(We open in a familiar diner set. A woman in a pink waitress uniform wipes the counter as Emma, Mike, Micky, and Lauren enter.)

Mike: Hey, Dolores? Remember us? ;)

Dolores: Do I... (eyes widen)...hey! Mike! Micky! I haven't seen you boys in forever! (Sits the four down) And your lovely ladies, too. I haven't seen any of you anywhere but on TV in years! :D

Emma: Hi, Dolores. :)

Micky: It looks exactly the same in here. I wonder if my gum is still under the table... *starts to lean over*

Lauren: *grabs Micky's shirt* Mick, don't.. :P ;)

Mike: Mick, cool it. :p

Micky: It was just a joke, geez. :P

Dolores: I wouldn't be surprised if it was, Dolenz. Best seats in the house. What'll you have to drink, gang?

Mike: Coffee.

Emma: Iced tea.

Micky: Pepsi.

Lauren: Pepsi.

Dolores: Got it. (She heads back; Mike leans against the cracked vinyl seat)

Mike: This weren't a bad idea. Yeah, the food's not exactly gourmet, but...

Lauren: It's a night out. :)

Emma: But it's cheap, hot, and you won't get mobbed too hard here. ;)

Micky: A night to relax & have some fun. I am so glad we're doing this. :)

Mike: Yeah. It's been so CRAZY lately, what with promotin' the new movie and fixin' the houses an' all.

Emma: And watching Robbie. (Leans against Mike) I'm so glad Peter and Valerie said they'd take the kids tonight!

Mike: At least, Val did. She said Pete would be home later, but these days, I ain't so sure.

Emma: He's been kinda hard to find lately, hasn't he?

Micky: Kinda is putting it gently... :P

Lauren: I know it's important, but could we hold off on talking about Peter's whereabouts for a while & just relax a bit? :)

Emma: (Nods) We've been through this about Peter before, and Val's talked to him as much as she can.

(Dolores shows up with the drinks, handing them out.)

Dolores: Ok, gang, what'll ya eat? (Grins at Micky) Everything in the place, Dolenz, same as usual? ;)

*Lauren glares at Micky.* :P

Micky: Ehhh, better make it just the double cheeseburger, Dolores.

Mike: I'll have the same, with fries.

Emma: Spaghetti and meatballs, side of applesauce.

Lauren: Grilled cheese with ham & fries.

Dolores: Got it. (Goes over to the kitchen with the orders; Mike grins at Micky)

Mike: We shoulda ordered salads. ;)

Micky: *nods* Rats! ;)

Lauren: Oh no you don't, guys! :P

Emma: I know this place is empty, but PLEASE, no food fights! You're adults!

Mike: That's what I tried to tell them last time. ;) :p

Micky: We all did it anyway. ;)

Mike: And we had to clean it up. I'm wearin' decent clothes, an' I don't feel like spendin' my night off scrubbin' seats and counter tops. :p

Micky: *makes a face* Me either, truthfully. :P

Lauren: So you two are actually going to BEHAVE tonight? ;)

Micky: Now, babe, wait, we didn't say that. ;)

Mike: (Groans) Yes, we're going to BEHAVE. (Glares at Micky) Or else. :p

Micky: *eyebrows lower* Now what was THAT look for? :P :-/

Mike: Mick, the girls will behave. You, on the other hand...

Micky: Why do you STILL think I don't know how to *makes quotation marks* behave? ;P

Mike: Could be the water balloon you stuck down my pants the other night...

Emma: Or the fake snake you stuck in my salad when we got together for dinner on Tuesday...

Micky: Oh, sure, gang up on me! :P

Lauren: Or the fake vomit you keep leaving, laying around the house. ;)

Micky: *whines* Babe! :P

Mike: Point is, Mick, while I appreciate a good gag as much as the next guy, this ain't the place for it.

Micky: Who says I was even gonna do anything, huh? You were the one that said we should've ordered salads. :P

Mike: I was teasin'. That ain't fake vomit, boy. :p

Emma: Guys, don't fight! :p

Micky: *eyes narrow* "Boy?" *pauses* And did I say I brought that with me? No, I didn't! Want me to turn out my pockets? :P

Mike: Mick, I'm not interrogating you. I'm just sayin' this ain't the place for it.

Emma: CUT IT OUT! BOTH OF YOU! We're here to eat and have fun, not start arguments!

Lauren: I swear, you two cannot have a conversation without ending it with an argument & atleast one of you stomping off in the opposite direction. :P

Mike and Micky: (In unison) He started it!

Emma: What is WITH you two? You're friends!

(Mike just crosses his arms and humphs as Dolores brings them their meals.)

Dolores: Here you go, gang. (Frowns at the angry or annoyed faces) What happened here? Did you fellas pick on each other again?

Emma: As usual. :p

Lauren: Not really anything different. *sighs* :P

Dolores: Just don't kill each other or throw food around. (Sets their plates down) Have a nice dinner, gang! :) (She heads over to a young couple who just came in)

Mike: (Grabs his burger) At least the food's good and greasy.

*Micky just starts in on his.* :P

Emma: (Sighs and digs into her spaghetti) What's WITH you guys? You've been doing this a lot lately! We're supposed to be a team here! :p

Lauren: *raises an eyebrow* Mick...?

Micky: *swallows & shakes his head* I don't wanna talk about it. Not now or here. :P

Mike: Ain't really anyone's business.

Lauren: *sighs* Then can you two coexist for a little while, atleast?

Mike: Sure. (Digs into his fries)

Emma: (Sips her iced tea) You know, maybe it would help if you guys talked it out.

Micky: Doubt it. *goes back to eating* :P

Mike: We did talk.

Emma: Then at least tell us what's got the two of you so hot and bothered!

*Micky pauses, groaning, then starts eating again.* :P

(Mike almost chokes on his burger; Emma slaps him on the back.)

Lauren: Is this about what I overheard you two talking about in the garage...?

*Micky gives Lauren a glare, but doesn't respond.* :P

Lauren: I'll take that as a yes, Mick, thank you. :P

Emma: Out with it, you two. Now. You can't have this hanging over you. You're friends. Whatever it is, talk it out.

Mike: Nuthin's wrong!

Micky: I don't wanna talk about it, alright!? :P :-t

Emma: You can't do this all night!

(Dolores comes for their plates, smiling.)

Dolores: Everythin' good?

Emma: It's great, Dolores! I've missed this place! :)

Mike: Yeah. We gotta come back again. No one can make a burgers like you guys can. ;)

Lauren: Can't beat the prices, either. ;)

Dolores: (Beams at the praise) Aw, it ain't much. I'm sure you eat at fancier places.

Mike: Who needs 'em? This is REAL cookin'! ;) :D

Emma: (As they get up to pay) Everyone ready for mini-golf? ;)

Micky: *grins* Yeah! *gives Mike a look* ;) :P >:)

Lauren: Why did that answer sound like Mick's got some gears moving in a bad direction...? ;P ;)

Emma: I'm scared now. :p

(Cut to the mini-golf course as "The Kind Of Girl I Could Love" begins. The four rent golf clubs and balls. Emma's ball is red; Mike's is green.)

*Lauren's is purple & Micky's is blue.*

(Emma gets a hole in one on the very first green! She cheers happily, ignoring Mike as he tries to get his over a large bump in the course. :p :D)

*Micky is fishing his ball out of the water already.* :P

(On the fifth hole, Emma easily gets her ball through a hole under a revolving windmill. Mike, however, can't get his ball through, no matter how hard he hits it. :p :) )

*Lauren puts & not only gets past the windmill, but gets a hole in one as well.* ;)

*Micky's looking INSIDE the windmill for his ball...* :P

(Emma claps and cheers on her friend. Mike, still stuck behind the windmill, grumbles. :p )

(Cut to the eighth hole. Emma maneuvers her ball through the legs of a bright orange plastic tiger! Mike has a hard time getting past the tiger's first paw. :p :) ))

*Micky's growling at the tiger... who suddenly growls back & scares Micky!* :P

(Cut to the eleventh hole. Now Micky and Mike argue as they fish their balls out of the water and Emma and Lauren finish the course. :p )

*We see a close up of the scorecard.... & the ladies are doing FAR better than the men.* ;) :D

(Mike and Micky argue again as we find ourselves at the fifteenth hole. Mike finally takes a huge, bigger-than-he-should whack at the ball in an attempt to get it through a small, narrow tunnel that looks like a surfboard on a plastic rock...and it bounces off the rock and hits Micky square in the forehead instead! :o :p )

*Micky rubs at his forehead as Lauren holds up three fingers in front of his face. He waves her off & stumbles over to a nearby bench.* :P

(We're now at the final hole as the music winds down. Micky has an ice pack on his head and remains on the bench. Emma hits her ball across the plastic "green." This hole has three holes in the top, one much higher than the others. Emma makes it into one of the smaller holes. She smiles and shrugs. An annoyed Mike just drops his in one of the lower holes. :p :) )

*Lauren hits her ball... too hard. It skips over the higher hole & bounces back to one of the lower ones. She snaps her fingers in an "oh darn" motion.* :P ;)

(Mike asks Micky if he wants him to drop his ball, too. :p)

*Micky gets up, waving his free hand. With the ice pack in one hand, he takes his putter with the other & swings... & the ball lands in the higher hole!* :D

(Emma grins and pats Micky on the back. Mike's jaw drops open. :D :o )

*Lauren wraps her arms around Micky's waist. He just grins.* :D ;)

Mike: (As they head to the car) Nice job there, Mick. (Turns to the girls) Hey, who won back there? I know it sure weren't me. :p :)

Micky: *lopsided grin* Thanks, Mike. *frowns* I know it wasn't me, either. :P

Lauren: *points at Emma* She beat me by two strokes. ;)

Emma: It was nothing. ;)

Mike: That was almost kinda fun. ;) :)

Micky: It was until you clocked me in the head, Mike... *moves the ice pack, there's a round purple mark from where the ball hit* :P

Lauren: *looks at the mark* It's ugly looking, but it'll fade.

Mike: It's not like I MEANT to, Mick! :p

Micky: I didn't SAY you did it on purpose, Mike. I was just saying. :P

Emma: (Frowns and pulls the boys under a tree) That's it. No more. Neither of you are going ANYWHERE until you tell us what's going on and settle whatever has you at each other's throats! :p

Micky: *frowns, gives Mike a weary glance* But...! :(

Emma: Nothing will get better unless you SETTLE it!

Mike: It's settled. It happened years ago.

Lauren: *folds her arms* It may have happened years ago, but it's bothering both of you now. *pauses* If this... secret is so bad, how did it see the light of day?

Micky: *growls* Alex. X( :P

Mike: The devil had to open his big mouth. X(

Micky: *very uneasy* He... told Mike something... really embarrassing for me... :P

Mike: Yeah.

Lauren: Okay, guys... but isn't there some way you can get over... it?

Mike: Mick...you're my buddy, ok? What's past is past.

Micky: *nods* Right. And you're my buddy, too, Mike... even when you really piss me off. ;)

Mike: I try to piss everyone off, Mick. Don't take it personally. ;)

Micky: Yeah, but you gotta remember, I got a hair trigger that's got a mind of its own. ;)

Mike: And I could bite you in the butt. ;)

Micky: *evil half smirk; shakes his head slightly* Wouldn't do that if I were you. ;)

Mike: And I wouldn't go psycho on me again. (Crosses his arms, but he's grinning) Face it, Mick, we're just too dangerous for our own good. ;)

Micky: Yes, we are. ;)

Lauren: Oh, please. :P ;)

Emma: Only to those who don't know you well. (Smiles) Now, shake on it, boys...and not too hard, either. ;)

*Micky shrugs... then starts to shake a little, then winces & replaces the ice pack.*

Micky: *chuckling* Think I hurt myself... ;)

Mike: Nahh, that's my fault. (Grins) Let's all go back to the Pad for a really good way to forget about that lump on your head. I had a small bar installed near the bandstand. ;)

Emma: Yes, we have soda, too. ;) :p

Lauren: Good, *points at Micky* he could use the soda. ;)

Micky: Ha ha ha. ;) :P

(Everyone laughs as they head for the MonkeeMobile and we fade out on the quartet and the people playing on the mini-golf course behind them. ;) )