Howard: (Takes Daphne's arm) Hey, you're not a ghost! You're a lady!

Alex: *grabs Lauren's arm* Hello, babe.

Lauren: Goodbye, jerk.

*Lauren tugs, trying to pull free.*

Howard: (Squints at Micky) Wait, I know two of these guys! (Points at Micky) You're those Monkees!

Alex: *glares* You win a prize, Howie.

Micky: *growls* So what if we are? *to Alex* You'd better let her go, or...

Howard: What are we going to do with them?

Alex: Good question. Not in the TV, atleast. I could... use them, otherwise.

Howard: (Holds on to the struggling Daphne as well as he can) Use them?

Alex: *smirks down at Lauren, who continues to tug* For other purposes. I have a few ideas.

Howard: (Nods upwards) The offices upstairs are mostly empty. We could keep them there.

Alex: For the first time, Howie, I agree with you.

Daphne: What if we don't want to go?

Alex: Then we'll have to make you.

Alex: Now.... *tugs Lauren along a few steps* lets go.

Micky: Watch it, Alex.

Howard: Come along, lady! (Tugs Daphne along)

Daphne: Look, jerk, if you touch me one more time...

Davy: *shakes a fist* Me fist'll be in your face!

Micky: *glares at Alex* And mine'll be in yours!

Alex: Do I look worried?

Alex: *holds Lauren to him; smirks* Might be kinda tough, after all, you wouldn't wanna hit Lauren.

Micky: Let her go, Alex.

Daphne: I'd be worried if I were you, Alex! You've never seen the awesome fury of an angry Savage!

Alex: *snorts* I'm shaking. *glares at Micky at he starts running a hand over Lauren*

Micky: *fists clench at his sides* You've been warned, Alex. Let her go NOW.

Davy: Everyone stand back.

Howard: What DOES he do when he's angry?

*Alex leans down & presses his lips to Lauren's neck. Micky lets rip a wild yell & runs at Alex. Lauren spins away, tumbling to the floor as Micky plows full-force into Alex, sending them both head over heels onto the floor.*

Howard: (Gasps) Oh my...Mr. Alex! (Goes to help Alex, letting Daphne go)

Davy: (Lets out a squeak) Micky! (He goes to help his best friend)

*"Mommy & Daddy" begins as the fight ensues, cartoon dust kicking up all over.*

(Daphne grins and jumps right on the pile!)

*Lauren shrugs & also jumps on the pile.*

(Daphne emerges first. She yells that she has him...and the person she has turns out to be Davy! )

(Alex lays happily on top of Lauren.)

*Lauren shoves at Alex... until Micky grabs him in a headlock.*

(Howard fights with Davy, who easily pushes him into the table, which he rolls right over.)

(Howard goes after Daphne next, but she easily dodges him, pushing him into Alex!)

*Alex pushes Howard aside... & grabs ahold of Davy.*

(Davy struggles, trying to fling Alex over his shoulder. Howard goes after Micky.)

(Daphne grabs Alex's other side, trying to pull him off.)

*Howard tries to hold onto Micky, but Micky shakes him easily. As the song fades out, Micky notices Alex revealing one of his infamous drugs...*

Micky: *calls out* Dave, Daph... look out!

Daphne: DAVY, NO!

*Alex quickly sticks Davy, who slumps to the floor.*

*Alex then sticks Daphne with the drug. She slumps to the floor as well.*

Micky: *pushes Lauren behind him; growls* Alex...

Alex: *twirls the syringe in his fingers* Who's next?

Howard: (Gently puts his hand on Davy's arm, checking his pulse) What did you give them, Mr. Alex? They're both out cold!

Alex: *smirks* A not-so-mild sedative. My own concoction.

Alex: *starts towards Micky & Lauren* Next!

Micky: *backs up, pushing Lauren back as well* Watch it, Alex... or I'll tear you apart again!

*A blue light suddenly surrounds Micky & Lauren... surprising Micky. They disappear... & reappear in front of Headquarters.*

(Headquarters Records is your basic blocky skyscraper. Lauren and Micky head in immediately and upstairs to Valerie's office, where Valerie, Emma, Mike, and Peter are all reading files. Valerie is on the phone.)

Emma: (Looks up) Lauren! Micky!

Mike: How'd it go, guys?

Emma: And where's Daphne and Davy?

Micky: *shakes his head* Not good. Alex got them.

Peter: (Eyes widen) Uh oh.

Lauren: He knocked them out with a drug & he started after us, so I blue lighted us out of there.

Mike: And they're still there?

Micky: *sighs* Yeah, they are. *turns to Lauren* We should've tired to get Dave & Daphne, too before high-tailing it out of there.

Lauren: Well, I figured it was better for atleast two of us to escape rather than Alex grabbing all four of us.

Micky: *rolls his eyes* Don't use math on me, babe, gives me a headache.

Mike: So Alex has Davy and Daphne.

Lauren: Yes.

Micky: *flops into a chair* Now what?

Emma: (Tosses the files at Micky; Mike hands his over to Lauren) Now, you read all the interesting tidbits we've been learning about Jenkins.

Mike: He's known Zero and Sheila for YEARS, before he even went after us!

Micky: *sarcastic* Great. Loving him more & more.

Emma: He started at KNXI as an announcer for local commercials just a month after being dropped from KLAC. It was supposedly the only job he could get...but he quickly worked himself up into the executive office.

Mike: A little TOO quickly.

Valerie: (Puts her hand over the phone) We think Zero, then Sheila, lent him a hand.

Peter: And a lot of cash.

Valerie: (Frowns) Yes? Well, Nielson, I'll tell you if...yes, I agree, I think so, too. (Sighs) Three young women, all KNXI employees, have been reported missing in the past three days.

Mike: And I can guess who has them.

Peter: Alex is doing it again!

Valerie: Micky, Lauren, did you see any women in the labs when you were there?

Micky: *shakes his head, making a face* Nope. Didn't see anyone but Alex & Howard.

Mike: Damn it, he must have them in Arizona!

Valerie: Did you guys see anything else unusual there...even for Alex?

Lauren: *thinks* No, I don't think so...

Micky: Wait a minute... there was this kinda odd-looking TV...

Mike: TV?

Peter: I guess Alex and Howard got bored.

Emma: Well, if it was KNXI's labs, it would make sense to have TVs.

Valerie: How odd?

Micky: *pauses, recalling what it looked like* ...There weren't any knobs on it. It was just the screen.

Peter: Must be a new kind of TV! I've seen TVs with remote controls, fancy new ones!

Mike: Yeah, but this is Alex we're talkin' about. I'll bet he has somethin' sneaky goin' on with that TV.

Emma: Was there anything else strange? Did you catch anything before they got Davy and Daph? Any odd conversation?

Valerie: More so than usual for Alex, that is.

Lauren: Alex mentioned something about watching his soaps...

Mike: Alex didn't strike me as a big soap opera fan.

Peter: (Looks at his watch) Besides, it's late afternoon. All the soaps are over!

Micky: *makes a face* I can't stand soap operas. I wonder what was so great about what he was watching.

Mike: Maybe the shows had somethin' to do with the camera experiments.

Emma: THAT would certainly make sense.

Micky: *shakes his head a bit* I can't put my finger on it... but something is really rubbing me the wrong way about that TV. I don't think it's just camera experiments.

Valerie: This is Alex we're talking about. What would he, Sheila, and Jenkins want to do with those cameras?

Micky: *rubs at the bridge of his nose* Other than pornos? *pauses, making a face* Dammit, I'm channeling Davy.

*Lauren chuckles a bit.*

Peter: Maybe it's something to do with souls...

Valerie: (Nods) Maybe the cameras are collecting souls somehow.

Micky: And the collected souls... *snaps his fingers* end up on the TV!

Peter: Sucked into the TV set...forever!

Mike: So Alex and Jenkins can watch...and collect...them anytime they want.

Valerie: And Sheila and Alex have an easy way of collecting and tormenting souls.

Mike: Yeah, but what does Jenkins get out of this? HE'S not a devil.

Valerie: What would he want most in the world?

Mike: I don't know! He's a TV tycoon! He has everything!

Peter: (Heads shoots up) Not KLAC.

Micky: Why not? He'd love to stick it to his previous employer.

Peter: And Mr. Pinter won't sell the station.

Mike: And I'll bet it's driving him insane that the one station he really, really wants...

Valerie: Is the one that won't sell!

Mike: (Growls) And he figures that you have to give a little to get a lot.

Valerie: Like giving up employees to get the cameras that'll steal everyone's souls?

Lauren: Exactly.

Mike: And now, they have Davy and Daphne, too.

Valerie: They can't keep them for very long. Not if they want the special to run as planned.

Emma: No, just long enough to stuff them both full of drugs and make out with them.

Micky: Lovely. *pauses, then groans* Oh man... I think we're about to have an unwanted visitor.

Peter: Mick, your aura!

Lauren: *eyes widen* Oh crap...

Alex: *appears in a black light; grinning* Wow, what a welcome wagon.

*Micky stands, but Lauren holds him back.*

Valerie: (Jumps up from her desk) Alex, get the HELL out of my office AND my company, before I call the security guards to THROW you out!

Mike: Or I bite you in the butt, whichever you prefer.

Lauren: Or I let Mick go.

Emma: (Concentrates; hockey stick appears) Or I knock your head into next Tuesday.

Alex: *sarcastic* I am SO scared! *rolls his eyes* I wouldn't threaten me too much if you want the little Lord & the Huntress back.

Micky: You better not have done anything to them you rotten little--!

*Lauren clamps a hand over Micky's mouth.*

Alex: Haven't done anything yet. They're still just sleeping it off. I would suggest, if you don't want me to put them in the TV, that all of you just stay out of our way.

Peter: It IS the TVs, isn't it?

Alex: You figured that out, did you?

Micky: *growls* Let me at him...!

Alex: Watch it, brother. I don't think you want to be the reason your friends end up in the TV.

*Micky spins around & sits down again. He hits the arm of the plush chair with his clenched fist.*

Mike: (He's also clenching his fists) What do you want from us, Alex?

Emma: Other than annoying those with bad tempers and making them attack you?

Alex: What, you mean I can't do that just for the sake of doing that?

Valerie: (Picks up the phone) Hello, security? Yes, I'd like to report a pest that needs taking care of...

Alex: *points at Valerie* Finish that call & your friends go in the TV!

Mike: Touch our friends, and YOU'LL end up stuffed where the sun don't shine!

Emma: We seem to be at an impasse.

Lauren: No kidding.

Alex: I'll cut you a deal... if the lot of you don't screw up our plans, I'll let the Lord & Huntress go at the special. Deal?

Valerie: We're going to have to. We need them.

Mike: Yeah, but you have to promise not to do anything to them until then. And I mean ANYTHING. This includes drugging them further or touching them.

Alex: As long as you don't give me reason to.

Mike: Why, you... (But Peter grabs his hand)

Peter: Michael, don't! He'll hurt Daph and Davy!

Alex: *smirks* Interesting concept... *moves over to where Micky sits* isn't it? *grins, then pats Micky's cheek*

*Alex disappears in a black light.*

Micky: Dammit!

Mike: You should have called the police, Val.

Valerie: He probably would have blinked out before they caught him, anyway.

Peter: What now?

Lauren: Well... we could find Mick something to chew on. *motions to her fuming husband*

Mike: Make that two of us.

Valerie: And we could plan our strategy. (Looks at Micky) Alex's visit confirmed it. Mick, we have to figure out a way for you to get a look at those cameras without Alex noticing.

Micky: Gladly.

Mike: We'll have to distract Alex, Sheila, and probably Jenkins, too.

Valerie: And protect the audience and the other bands.

Emma: (Puts her field hockey stick aside) Right.

Mike: Ok, everyone, here's how we're gonna do it. (We fade out as the others gather around)