p

Micky: Peter... *shakes his head; sighs* And you know me, I get alot of things, but our movie... is NOT one of the things I get. :P

Mike: Were we really THAT stoned the night we wrote it? Jack don't even remember anymore. :p

Micky: I think we were. *frowns* I don't put much faith in what Jack remembers, anyway. :P

Mike: I'm startin' to think Mr. Big-Ass Nicholson don't care much about us at all. He just starred in that big flick "Carnal Knowledge." What are a couple of jerks like us compared to a piece of ass like Ann-Margaret? ;) :p

Micky: All I can figure is that it was something different for him to try. :P

Micky: When Davy & I go to the premiere... I'm prepared for the worse, frankly.

Mike: You might have to be in costume just to keep them from throwing vegetables. ;) :p

Micky: Like we'd go there & not be in disguises of some sort. *rolls his eyes* Come on, Mike, it may not seem like it at times, but we aren't THAT dumb. :P ;)

Mike: Just remember, I want a full report from my troops when they get back. Got that? (He waves the clipper menacingly, but he's grinning) ;)

Micky: *puts his hands up* I got it! I already said we would! ;)

Mike: Don't go runnin' off to some pinball arcade an' lose track of time. If I had a dime for every time you were late for somethin' or other because your rear was behind a pinball machine and not the drums... ;)

Micky: Hey, it's been a couple years since I last did that! :P

Mike: (Sighs) I just hope this movie don't make things worse. Have you heard from Pete lately? Every time I try to get a hold of him, he's either at the studio or at Laurel Canyon or just not around. :p

Micky: *shakes his head* No, I haven't. I'm worried about him...

Micky: I don't know what he's doing. *makes a face* I went to that one party & we know how I faired. :P

*Micky sets the casing on the table & picks up the previous one to put the back on it.*

Mike: I ain't even attemptin' a party with him after the Halloween incident with that pig loony. :p

Micky: *makes a face* That was weird even for me. :P

Mike: He's been real distant lately, and that ain't like him.

Micky: *half grin* Yeah, that's usually you. ;)

Mike: And I'm worried about Dave, too. Mick, have you noticed each of us have an "extra" power in addition to what Urse gave us? You get pissed enough to make holes in walls. I turn into a wolf. Pete can read emotions. Davy's the only guy who hasn't shown any sign of any extra power yet.

Micky: I'm almost afraid to find it, if he does have one, what it is. *sighs* It only took practically forever for mine to come out. :P

Mike: I don't think so. I think yours has existed for a long time. We just never realized it.

Micky: *shrugs* Might've...

*Micky finishes the communicator, then starts on the next one, grabbing an empty casing & a couple wires.*

Mike: Mick...do you remember a few years ago, the night Zero and Sheila challenged all of us? The night we got rid of Zero?

Micky: *makes a face* Umm... kinda.

Micky: Truthfully, Mike... I don't remember much of the fight I had with him.

Mike: You and Zero were fightin', and he said somethin' to you - I don't remember what now - and you just...you let out this pure animal scream, and you ATTACKED him! Left a gash on his chest a mile wide and slowed him down real good.

Mike: That was kinda the same thing.

Micky: Yeah, I guess it was.

*Micky goes back to attaching the wires into the casing.*

Mike: I always wondered where that came from...and now, I think we know. It was probably something you came with, like Pete's powers.

Mike: In all the time we've been buddies, did you ever have a reason to get REALLY pissed off until that night? I mean, REALLY pissed.

Micky: *shrugs, paying more attention to the communicator* Not really. It takes alot TO piss me off. Zero obviously pushed the right buttons that night.

Micky: *looks up* You got some wires ready? I just used the last ones.

Mike: Yeah. (Hands Mick the wires)

Micky: Thanks.

Davy: *wanders in* 'Ello, mates. I see I found the party. ;)

Micky: Hey, Dave. :)

Mike: Hey, Dave. Wanna help with the new communicators?

Davy: Sure! *goes to the table & gawks at the small pile of them already* You fellas need more 'elp? You got nearly two dozen 'ere already. ;)

*Micky looks up briefly to give Davy a dull glare, then goes back to the current communicator he's working on.*

Davy: So, talking about anything good? ;)

Mike: The movie, mostly, an' a couple of things that have cropped up recently. By the way, have you seen Pete around?

Davy: *shakes his head* Nope. Not 'ardly at all.

Mike: Damn. I'm gettin' worried about him. He almost never shows up for MonkeeMan trainin' anymore, and he's usually just gettin' out of the studio when I'm comin' in.

Davy: I wondah wot's up with 'im?

Mike: I just hope the whole thing with the movie doesn't end up hurtin' him worse. He's really, really lookin' forward to it. He keeps sayin' how this will finally get us in with "the beautiful people."

Davy: *shrugs* We'll find out.

Mike: Hey, guys, since at least three of us are here...why don't we do some trainin'?

Micky: *puts the casing down* Good idea. I think my butt's gone to sleep on this stool. :P

Davy: *nods* I'm up for it.

*The trio moves farther into the Cave, into a room that seems similar to a gym, with a few different machines & mats on the floor.*

Mike: We're gonna do a simulated fight, work on our mental powers, especially the heat and ice. They're gettin' fuzzy, and every time they get fuzzy, it gets easier for the Devils to muddle us. You saw what Alex did to me the other day. :p

Micky: Yeah. :P

Davy: 'Ow do you want us to set up?

Mike: One of us will take on the other two. Practice fightin' more than one bad guy at a time.

Davy: 'O's the unlucky one to fight two of us? ;)

Mike: You kiddies wanna take me on? ;)

Micky: "Kiddies," huh? *turns to Davy* For that alone, we should both take him on. ;)

Davy: *nods* Teach 'im we ain't no "kiddies." ;)

Micky: Alright, Mike, we accept. ;)

Mike: Ok, boys, (rises into the air), prepare to meet your maker! I hope you know you're doomed. ;)

Micky: Oh, gonna play THAT way, huh? *grins & also rises into the air*

Davy: Wait for me, mates! *rises as well* ;)

("Sweet Young Thing" begins as Mike concentrates and puts up two fingers like a pair of six-shooters, shooting off blue and red lights in the boys' direction. ;) )

*Davy & Micky move in opposite directions. Davy turns & comes back at Mike from the front & kicks near Mike's hand, purposely missing.*

*Micky moves around Mike & grabs him from behind, looping his arms around Mike's & gripping his hands together behind Mike's neck--a full-nelson hold.* ;)

(Mike concentrates. He vanishes in a dark blue light. ;) )

*Micky looks around, the look on his face clearly believing that Mike's move wasn't fair.* ;)

(Suddenly, Micky's hit from behind with a bright blue light! He rubs his rear and discovers it's covered with ice! ;) )

*Micky's mouth runs on... he's NOT happy & neither are the words he's spouting.* X( :P ;)

(Davy's hit by the blue light now. There's a dark blue light....and his cape is a sheet of ice! ;) )

(Mike appears in front of them and dives away before they can catch up, shooting more red and blue lights. ;) )

*Davy smirks & sends out his own blue light, trying to freeze Mike's literal trigger finger...* ;)

*Micky defrosts himself & rejoins the others, still fuming a bit.* :P

(Mike ducks Davy's beam, but he's too busy smirking and not looking where he's going. He runs into the wall, leaving a crack in the crystal. He sees cartoon stars, but finally regains enough of his senses too shoo them away in annoyance. :p)

*Both Micky & Davy shoot beams at Mike.* :D ;)

(Mike puts up his cape to shield him. The beams hit him at the same time, creating steam as the song ends. When the lights fade, all three boys hit the ground. Mike's cape is still smouldering a bit, and his fingers are covered in ice! He makes a face and concentrates; the ice melts off, and he shakes his hands.)

Mike: Not bad. You boys are gettin' better with that.

Davy: *twirls & holsters his finger* Fastest finger in the west. ;)

Micky: Not bad... did you HAVE to freeze my butt, Mike? :P

Mike: Did you have to turn your butt my way? Let that be your first rule, Mick. Never turn your back on an enemy. ;)

Micky: *grumbles* Not like I did it on purpose... :P

Mike: You gotta keep your eye on things, Mick. Don't let your guard down for a minute. (Makes a face) You saw what happened when I did that. ;) :p

Micky: Yeah, yeah, I know. :P

Davy: I say we double team Mick next. ;)

Mike: (Grins at Micky) Ready to meet your maker? ;)

Micky: It doesn't really matter how I answer that. You'll both still come after me, anyway. :P ;)

Davy: 'E knows us all too well. ;)

Mike: (Points at Mick) Ok, Dave, (grins) LET'S GET HIM! ;)

Davy: Charge! ;)

Micky: *looks into the camera* Eep. :p :-O ;)

("Apples, Peaches, Bananas, and Pears" begins as Mike and Davy both pounce at Mick at once.)

*Micky crawls out from under Mike & Davy.* ;)

(Mike and Davy don't see Micky leave and end up bonking heads and seeing cartoon stars. :p)

*Micky laughs.* ;)

*Davy regains his feet & makes a staff appear. He holds an end in each hand & waves the ends at Micky, backing him up until he hits the wall. Micky points up, but Davy doesn't fall for it. Micky shrugs & kicks out, hitting the staff & knocking it from Davy's hands.*

(Mike grabs the lost staff and runs after Micky, knocking his feet out from under him with it, then hitting him very lightly in the shoulders to disorient him.)

*Micky winces, then rolls, trying to move away... & rolls into Davy, knocking him over.*

*Micky uses the wall to steady himself as he gets up & sees Mike coming after him again. Micky points a finger & makes an icy spot on the floor, which Mike slips & slides on.*

(Mike slides on the floor and ends up on his rear, dropping the staff as he hits the ground.)

*Micky picks up the staff as Davy advances on him. Davy kicks, but Micky blocks it. Davy tries again & Micky blocks again.*

(Mike grabs Micky from behind and holds him tight!)

*Micky drops the staff & struggles to get out of the hold. Davy takes the opportunity to tickle Micky.* ;)

(Mike gives Mick a good, solid squeeze! ;) )

*Micky tries to power out of the bear-hug, but Mike holds on tight.*

*Davy sits back, suddenly munching on popcorn.* ;)

(Mike flips Micky over his shoulder!)

*Micky gives a yell reminiscent of the Goofy scream & lands with a thud on the floor.*

*Davy leans over to Mike with his hand out. He wants a tag so he can have a turn!* ;)

*Mike slaps Davy's hand & goes to sit with what's left of the popcorn. Davy goes over to Micky as he regains his feet. Davy puts a headlock on Micky.*

*Micky tries to pry Davy's arm from around his neck & head.*

(Mike settles back and enjoys Davy's popcorn, making occasional comments or critiques on the boys' technique. ;) )

*Micky finally shoves Davy away, then does a chop motion with both arms ending in an X formation, then sticks his tongue out.* :P

*Davy launches himself at Micky & the two go tumbling on the floor as the song fades out...*

Mike: (Looks down) You two done yet? ;) :p

*Micky & Davy are tangled up in each other as each has a hold on the other.*

Mike: Oh merciful heavens. (He does manage to pry them apart with some difficulty)

*Both Micky & Davy are breathing heavily & making faces at each other, but they're keeping their hands to themselves, atleast.* ;)

Mike: We were just PRACTICIN', boys, not really tryin' to kill each other! :p

Micky: *rubs at his neck* That headlock sure felt real... :P

Davy: 'E chopped me! That was like giving me the bird! :P

Mike: You overdid it. Again. This ain't supposed to be THAT real. We're just PRACTICIN'.

Davy: Sorry, Mick. I didn't mean to put the 'old on that tight.

Micky: And I got carried away. Sorry.

Mike: That's a good start. You guys are friends. We're here to work on our skills, not really kill anyone.

Voice Outside: Hello? Is anyone here? (Peter, wearing his two-tone pants, paisley shirt, and beads, walks in. Mike makes a face)

Mike: Look who decided to put in an appearance. :p

Peter: I'm sorry I haven't been spending much time here lately, but I've been busy.

Mike: With what?

Peter: Friends, mostly. Working on a few of my songs.

Micky: *leans a bit closer to Davy; mumbles* Here we go... :P

Davy: *mumbles back* Fight?

Micky: *nods* Fight.

Davy: Kitchen? ;)

Micky: *nods, grinning* Kitchen. ;)

Mike: (Grabs the backs of both their uniforms) Hold it right there, you two. We ain't finished yet.

Peter: Michael...

Micky: Rats... :P

Mike: Now that Pete's here, we can do some two-on-two.

Peter: Two-on-two what?

Mike: We've been doin' some trainin'.

Peter: (Blushes) It HAS been a while since I've done training... :">

Mike: Pete 'n me vs you boys. ;)

Micky: *raises an eyebrow* "Boys?" :P

Peter: This'll be fun! :D

Davy: Uh oh... :P ;)

*"You Can't Tie A Mustang Down" begins as Micky growls & heads for Mike, making his own staff appear. Mike points a finger... & sets the tip of the staff on fire!* ;)

*Micky freezes the fire to put it out, then holds the staff as though he was using it for jousting. He runs at Mike, yelling...* ;)

*Davy & Peter briefly sit back with popcorn, watching the show.* ;)

(Mike concentrates, lifts Micky in the air, and flings him into Davy! Peter continues eating popcorn. ;) )

*Micky pushes up, elbowing Davy in the process. As Micky gets to his feet, Davy shoves him towards Mike again.*

(Mike grins and lifts Micky into the air again. He turns him upside-down...and shakes him! ;) )

*Change & other various items fall out of Micky's pockets.*

(Peter closes his eyes. There's a blue light around Davy. When it subsides, Davy is dressed as an overgrown flower, right down to the green tights and flower-shaped headgear! ;) )

*Davy gawks at himself, then scowls at Peter. He changes himself back, then chases after Peter.* :P

(Peter jumps all over the crystal furniture, ducking around Davy and making faces at him. ;) )

*Davy makes a lasso appear & tries to rope Peter!*

(Davy ropes Peter's legs and pulls him to the ground. He struggles, trying to free the rope! :o )

(Mike settles Micky on the couch and hands him his change back. ;) )

*Micky would thank him if his head wasn't swimming from being upside down down.* :P

(Mike goes to help Peter out while Micky gets his bearings back. He unties the rope around Peter's ankles. Peter thanks him with a big grin! :D)

*Davy makes icy patches appear under Mike & Peter's feet.* ;)

(They both slip and slide, ultimately winding up on top of each other. Mike makes the icy patches melt with his heat beam, then helps Peter to his feet. They BOTH chase after Davy, shooting ice beams! ;) )

*Micky, still recovering, sticks his foot out trying to trip Mike or Peter... but ends up accidentally tripping Davy instead.* :P

(Mike steps aside to let Peter handle the boys this time. Peter nods and closes his eyes. There's a blue light around Micky and Davy. When it subsides, they're wrapped with garlands of flowers! ;) )

*Micky starts sneezing as Davy pulls at the garlands on him.* :P

(Mike concentrates. A wind in the room picks up, blowing Micky and Davy head over heels! ;) )

*Micky lands with a thud on the floor. He gives his head a shake, then concentrates. A fire starts several feet in front of him, between him & the others.*

(Mike backs off, gently pushing Peter behind him. :p :o )

*Davy rolls his eyes. Suddenly water starts falling like rain, effectively putting the first out... & soaking all of them.* :P

(Mike sighs and concentrates as the song ends. A gentle rain dries the four men.)

Mike: Not bad there, fellas.

Peter: (Shrugs) Sorry. I'm a little rusty.

Mike: Well, if you'd start showing UP a bit more...

Micky: *rubs the side of his head* Think I'll be seeing stars the rest of the day... :P

Peter: I've been busy! The movie IS debuting in a few days!

Mike: You're more interested in hangin' out with those con-artist friends of yours in Laurel Canyon. :p

Peter: Michael, they're the turned-on people!

Mike: Yeah, turned-on to your money and our name.

Micky: Pete, have you forgotten what those "turned-on" people did to me? :P

Davy: Yeah, Petah, your friends don't exact 'ave the best... 'obbies there. :P

Peter: But that's what everyone does over there! Micky, I didn't know it would hurt you! Honest! :(

Micky: And if they jumped off a bridge...? *makes a face* And it wasn't part of a movie. :P ;)

Davy: 'E's got a point.

Peter: But they're really into some very interesting theories...

Mike: That we don't want to hear about.

Peter: You guys are so close-minded! :p

Micky: Oh please. :P

Mike: Just because we think all that talk about tele-whatsis is a load of hooey...

Peter: But it isn't!

Mike: Not everyone has your aura abilities, Pete. These guys wanna exploit you.

Peter: Then why have they been so nice to me?

Mike: Not everyone's like the devils, Pete.

Peter: I just...I feel good around these guys. We've been trying some really groovy stuff. You wouldn't believe what I've come up with for songs in the past few weeks...

Mike: Pete, that's great and everything, but the fact is, we need you HERE, and you haven't been HERE.

Peter: Michael, I can spend time with them and with you guys, too.

Micky: Then why haven't you been spending time with us? You're never around anymore, Pete.

Peter: I WILL spend more time with you guys. I promise. I was here today, wasn't I? And don't we have that special coming up in a few weeks? We have to rehearse for that. :)

Mike: You'd better. We're gonna do a few national spots to promote "Head," too. If you run out on those...

Peter: I'd never run out when the music's involved, Michael.

Mike: (Mutters) Yeah, I know, but you'd run out on US. (Turns to the group in general; out loud) Speakin' of rehearsal, we're gonna be rehearsin' tomorrow at Micky's house. Can't use the Pad for a while 'cause Em's still restin'.

Micky: Be there or get beaten. *lopsided grin* ;)

Mike: (Shakes his finger at Mick, but he's smiling) You'd better believe it, bo...Micky. ;)

*Micky gives a half smile & nods in response.* :) ;)

Mike: Ok, fellas, let's head home. I wanna check on Em 'n the kids.

Peter: Valerie and I were going out to dinner, but I wanted to stop here first. :)

Davy: And I need to get back to Daph before she gets suppah ready. ;)

Micky: *grins* Lauren... *sighs* ;)

Davy: Uh, I think we may 'ave dumped Mick on 'is 'ead a few too many times during that spahring session. ;) :P

*Micky whaps Davy on the back of his head.* ;)

Peter: (Puts an arm around Micky) You can come home with me in my car, Mick. I'll drop you off. ;) :)

Mike: I'm flyin'. I wanna get home fast.

Micky: Thanks, Pete. :)

Davy: I'm flyin', too. Mainly cuz I flew here. ;)

Mike: Well, MonkeeMen, let's head out. I'll see you tomorrow at 10AM at the Rainbow Room. (He runs into the cave entrance to take off)

Davy: *waves* See you latah, mates. *also runs to into the entrance to take off* :)

Micky: *makes an ice pack appear & holds it to the side of his head* I'm ready to head out. :) ;)

Peter: (Smiles) Ok, Mick, let's head home. (He puts an arm around his friend's shoulder, making sure not to touch his bruised head, as we fade out. ;) )