*We open in the Arizona desert hideout of the devils. Alex and Zelda are in one of the labs. Alex tinkers with a machine, while Zelda watches, a slight smirk on her face.*

Alex: *glances up* What?

Zelda: Nothing.

Alex: You're waiting for this to explode, right?

Zelda: I didn't say that. *chuckles a bit*

Alex: No? *stops working on the machine; smirks and heads over to her* How about a different kind of explosion?

(Two demons burst into the room. One throws a slave over his shoulder as he enters. Another is gnawing on meat.)

Alex: *stops next to Zelda; rolls his eyes and groans* Can we help you two?

Demon 1: (With full mouth) Master Alex, Milady wants to know if you have the hypno-whatsis machine workin' yet.

Alex: *sighs, motions to the machine he'd been working on* I'm working on it. It's working, but it still needs a few modifications.

Demon 1: Milady says she's got a couple'a slaves she wants ta practice on.

Alex: *sighs, turns to Zelda and shrugs* Rain check on that explosion?

Zelda: I guess so.

Demon 2: Why not Mother watch?

Zelda: *raises an eyebrow* Oh, I'll watch. We were talking about something else.

(They follow the demons down the hall and into another room. Sheila is stroking the head of a young man with longish blonde hair and blue eyes in a simple tunic. He's obviously frightened out of his wits. He is strapped to a chair and gagged.)

Alex: *smirks* Isn't this interesting?

Sheila: He's a new one. I thought we could work on the machine with him a bit. I feel urges.

Alex: *makes a face* Yeah, so was I until I was rudely interrupted by these two. *jerks a thumb at the demons*

Sheila: They were just doing their job, Alex. (Turns to Zelda) Dear, I want you to watch this. I want to make sure of a few things.

Zelda: Watch? What's the fun in watching? I'd like to have a little fun of my own with him.

*Alex slings an arm over Zelda's shoulders, smirking.*

Sheila: (Smirks) Ahh, perhaps you're after my own heart after all.

Zelda: Let me show you. *goes over to the young man. Zelda runs her hands over the young man, then she runs her fingers over his eyes, taking away his sight. She presses her fingers to his temples and rubs, then leans over and kisses him. Alex watches with a VERY interested smirk.*

(Sheila watches, also interested.)

*Zelda steps back as a black light envelopes the young man. When it clears, a yellow-haired cat lays in his place.*

Sheila: Ahhh. An even better subject to hypnotize. Thank you, Zelda. (She strokes the cat's head; it weakly tries to push her away) Naughty naughty, kitty!

Zelda: Seems he isn't happy. We'll have to fix that.

Alex: Hypnotizing ought to do the trick.

Sheila: My thought exactly. Shall we fire her up, Alex?

Alex: Letís.

(Sheila moves the cat to a table in the center of the room.)

Sheila: Zelda, (hands her some black scarves) would you like some practice with subduing a victim? (She begins winding a scarf around the cat's paws.)

Zelda: Certainly.

*Zelda follows suit, wrapping a scarf around the cat's other set of paws.*

(Sheila winds one around it's mouth and pulls it's legs together.)

Sheila: There. Much better. (The cat can only mew helplessly.)

Alex: *nods* Very nice. Much easier to work with. *concentrates, the machine he'd been working on appears in a black light* There's a few more modifications I wanted to make, but it is in working order.

Sheila: Working on a few slaves should help iron out those modifications.

Alex: Hopefully. Now, everyone stand back.

*Zelda moves around to stand behind & partly off to the side of Alex.*

(Sheila moves to the other side. The demons stand directly behind.)

*Alex aims the machine, then pushes a button. A familiar red beam comes from the machine.*

(The red beam envelopes the cat. It lets out a howl for a few seconds before the howl is finally reduced to small, soft purrs. It rolls over on it's stomach and wiggles.)

(Alex finally shuts the beam off. The cat rolls back onto it's stomach, purring gently.)

Sheila: Not bad, considering it's blind. (She goes to stroke it. It does not move.)

Zelda: Very nice.

Sheila: Perhaps we can return him to his human state and see how tame he is now.

Zelda: Can I? ;)

Sheila: Certainly, dear. If you are to be a devil, you need the practice. Alex, find him a collar.

Alex: *holds a hand out; a collar appears* Here you go, Milady.

Sheila: All right, Zelda, it's your turn. Show that you are worthy of being a devil-in-training.

*Zelda puts the collar on the cat and concentrates on him. He's enveloped by a black light. When it clears, he is human once again, now wearing the collar.*

(The man stares blankly, still blind. He twitches a little, but otherwise does not move.)

Sheila: Very nice. (She leans over and kisses him; he twitches a little more, but does nothing otherwise) Hmm. I bit less repsonsive than I'd hoped, but at least he's not pushing away anymore.

Alex: That's one of the modifications that needs to be done.

Sheila: (Strokes his head) He's a nice one, isn't he? We'll have to keep this one away from the demons. (Frowns) Which reminds me, where are they? They're being awfully quiet.

Alex: Good point. *glances over at them across the room* Um, we might have a slight problem. *motions to the demons*

(The demons are strutting around, clucking like chickens. One of them even pecks at the floor!)

Alex: *slaps his forehead* Good grief!

Zelda: I think it's kinda funny.

Sheila: It must effect them differently than humans. (Turns to Alex) Another modification?

Alex: Apparently. *sighs*

Sheila: Hey! (The demons cluck and scratch right out of the room!) They must be looking for chicken feed! Come back! (She runs after the demons)

Zelda: Aw, Sheila forgot about her friend. Stupid demons. *She leans over the young man again and runs her hands over him again, kissing him hard. Alex watches, grinning.*

*Zelda runs her fingers over the man's eyes, giving him his sight back as she finishes kissing him.*

Alex: Well?

Zelda: Okay. *turns to Alex* Appetizer.

Alex: And me?

Zelda: *winks* Main course. *wraps her arms around his neck*

Alex: *grins* Can't wait to find out what dessert is.

*We fade out as they start to kiss.*