(We open as the boys head outside. They head for the MonkeeMobile in the parking lot behind the studio.)

Mike: I'm gettin' worried. This special's a really big deal. If Jenkins is one of THEIR people, he could really make trouble! (He opens the door and slides into the passenger seat)

Micky: *slides in the driver's side* So what do we do?

Mike: We round up the girls and Rosemarie, then head to the cave to do some MonkeeLeague talkin'.

(They all get in the car...at the same time we cut to a small, sporty green Corvette. Sheila sits in the driver's seat. Alex jumps in next to her, wearing his lab coat.)

Sheila: How did everything go with Howard?

Alex: *rolls his eyes* The man is driving me nuts.

Sheila: Not well, then?

Alex: Not particularly, no.

Sheila: What's he doing? Theodore said he was quite competent at his job.

Alex: At his job, maybe so... helping me... *points a finger to his temple & makes a bang sound*

Sheila: It isn't working out?

Alex: Not really. He's a total klutz.

Sheila: Oh dear...(frowns as the MonkeeMobile passes) What are THEY doing here? I thought Jenkins was meeting with Christopher Pinter!

Alex: I don't know, but I do know them being here is NOT good.

Sheila: We'll follow them.

(And they do so, to the tune of "Midnight Train.")

(Sheila pulls her car a discreet distance behind the MonkeeMobile.)

(Mike looks behind him...and frowns at the car that seems to be following them. He gently shakes Micky's shoulder.)

*Micky glances in the rear view mirror & makes a face. He eases his foot farther down on the gas pedal.*

(The MonkeeMobile shoots ahead. Sheila lets out a naughty word we thankfully can't hear over the music and shoves her foot on the gas. )

(Sheila pushes a button. A black fog settles around the MonkeeMobile; it swerves a bit. )

(Two blowers pop out of the back of the MonkeeMobile to blow the smoke away...and over to Sheila's car. Alex leans out the window and fans it away with a newspaper. )

(Sheila pulls a lever under the dashboard. A grappling hook is thrown out of the front of the car and grabs hold of the MonkeeMobile's back end! )

*The MonkeeMobile starts to slow. Micky presses a button that produces a large pair scissors that cuts the rope on the grappling hook.*

(Sheila pushes another button. Suddenly, the MonkeeMobile starts slowing down again! Sheila's car is magnetized! )

(The car, however, begins to attract every OTHER metal object on the street, too...like hot dog vendors' carts, dog chain leashes, mail boxes...)

*...The crane the car is about to drive by...*

(The car runs into the crane...and can't get unstuck from it! Sheila tries pushing buttons, but nothing seems to be working. )

(The car finally ends up attached to the crane, which lifts it into the air! The four Monkees look over their shoulders at the car and it's none-too happy occupants.)

(Sheila continues to push buttons, cursing a blue streak. )

*Alex just slumps down in his seat, shaking his head.*

(We see the car stop at the Montgomery House briefly, then a brief shot of Lauren's house, before Lauren's purple car is on the road. Lauren is behind the wheel. Emma's next to her, Daphne's in back. They follow the boys out to the highway, where we cut to a few shots of both cars streaking across the desert, before the song ends and we get shots of both cars coming to a stop at the MonkeeCave. All seven enter, followed by Ursula.)

Ursula: (Stops in the main room as the others settle in various crystal, pillow-covered chairs and couches) All right, everyone, what IS all the fuss about...and why did my sister just engage us in a random chase scene? I can understand Alex, but Sheila's not usually that fond of car chases.

Mike: Pete found out Captain Crocodile doesn't have a soul.

Emma: Come again?

Ursula: Oh, dear. I feared he was one of them.

Micky: Them? I get the feeling there's a hole in the story...

Emma: What do you mean, "one of them?"

Ursula: He's one of the people they contacted when they originally went after you four boys, after you found me.

Mike: Like Madame Orinsky?

Ursula: Yes. They only got some of their souls.

Peter: (Nods) I didn't see anything unusual about Madame.

Mike: Bet Sheila would have taken Madame's soul if she was around longer.

Peter: He really WAS hollow. He had the same aura as (gulps)...as the handmaidens and most of the slaves at Sheila and Alex's hide-out and in the Hotel California.

Mike: But a LOT livelier.

Peter: I wonder...do you guys remember the little fellow who worked with him? Howard, or something? I wonder if Sheila and Zero took his soul, too?

Peter: I wonder...do you guys remember the little fellow who worked with him? Howard, or something? I wonder if Sheila and Zero took his soul, too?

Mike: Did he look wrong the first time around?

Peter: (Shakes his head) No, but she may have done it since them. He and Jenkins did seem to work pretty closely together.

Mike: (Looks at Micky) Mick, I don't trust those cameras. Not the way Jenkins was talking about them.

Peter: Do you think he...or Sheila...may have tainted them or corrupted them in some way?

Mike: Not Sheila, and probably not Jenkins, either. But I do know who would...and can.

Micky: I'd love to really take a look at those cameras...

Mike: I do, too. Mick...I think Alex may be doing something to those cameras.

Micky: More than likely.

Emma: We need to find out more about what Sheila's up to now. Val can probably call around. She's at work now. We can get a hold of her and ask her to see what she can get out of her secretary. I'll make a few calls of my own. I have contacts from working at the Register.

Mike: (Puts his hand on Emma's shoulder) Be careful, Em.

Emma: Considering what the devils have been up to lately, I'm more worried about the four of you

Peter: And what about the other Headquarters bands that night?

Mike: We're gonna have to protect them, too, and the staff of KLAC.

Emma: We'll be spread out. It won't be easy.

Ursula: And I'm sure my sister and Alex will be more on their guard this time as well, after the hotel incident.

Emma: They can't be happy about THAT.

Mike: There has to be a better way of getting the drop on the devils!

Emma: We need to figure out exactly what's going on with those cameras!

Mike: We're gonna need to send someone to find out where Alex is and what he's up to now.

Micky: I'll do it!

Mike: This should be interesting.

Lauren: I'll go to keep him in line.

Davy: I'll go to 'elp 'er keep 'im in line.

Daphne: And so on for me.

Emma: Good. You'll need help, and not just to keep an eye on Micky, either. The devils love to pounce on us when we're in ones or twos. In this case, there really is safety in numbers.

Mike: We'll head to Headquarters and talk to Val, see what we can find out from there.

Ursula: Um, Micky, do you actually know where Alex is?

Micky: Actually... *nods* yeah, I do know where he is.

Mike: You do? (Raises an eyebrow) How?

Micky: *makes a face & shrugs* I just do.

Ursula: You're linked to him, aren't you, the way I'm linked to my sister and the twins are linked to each other?

Micky: *frowns & nods* I think so.

Ursula: I'm not surprised you haven't realized it before. It's not something you'd really want to admit to yourself. I'm not terribly happy about my link to my sister.

Micky: *makes circular motions with an index finger; unenthused* Whoopee. Yay me.

Emma: Well, it'll come in handy now. Use it to get the drop on Alex and Sheila.

Peter: Just be careful, guys! Don't let them catch you!

Ursula: Micky...do you have any of that spray stuff left? You know, the stuff you used to make you, Pete, and me invisible in Arizona a few months ago?

Micky: Hey, yeah, I do! I'll go get it! *jogs out to his lab*

Mike: That's right! That shit works great!

*There's sounds of rummaging before Micky jogs back out with a spray can.*

Mike: You never cease to amaze me, Mick. How much of that do you have?

Micky: *shrugs* A couple more cans.

Emma: Use it on yourselves, then get moving.

Mike: Right. Meet us at the Headquarters main offices.

Micky: Got it. *turns to the other three* Okay, who's first? *grins*

*We fade out at Micky uses his invisible spray on Davy, first.*