They Always Find Out

*We open at the Dolenz house, where Micky is working on Lauren's car in the garage. His legs stick out from under the car & we occasionally hear a clang sound.*

(We hear the roar of another car outside. Mike enters, wearing one of his brown suits and his glasses and looking around.)

Mike: Mick? Mick, where are ya?

Micky: Under the car. *wiggles his feet a little* ;)

Micky: *pushes himself out from under the car & sits up* What's up, Mike? :-/

*Micky stands & brushes at his messy jump suit.*

Mike: Mick, it's about the other day, the whole thing with Alex and the cave and shit.

Micky: *makes a face* I was afraid you'd say that. *turns to the table to grab another tool* :P

Micky: *makes a face* I was afraid you'd say that. *turns to the table to grab another tool* :P

Mike: Mick, talk to me. Did you really feel like that? I mean, I figured you were one-hundred percent girl-crazy. ;)

Micky: *shifts uncomfortably* Maaaan... *sighs* how about ninety-nine point nine at the time? :P ;)

Mike: So, it was just a little thing?

Micky: *Nods* Minute. Tiny. Microscopic. *pauses* But still embarrassing as all hell. :P

Mike: Alex could have kept his mouth shut. I'm sure that's not somethin' you were gonna broadcast to the world. :p

Micky: Uh, no. Why would I? It isn't something I'm proud of. But that's Alex for ya. :P X(

Micky: Friggin' evil twin... *slams down the screwdriver he'd picked up* X( :P

Mike: Whoa, Mick! Don't hurt your hand again. (Sighs) Mick, Alex did this on purpose. He WANTS us to be pissed. He wants to screw with our minds, so we'll be off our guard and let him steal stuff or hypnotize us. (Mutters) And because he thinks it's fun. :p

Micky: Well, he sure as hell knows how to piss ME off! He IS me & that's always pissed me off! *sits on the stool at the table* I'm sorry, Mike. I don't know, maybe I should've talked to you then about it, but it was just too embarrassing & I didn't wanna lose a good friend. It didn't last so I figured I was safe just keeping it to myself.

Mike: You had no reason to, Mick. Nothing happened and there was no harm done. (Half-smile) Just came as a bit of a shock. I know some guys around here who feel that way about...other guys, and that's ok if it works for them, but...

*Suddenly, there's a knock on the door frame of the open door connecting the garage to the house.*

Lauren: Guys?

Mike: (Looks up; his half-smile remains) Hi, Laur. :)

Micky: *his back is to Lauren; eyes widen; quietly* Oh no... :-O

Lauren: *smiles, entering the garage* I thought I heard voices. I knew it wasn't just Mick talking to himself again, since the other voice had a Southern accent. ;)

Mike: Not unless he's been creating different personalities again. ;)

Lauren: I hope not. *stops next to Micky & rubs his shoulder* What were you guys just talking about? I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but the door was open & I heard you talking when I walked by...

Micky: *cringes* Something Alex caused. :P

Mike: Nothin' you need to worry about, darlin'.

Lauren: Perhaps I wasn't honest enough just now... I heard the whole conversation. *Micky groans* I may not know the whole story &, frankly, I don't need to, but I hope this... revelation... doesn't strain you two out more than you already are.

Micky: I was kinda hoping the same thing, actually...

Mike: Everything's ok, Lauren. Nothin' happened.

Lauren: *nods* Okay. Just checking. I may not be able to read auras like Pete, but... *rubs Micky's shoulder again* I can tell when something's bothering a certain someone. *pauses; jerks a thumb toward the door* I'll just head back into the house & let you two finish. *heads out of the garage* :)

Micky: She took what she heard pretty well. *pauses, actually turns to Mike* So, exactly how RED is my face right now? ;) :">

Mike: You could light up LA, and probably most of California. ;)

Micky: Nice. *rubs his hands over his face... then realizes he had grease on his hands; rolls his eyes* Oh, I'm batting a hundred here. :P ;)

*Micky grabs a clean rag & rubs at his face with it.*

Mike: Gonna play football? ;)

Micky: *slight grin* Or baseball. ;)

Mike: Wanna go celebrate my new kid? We could get toasted somewhere noisy in LA. ;)

Micky: *grins wider* Sure! Let me go clean up. ;)

Micky: *gets up & starts for the door, but stops & turns* Mike?

Mike: Yeah?

Micky: If Alex ever tries anything like that on you again... knee him one for me? ;) :D

Mike: Only if you'll do the same thing if he tries it on you. ;)

Micky: *smirks* Deal. ;)

Micky: I'll be back out in a few...! *heads into the house*

Mike: I'll be waitin' here for ya. (He leans against the exterior of the garage. He crosses his arms, shakes his head, and sighs) Man, Mick...