(We open in the KNXI labs again. Alex and Howard are messing around with the cameras.)

Howard: Maybe it's something in the lens, Mr. Alex...

Alex: *sighs* I already checked the lens, Howie.

Howard: Maybe it's the film stock...

Alex: *glares* I checked that already, too, Howie.

Howard: Well, maybe we should...

(The door opens as they fiddle with the film. Sheila and Jenkins enter. Sheila looks happy. Jenkins looks annoyed.)

Alex: *glances toward the door upon hearing it open; glares* Milady...

Jenkins: Hello, boys. Hi, Howard. We're going to need the cameras soon. The special is this evening!

Sheila: Where are they, Alex? You said you had them, but you didn't say where.

Alex: They're a bit tied up at the moment in one of the offices upstairs.

Jenkins: You have them?

Howard: We have two of them, Captain, sir! The little British boy and a girl!

Jenkins: (Rubs his hands together and snickers evilly) Good, good.

Sheila: What happened to the rest?

Alex: We only encountered four of them. *sneers* My brother & Lauren managed to get away.

Jenkins: You LOST two of them?

Howard: They disappeared before we could catch them, Captain!

Jenkins: Disappeared? How? People do NOT just disappear into thin air!

Howard: I don't know! There was this blue light, and POOF, they were gone!

Jenkins: Howard, what did you have to drink last night?

Alex: *snorts* Except that's exactly what they did.

Sheila: They have strange abilities, Theodore.

Jenkins: That would explain how they turned that dictionary into every fairy tale in Grimm's.

Howard: Would you like to see them?

Jenkins: (Looks at Sheila) Shall we, my dear? (Moves to put his arm around her, but she quickly and subtly darts away)

Sheila: Yes, we shall, Theodore.

*Alex smirks, noticing Sheila avoiding Jenkins.*

(They head upstairs to a hallway that looks like the lab office set from "Nine Times Two." The room Sheila enters is the office set where the Monkees and Broderick recorded the conversation in the labs with fewer death-oriented trappings. Davy is bound and gagged to a chair on one side of the room. Daphne, also bound and gagged, lays on a couch on the other side.)

Alex: Don't they look comfy?

Howard: When they came here, they were invisible! We thought they were ghosts!

Jenkins: (Looks at Alex) Tell me he's been drinking.

Alex: *shakes his head* Sorry, Jenk, he's telling the truth.

Sheila: Probably the same thing they did to us in August. We really have to be more careful of your brother's tricks.

Jenkins: Brother?

Alex: *makes a face* Yes & no. Long story.

Sheila: They'll come in handy as hostages. (Strokes Davy's cheek) And for other things.

*Daphne growls through her gag.*

Sheila: Alex is more than welcome to you, dear.

(Sheila's hand runs further down Davy's neck.)

*Alex waggles his eyebrows at her. Daphne makes a face.*

*Davy's eyes widen & he tries to move away to no avail.*

(Howard's eyes widen as Sheila's hands go further down Davy. Jenkins coughs. )

*Alex smirks.*

Sheila: (Smirks as she removes her hands) Another time. Too many eyes here.

Alex: *snaps his fingers* Damn.

Sheila: Some of us don't film ourselves in the heat of the moment.

Howard: (Eyes travel to Alex; in horror) You DO?

Jenkins: You too, huh?

Alex: *finally grins* I knew there was something I liked about you, Jenk.

Howard: (Shocked) Captain!

Sheila: (Sighs) As much as I'd love to remain with these two, we have to prepare for the broadcast.

Jenkins: (As they head downstairs) And we need those cameras.

Howard: (As they hit the labs) But sir, they aren't ready!

Sheila: How could they not be ready?

Howard: They...(looks at Alex)...what is it that they aren't doing? You won't tell me!

Alex: *sighs & looks at Sheila* There is more than a slight problem with the cameras.

Jenkins: Well, what is it?

Alex: *rolls his eyes* Milady, can I talk to you for a moment?

Sheila: (As Howard goes to Jenkins to complain) Yes, Alex?

Alex: The cameras aren't separating the souls from the bodies. THAT'S what the problem is.

Sheila: Damn it! And the special is in a few hours!

Alex: For once... I can't figure out what's wrong. I've tried everything to fix them.

Sheila: You've done what you can, I supposed. (Growls) Blast it, and the Guardians will be there, too!

Jenkins: (We hear him over Howard, Sheila, and Alex) Howard, we're taking those cameras to the special tonight!

Howard: But Captain, they're not ready!

Sheila: He's right. They're not.

Jenkins: Who's running this station, you or me? I say they're ready!

Howard: But Captain...

Jenkins: I want my revenge, Howard, and I won't let you, or those two meddling brats upstairs, or KLAC, or ANYONE stop me!

Jenkins: (Turns to Alex) We're going to load those cameras!

Alex: *folds his arms* They still need work.

Jenkins: I don't CARE! Work on them before the special! We need them NOW!

Howard: But how are you going to get your revenge with cameras?

Jenkins: We're going to make every single person in the LA area, including KLAC, into my own personal fan club!

Howard: Your own fan club? But, how...

Jenkins: (Pats the camera) This little baby will hypnotize them all...then take their souls.

Howard: (Gasps) Captain, their...souls?

Sheila: Did you have to tell him that, Theodore?

Alex: *snorts* Blabbermouth.

Howard: I...I...SOULS?

Jenkins: Yes, the soul of everyone who watches this special tonight. They're going to be my own personal fan club.

Sheila: We'll have to do something with Howard now. We can't have him blabbing.

Howard: I...I...Captain, now I'm wondering if YOU'VE been drinking!

Jenkins: No, Howard, I'm just fine. But I think you've had a little too much. You need to take a rest.

Howard: No...no! Captain, I'm your friend! Your buddy! We've worked together for twenty years!

Jenkins: Howard, you're overworked. You look tired. You need a rest. (Looks at Sheila and Alex) Don't you think he looks tired?

Alex: *nods* I think he looks tired.

Sheila: Quite so.

Howard: But I'm not tired! Captain, you're crazy!

Jenkins: Why don't we do something with Howard, so he'll take a load off?

Alex: Allow me. *concentrates; a black light goes over Howard, when it dissipates, there's a lab rat in a cage in his place*

Sheila: Much better.

Jenkins: Sorry, Howard, but we'll need to keep you out of the way for a while. (Turns to Sheila and Alex) We'll put him in the office with the kids.

Alex: Consider it done. *the cage disappears in a black light* >)

Jenkins: Good. There's some stagehands outside waiting to haul the cameras to the station...

Sheila: But they aren't ready!

Jenkins: They're ready if I say they're ready, and I say they're ready!

Alex: *leans closer to Sheila; mutters* Can I clock him one?

Sheila: (Sighs) As much as I'd like for you too, no, we need him. He's in charge of the station, after all.

*Alex just growls.*

Sheila: Maybe you can work on them before the special starts.

Alex: *sighs* I'll have to try, atleast.

Sheila: Do what you can. (Growls a little herself) And that's not the only thing you'll need to do with the cameras. Someone will have to guard them. I don't trust the Guardians not to try something themselves, especially your brother.

Alex: I'll keep an eye on them. I know for a fact that my brother is VERY interested in them.

Sheila: How did your (smirks) visit with them the other day go?

Alex: It was... interesting. I threatened them with their friends' safety & thoroughly pissed off the Knight & my brother.

Sheila: (Sighs) Which means they'll be ready to do just about anything to us at the broadcast.

Jenkins: (Rejoins them, a broad grin on his face) Are my two good sprites ready for the big broadcast? (Gives them a hug) This is gonna be a winner tonight! I can just feel it in my bones!

Alex: *grins* I like a man who isn't afraid to give a good hug.

Jenkins: This will be the biggest broadcast since Nixon resigned!

Alex: Pretty big.

Jenkins: Come on, kids. Let's go watch my triumph!

Alex: *smirks, keeping an arm around Jenkins* Right with ya, Jenk.

(Sheila just rolls her eyes as the three head out and men come in to move the cameras.)

(Fade in on the KLAC studios, the same stage used in "Variety Is The Spice of Christmas" and "The Telethon." Three Monkees rehearse "Of You" on stage. The Four Martians tune up behind them, while John Libby and Arnie work on lighting and Liza Martin goes over scripts with Marian, Arthur, and Prissy. Junior Pinter stands off to one side, just watching happily.)

Mike: (Growls when the song ends) Damn it, we're ten minutes to show time, and we STILL haven't seen hide nor hair of Davy, Daph, Jenkins, Needleman, Sheila, or Alex!

Micky: They must be biding their time. Though I won't be surprised if they show up any moment...

Peter: Micky, have you had any luck with the cameras?

Micky: *makes a face* Not yet. I didn't have much time to work on them earlier.

Mike: I know they're tryin' to do SOMETHIN' to souls with those things. Why else would Sheila and Alex be involved?

Micky: That's a given.

Peter: (Shakes his head) That Mr. Jenkins...he must have been really desperate to give up his soul to Zero!

Mike: Not entirely. He may have been tricked into it, like you, buddy.

(Peter blushes. :">)

Micky: And when you consider it happened to ALL of us, too... *gives Mike a pointed look* it isn't all that surprising that Jenkins could've been tricked into it. He liked what he heard... & the rest is history.

Mike: (He's a little red himself) Ok, ok. I get the hint. The devils are real persuasive. We just gotta figure out ways to keep them from persuading anyone else.

John Libby: (Runs up to them) Are you boys ready? Where's your fourth?

Mike: He's...comin', Mr. Libby. He'll be here soon.

John: Is there anyone who can stand in with you until he arrives?

Mike: Well, considerin' all he does is shake the tambourine and maracas...

Peter: And sings, and sometimes plays drums or bass. He's getting pretty good at the bass!

Micky: So that means we're taking nominations & votes on who gets to stand in with us.

Micky: Well, most of Davy's part consists of percussion for tonight's show & we can split up his songs among us... so how about Lauren? She can bang the tambourine & shake the maracas as well as Dave... *grins* maybe even better.

Mike: You just wanna look at her butt.

Peter: That could work, if KLAC doesn't mind.

(Three angry Abbies storm up to the boys, along with Lauren and Emma. The Angellettes practice harmony behind them.)

Maxine: (Groans) What a rotten time for that bitch to play games!

Emma: We told them, more-or-less, why Daphne isn't here.

Lauren: And obviously, they aren't too happy.

Kimberly: Have you seen them yet? When I get my hands on that bitch... (Puts her hands up in a martial arts stance)

Micky: *shakes his head* Not yet...

Maxine: Kim, no death, ok? There's enough blood on the news without you addin' to it. (Turns to the Monkees) Well, what can we do?

Mike: (Nods at the cameras) Fiddle with the cameras.

Kimberly: Come again?

Mike: We think Sheila and Alex did something to the cameras to mess with people.

Peter: Or steal their souls!

Jenny: (Pales) WHAT?

Kimberly: (Grins) Fiddle with the cameras?

Mike: Or even just distract stagehands so we can fiddle with them. Get the others to help.

Kimberly: Micky's fiddling with the cameras?

Mike: (Nods) And it looks like there's another chance, Mick. (Notes as John Libby gives orders to two cameramen; their cameras are empty)

Micky: *grins* Then allow me. *heads off for the cameras*

Peter: I hope this works.

Mike: Yeah... (Frowns as Sheila, Alex, and Jenkins enter) Damn! They're here!

Peter: Someone warn Mick!

Kimberly: (Grins at Lauren and Emma) Why don't we distract the boys? Maybe we can get the Four Martians to handle Sheila.

Lauren: *grins* Sure!

Mike: (Looks at Peter) We'll protect Micky and the camera, and I'll see if I can give him a hand.

Peter: Right!

("Mary, Mary" begins as the Monkees spread out. Lauren and Emma immediately surround Alex. The Abbies walk off with Jenkins, arm in arm. )

*Alex ogles Lauren & Emma. Lauren makes a powder puff appear & yells "make up!" & hits Alex in the face with the puff.*

(The Four Martians surround Sheila. Chris jumps into her arms, his eyes two very big cartoon hearts.)

*Micky continues working on one of the cameras...*

(Mike and Peter try to distract cameramen by sending them to various parts of the studio. John Libby tries to see behind them, but Peter takes his arm to ask about some set-up for the night.)

*Alex manages to get away from Lauren & Emma... & heads for where Micky's working on the camera.*

(Mike blocks him, putting out his arms and grinning as Alex tries to get by. Steve the Go-fer finally grabs Alex's arms and asks him to come help him get coffee for everyone!)

(Sheila drops Chris and tries to storm off after Alex, but the Martians all pick her up and dance with her instead...and none of them are terribly coordinated.)

*Alex turns Steve into a real gopher. He grins, proud of himself.*

*Alex finally reaches the camera & grins into the lens, scaring Micky, who jumps away, hand over his chest.*

(Jenkins comes out of door, followed by the Abbies...who each slap him in turn.)

*Alex jumps at Micky & the two start a dust-covered brawl on the floor. Cartoon fists & stars are seen.*

(Mike runs over to try to break it up - they might hurt the equipment, each other, or other people! John Libby runs in on the other side and takes a hold of Alex.)

*Alex stomps on Libby's foot & jumps at Micky & Mike again.*

Liza Martin: (She runs in and takes a hold of Micky; Alex has Mike) Guys, ENOUGH! We'll be on the air in five minutes! Almost everyone else is already on stage!

Mike: So cool it boys, ok?

Alex: *smirks* You aren't serious, are you?

Mike: (Growls) Yes, we are serious. Where's Davy and Daphne?

Alex: Wouldn't you like to know?

Mike: (Grabs Alex's shirt) Yes.

*Alex just grins widely... then plants a wet kiss on Mike!*

Micky: *groans, making a face* Oh, man...!

(Mike lets out a roar and jumps on Alex...who is extracted by several stagehands before Mike can turn into a wolf or further damage Alex.)

Emma: (As she, Lauren, and Sheila run up to the group) What's going on?

Sheila: We're about to begin!

*Alex just laughs.*

Micky: *sneers* Just Alex being his usual pain in the butt self.

Sheila: (Rolls her eyes) Marvelous. I'll take control of him, gentlemen. (Grabs Alex's arm as Emma helps Mike to his feet) What was THAT all about?

Alex: Just having a little fun, that's all.

Sheila: MUST you rile the Knight? If he turns into a wolf on live television, YOU'RE explaining it!

Alex: *shrugs* It just comes naturally. I couldn't help myself. *smirks*

Sheila: Well, learn to while the special is running, all right?

*As Sheila turns away, Alex makes a face, sticking his tongue out. He returns to normal when she turns to look at him again.*

Sheila: I want you to stay with the cameras. I'm going to keep an eye on Jenkins. The man's never been the most mentally stable individual, but I think he's really losing it.

Alex: Alright, fine.

(As Sheila and Alex split up, we cut quickly back to Mike, Micky, John Libby, and the girls.)

John: You guys have to get on stage! We're about to begin! (Makes a face) And what was THAT all about?

Micky: *folds his arms, shaking his head* He was baiting us. He wants to do something to the cameras...

John: Well, BOTH of you stay the HELL away from the cameras! You're supposed to be on stage, and we don't need anything going wrong! This is a LIVE show!

Mike: (Makes a face, but he takes Micky's arm) We'll get goin' now, John. See you on stage. (He looks at Micky) First of all, what did you find in the camera?

Micky: *shakes his head* I still couldn't find anything wrong with it. There must be something inside... I'd have to actually start taking it apart to figure it out...

Mike: Great. Maybe we could try during a commercial break.

Micky: The sooner, the better.

Mike: Right. (They head for the stage as we fade out)