(We open back in the cave. Peter still sits on the couch, his head in his hands.)

*Micky putters around working on various small things. He glances over at Peter every so often.*

Peter: (Looks up) H..how's everything coming?

Micky: All of the new communicators are finished & ready to be used.

Peter: (Wan smile) Great! We need them. We must have gone through at least three or four each of the old ones.

Micky: *makes a face* Just this year. These are sturdier than the old ones, so hopefully we won't go through as many.

Peter: And you can concentrate on making other things. Are you ever going to get a new chemistry set?

Micky: I'd really like to. I just have to find a reputable place to get it.

Peter: Groovy! Then you can start inventing again. (Grins) And I'll help you again.

Micky: *grins* I'd appreciate the help. That way I don't get yelled at quite as much.

Peter: Yeah. We can share the blame if things blow up in our faces.

Micky: Better than being in trouble alone.

Peter: (Sighs) Maybe we ought to go back now, before Mike realizes we're gone.

Micky: And get yelled at for leaving.

(Peter closes his eyes. There's a blue light, and the two arrive back in the Pad. Mike is tapping on the amp, making a face, as the two appear.)

Mike: THERE you are! I was just about to start callin' Val an' Lauren! Where did you two run off to?

Micky: *folds his arms* We went to the Cave, Mike. Is that a federal offense now?

Mike: (Face softens somewhat) No, I was just worried. I know Pete's still upset, and...

Peter: Michael, we're fine. No harm - or devils - done.

Micky: We just had a little chat, that's all.

Mike: How come you left here to chat?

Peter: It was kinda private. I just had to get some things off my chest.

Mike: (Sighs) Well, next time, leave a note or somethin', ok? I thought Alex came in here and swiped you guys while I weren't lookin' or somethin'! (Goes to the veranda and calls) Dave, it's fine. They went to the Cave. You can come back in now.

Davy: *calls out* Okay! *comes jogging up & through the door* Should've known you'd go there since it's Mick's favorite 'iding spot as of late.

Mike: These knuckleheads just decided to play a little post-Halloween gag.

Peter: (That pale smile again) Yeah, that's all it was.

Micky: You guys should know I like doing that by now.

Mike: Well, is it too late to rehearse, or would we be able to continue? Em and Lauren should be back with the kiddies soon.

Davy: We should 'ave time.

Micky: I'm with whatever you guys decide. *looks to Peter*

Peter: (His full, sunshine smile finally comes through) Let's play.

Micky: *grins* Lets go for it!

Mike: Hey Pete, wanna do "Come On In?"

Peter: (Smile gets bigger) Sure!

(The boys head for their instruments and begin "Come On In." Emma and Lauren come in with the kids about half-way through the video; all of the kids but stroller-bound Robbie have huge cookies. Valerie comes in towards the end, looking harried and none-too-happy.)

Peter: (When the song ends) Hi, Val. (He puts his bass aside and goes to her for a kiss) How was work?

Valerie: Not good. (Tosses a newspaper on the table) New York Times review is in for the movie. Columbia executives are having a fit!

Mike: Oh yeah? What did the Times say?

Peter: (Frowns) Renata Adler is extremely influential.

Micky: *makes a face* I'm not so sure I want to know...

Valerie: Roughly and in brief, the whole thing is a drug-addled trip and a sorry excuse for either a movie or a piece of storytelling. (Makes a face) And Columbia is ready smack all of us silly. They're complaining how they wanted a movie, not some weird hippie head thing.

Peter: But that's what it's SUPPOSED to be!

Valerie: No, it's called "Bob Rafelson deciding he doesn't want anything to do with four TV stars and making a really bad, poorly publicized movie."

Micky: *mutters* Which is kinda true...

Peter: But those ads were EXPERIMENTAL!

Mike: Experimental? Pete, they were STUPID!

Valerie: Honey, I'm sorry, but a major movie is NOT the place to be practicing experimental advertising techniques! Save that for John Cassetes!

Peter: But Valerie, this was for the turned-on people!

Valerie: The turned-on people are NOT going to see a movie with four stars from some series of family-oriented TV specials!

Peter: But we don't want...

Valerie: I don't see what's wrong with having young fans!

Mike: I do. Do you know how much we get ragged on by the music community? The critics think we're just some made-up pop band, like live-action Archies!

Micky: *groans* Here we go again...

Peter: Valerie, I understand that Columbia isn't happy...but we wanted to show that we can be as popular with people our own age as we can with their younger siblings.

Valerie: Well, it's obvious those so-called "turned-on people" would rather be out getting stoned or listening to the Who than watching some TV band run around in a bunch of bad "Laugh-In" leftovers!

Davy: *sighs* I think we went about it the wrong way.

*Micky nods his agreement with Davy.*

Mike: I don't know what we should have done, but this movie ain't lookin' like it was the answer.

Peter: But...but we worked so HARD on it...

Mike: Pete, the damn thing was a bad idea from the start. Jack's cool, but Rafelson's a pain, the script barely existed, and half the cast thought we were off our damn heads.

Micky: We were.

Peter: Well...what do we do now? The movie's out. We can't change that.

Valerie: We're just going to have to ignore or make jokes about the reviews and play things by ear for the time being. (Sighs) I'll do what I can with Columbia, but I wouldn't ask them to back any movie or TV show by you guys again. Ever.

Mike: (Sighs) Do whatever you can, Val. (Looks at the guys) Ready to face the press?

Peter: I'm sure it'll be all right, Mike!

(Mike sighs. Val just shakes her head as we fade out. )