*We open at the TV labs. Howard is not yet in the room... Alex, however, is... ahem... working on another starlet. Currently, they're kissing & not coming up for air very often.*

Girl: (This one's a red-head) Oooh...do that again...

Alex: *grins somewhat stupidly* Gladly.

Girl: I'm glad Mr. Jenkins recommended me for this experiment! This is my kind of experiment. He said it'll do great things for my career, ya know?

Alex: Oh, I know!

Girl: I feel sooo good...

(The door opens at this point, and Howard enters...and his jaw drops when he sees Alex and the girl.)

Howard: Mr. Alex!

Alex: *pulls away from the girl, but leaves an arm wrapped around her shoulders* What?

Howard: Shouldn't she be wearing more clothes?

Alex: *raises one eyebrow, then shrugs* You do things you're way, & I'll do them mine.

Girl: (Giggles) Are we going to experiment more?

Alex: You bet we will.

Howard: Let's begin now. The Captain has been asking me about the experiments, and Miss Saunders has been asking after them, too.

Alex: Fine. *mutters* Sheila's impatient, anyway.

(Alex lays the giggling girl down on the table and straps her in.)

Howard: What are we trying to do, anyway? (Puts the head gear on her) We ARE getting them in the TV!

Alex: Yes, we are getting them into the TV, but there's something missing once they're in & that's what we're trying to fix.

Howard: Oh. Maybe they're not registering properly on the screen? (Squints on the screen, where several people seem to be appearing in a soap opera) They seem ok to me, other than I never was all that big on romance stuff.

Alex: Don't worry about it, Howie. I can handle fixing that.

Howard: (Straps her in) Ready?

Alex: *nods* Ready.

(She doesn't scream quite as loudly as the first girl did...but the results are the same. There's a light, and we see her laying down on the TV.)

Howard: She's in, Alex.

(There's a very soft, blue light next to the equipment. Howard goes over to check on it...and runs into something.)

Howard: Ouch! (Rubs his nose, then looks around) I could have sworn...

*A couple items on a nearby table start to float in the air.*

Alex: Quiet, Howie, I'm watching my soaps!

Howard: (Eyes widen) But...but...Mr. Alex...

Alex: *feels a tap on his shoulder; as he turns* Howie... *blinks* what're you doing over there? Didn't you just tap my shoulder?

Howard: N...no, sir, I'm nowhere NEAR you! (Gulps) Do you think we might have...g...g...(softly)...ghosts?

Alex: *frowns* Or some form of ghosts... *glances around, looking for anything peculiar*

*Alex suddenly gets hit in a sensitive spot & slumps to the floor, sucking in deep breaths.*

Howard: Mr. Alex! What happened?

*There's a faint chuckle.*

Alex: *groans* Dammit...

Alex: There's someone here...

Howard: Mark my words, Mr. Alex, there's ghosts here, and they DON'T like what we're doing to all these people!

Alex: Howie, they aren't ghosts! *yelps as his hair is tugged* Get away from me!

Howard: Hey! (Something grabs at his arm) Let me go!

(Howard struggles with the invisible antagonist. He accidentally hits a pan of water near a sink and knocks it over, splashing whatever's holding him...and revealing a familiar pair of tan pants and a bit of a green sweater.)

*Alex manages to get to his feet & grabs a half empty pail of water & tosses it. Some of the water hits the floor, then rest lands & reveals blue jeans & a portion of a black sweater.*

Howard: Hey, do ghosts wear green sweaters?

British Voice: Uh-oh. I think we've been discovered, Mick.

Micky: *groans* I told you, no names, Dave! *gets slugged* Ow!

Howard: Mick? Dave? What kind of ghosts ARE these?

Alex: The bothersome kind!

Howard: Huh? Hey! (Sees one of the "ghosts" going over to the TV set and fiddling with wires) Stop that!

*Howard gets tripped up by another "ghost."*

Howard: Hey! (Another ghost knocks Howard flat on his face; he wails) What's going oooonnnn?

Alex: I'm getting really annoyed with this!

*Alex gets splashed with the water this time.*

Micky: *chuckles* Ah, cool off, Alex.

Howard: Mr. Alex, we have to stop these ghosts!

(Howard grabs another bucket and tries to lift it over the head of another ghost...but the ghost trips him up, and he falls, but not before the pail reveals Daphne's head and purple sweater!)

*Alex retries his pail & refills it partially, then flings the water & reveals the fourth "ghost" Lauren, in a red-orange turtleneck sweater.*

Daphne: I think we're busted, guys.