(We open outside the garage at Davy's house by the beach. All seems to be peaceful and quiet. Birds are chirping, children laugh in the distance, the breeze blows through the palm trees...then we hear a crash.)

*We move inside the garage & see Micky & Davy looking at the floor... & at the tool box that Micky accidentally knocked off the table.*

Micky: *makes a face* Oops. :P

Micky: Maybe we should see if this table's level next, after we finish up the shelves. ;)

Davy: No kiddin', Mick. That box slid right off, it did! :p

Micky: *picks up the tool box, just shoving everything back in* The shelves look good. Now, we just have to put your junk on them. ;)

Davy: (Nods) That should take five minutes. It's mostly things for our cahs and me horse ridin' equipment.

Micky: Yeah, won't take long at all.

*Micky starts pulling car stuff out of a cardboard box.*

Davy: Micky...

Micky: *still pulling things out of the box* Hm?

Davy: Micky...what happened between you and Mike the othah night?

Micky: *makes a face as one of the parts falls back into the box; looks up at Davy; uneasy* It... it was nothing.

Davy: No, it wasn't, or you'd be jokin' about it, not denyin' it.

Micky: *sighs* Damn Alex... *to Davy* Alex told Mike about a secret that I've kept since shortly after we all moved into the Pad.

Micky: Was that enough of an answer? ;)

Davy: Mick, I'm your best friend. 'Ave I evah squealed 'bout a secret of yours?

Micky: Well, no, it's just... it's bad enough that Mike knows. *looks back into the box* Of course, it had something to do with Mike...

Davy: You 'ad the 'ots for 'im, didn't ya?

Micky: *pauses a moment, before looking up slowly* How the HELL...? You... knew? :-O

Davy: The only person it weren't obvious to was Petah the Innocent. ;)

Davy: And Mike, who 'ad 'is own problems at that point. :p

Micky: But, I... *covers his face with his hands & groans; uncovers his face* How was it obvious? I never...

Davy: You don't think I don't notice things, just 'cause I weren't around much?

Micky: Well... maybe I thought that...

Micky: *sighs* I wasn't obvious. I never said anything. And it didn't even last that long. How could you notice?

Davy: For a couple of months, you stared at Mike an awful lot. I thought you were just bored, but then I remembahed some of the fellas I'd known in New York shows who looked at men the same way.

Micky: Oh... :">

Micky: You never said anything. All the joking & teasing we've done & that never came up...

Davy: I'll tease you a lot about a lot of things, Mick, but I figured that was one thing you REALLY wanted to keep to yourself. I know I can be a blightah sometimes, but I ain't Alex. (Shrugs) Besides, I hadn't seen it in years. I totally forgot about it until you said you had a secret, and I couldn't think of what could be that big that Alex could use against you until I thought of that...

Micky: *glances down in the box, then back up at Davy* Thank you. I unknowingly appreciated that. ;)

Davy: Thank the fact that you're not the only one with the memory of a gnat around 'ere. ;)

Micky: *smirks* Speaking of teasing... ;)

Davy: You think I'd let you go entirely without a little fun? ;0


Micky: If I did, I'd need to get my head examined. ;)

Davy: And you have had that done yet? ;)

Micky: I levt myself wide open for that one, didn't I? :P ;)

Davy: Yeah. ;)

Micky: *starts pulling the rst of the stuff out of the box again* Well, atleast there's no foreseeable way that Pete will have to find out about this, so everyone who could possibly know... now knows. *pauses* Yes, that includes Lauren... to an extent.

Davy: Does she know yet?

Micky: Well, she overheard me & Mike talking talking about it the other day, but we next actually mentioned what it was. The only thing that would've given her an idea as to what it was was Mike saying how he figured I was a hundred percent girl crazy. And I replied that it was slightly less than that at the time. :P

Davy: (Shrugs) You know, unless Alex decides to open his bloody mouth again, it really doesn't matter if she knows or not. It's over and done with.

Micky: I know. *pauses, sighs again* It's just really, REALLY aggravating that Alex just has to be around &... I swear the hair on the back of my neck stands on end & I just... he drives me absolutely crazy! :P

Davy: The next time he's around, Mick, we'll just let him get you mad, and you can put a 'ole through him, like you did to that wall in the Hotel Caprice. ;)

Micky: That's the thing, Dave, all I have to do is SEE him & I'm ready to tear him apart. Just TALKING about him is getting me riled up. :P

Davy: In that case, you should be able to knock him clear across the Pacific the next time we see him. ;)

Micky: I probably will. ;) :P

Micky: Man, Dave... I feel like I've been falling apart ever since the flood. :P

Davy: (Sighs) It 'as been a rathah rough year for you, hasn't it?

Micky: *nods* Yeah, it has. *starts putting the car parts on the shelves*

Davy: Let me help you. You still have that sore hand. (He starts putting parts on the shelves) Besides, this is my house. ;)

Micky: *gives him a slight grin* Thanks. *pauses* I was wondering why I was doing everything. *elbows Davy lightly* ;)

Davy: I was afraid you'd knock ME across the Pacific if I didn't let you help a little! ;)

Micky: *genuinely smiles finally* Nahhh... maybe to New Mexico, but not across the Pacific. ;)

Davy: I could handle New Mexico. I don't speak Japanese all that well, anyway. ;)

Micky: Anytime you wanna go... just piss me off & you'll get that free trip. ;)

Davy: (Pats Micky on the back) That's all right, Mick. I think I'll just take an airplane the next time I want to travel. ;)

Micky: *shrugs; grins* If you say so. ;)

Davy: Easiah on your fist and my body, not to mention I won't have to calm your blubberin' aftahwords. ;)

Micky: Good point. ;)

Davy: One more thing though, Mick. (Winks and grins slyly) Does Mike 'ave a nice butt? ;)

Micky: *grins* Better than yours. *throws a rag at him* ;)

(Fade out on the two laughing and throwing rags and other soft items at each other. ;) )