Everyone ready to put up the Christmas lights?

Mike: As long as we don't kill each other, sure!

Micky: You betcha!

Davy: Sure!

(We open in front of Micky and Lauren's house as the guys pull box after box from out of the garage. Peter puts his down first.)

Peter: Thank goodness you had all these lights on shelves and none of them seem to have gotten hurt in the flood!

Micky: You're telling me, Pete.

Davy: 'E would've been REALLY ticked if something 'appened to these.

Mike: (He emerges next, carrying three boxes and a lighted Santa Claus) Where do ya want these?

Micky: Just set them down for now. We'll figure out where they go shortly.

Mike: Fine. (he drops them all on the ground)

Peter: Michael, be careful!

Mike: How long is this gonna take?

Micky: Late for a date, Mike?

Mike: Well, I sorta promised Em I'd take her out to eat tonight, just to get away from the kids for a while. Robbie and Katie are great kids and all, but they're both running Em ragged.

Peter: That's right, Val's taking the kids tonight.

Mike: Yeah. Em and I need to talk thing out. We've barely been able to have two words with each other since Robbie was born.

Peter: I haven't seen much of Val lately, either.

Mike: Well, the faster we get moving, the faster we can finish. Where do you want us to start, Mick?

Micky: Well... just grab a box & go with the flow. I'm not picky.

Mike: Ok, but everyone remember, be careful with the staplers. Don't staple anything to the house that shouldn't be there. I don't want to lose another tie.

Davy: Right, mate!

("All Of Your Toys" begins as the guys split into different directions. Peter and Mike remain by the garage, trying to decide where to set up the Santa.)

(Peter keeps putting Santa in different places, and Mike turns down every one, shaking his head.)

*Micky & Davy are tangled in the lights.* ;)

(Peter finally throws up his arms in frustration and plunks Santa down in the middle of the yard, right in front of the living room window. Mike finally reveals a big, crooked Nesmith grin. ;) :p)

(Peter and Mike start to set up the other items around Santa, reindeer, a sleigh, a "Merry Christmas!" sign, and a red and green mini-ferris wheel. They argue over which reindeer should go where.)

(As Peter hooks up the reindeer, Mike finally goes to help Micky and Davy with their end of the lights, as they're still a bit tangled.)

*Mike frees Micky & Davy. Davy pulls out a very tangled wad of lights. Micky goes to make sure the power is on for when they plug in the lgihts.*

(Mike sighs. He looks left and right, then concentrates. There's a soft dark blue light, and when it subsides, Davy holds a long, untangled string of Christmas lights.)

(Mike takes one side, staying on the ground, while Davy takes the other on the steps. Out front, Peter still tries to organize the reindeer.)

*Micky returns, giving a thumbs-up & holding a few extension cords.*

(Davy has now ascended to the roof; Mike is on the ladder. Peter hands him lights, which he hands up to Davy. Micky joins them on another ladder.)

(Mike shakes his head as Davy staples; can't he go faster? He moves to scramble on the roof with him, but he almost tips over the ladder; Peter has to steady it.)

*Micky grins as his stapler starts moving on its own.*

(Mike tries to help Davy staple, but his footing is not the best, and he ends up grabbing Davy, almost sending both over the edge and onto the grass!)

(Peter tries to pull away, but he almost ends up knocking over the ladder! He calls to Micky for help.)

*Micky concentrates, putting a very faint blue light around the others & the ladder.*

(Mike and Davy do finally stand upright, and the ladder stops wobbling. Peter gives Micky a thumbs-up sign and tosses him some lights to start the bushes.)

*Micky salutes & starts tossing strangs over the bushes.*

(Peter moves to get off the ladder, but he moves too fast...and ends up falling into the bushes next to Micky, who helps the dazed guy out.)

(Micky helps pluck twigs out of Peter's hair while Mike and Davy argue over what goes where on the roof.)

*Micky & Peter lounge in lawn chairs, munching popcorn, while watching Mike & Davy on the roof.*

(Mike is still stapling lights while Davy finishes untangling another string. Mike reaches for the string at the same time, once again causing them to lose their balance.)

(Both of them slide down the roof! Mike grabs hold of the gutter...and Davy grabs hold of HIM.)

Mike: Oh man...

Micky: *concentrates again* Guys...!

Peter: (Closes his eyes) Hold on!

(There's a soft blue light...and Mike and Davy find themselves falling into a bed of what looks like fluffy white flowers as the music ends.)

Mike: (Sighs) You ok, Dave?

Peter: That was some fall!

Micky: I give it an eight.

Davy: *glares at Micky* Thanks, Mick. Yeah, I'm fine. Think my pride is a little banged up, though. ;)

Mike: We've really got to be more careful with this slapstick stuff.

Peter: Now that we're almost done and it's getting dark, (turns to Micky), shall you do the honors?

Micky: *nods, holding up an extension cord & plug* Here goes everything! *plugs in to the extension & the lights come on... effectively briefly blinding the guys*

Micky: *wide grin* I love it!

Peter: (Pulls away; he and Mike fling their arms over their eyes) Ow...

Mike: I'd love it if I could SEE it.

Davy: Anyone 'ave any sunglasses? *has his hands over his eyes, trying to peek through his fingers*

Mike: Well, I have mine. (He puts his usual aviator glasses on) Well, that's somewhat better. (Usual cock-eyed grin) Not bad.

Peter: (Shades his eyes) Hey, the Santa DID work there!

Mike: Told 'ya.

Davy: Very nice, mates.

Micky: Thanks for the help, guys! It looks GREAT!

Mike: Sure, Mick.

Peter: And we did it together!

Mike: (Looks at his watch) I gotta go. If I'm late for this, I'll never hear the end of it from Em.

Micky: Sure, man. *nods, smiling* Thanks again.

Mike: Sure. (He hurries off to the car on the street)

Peter: (Turning to Micky) Wanna go see if Lauren has anything in the kitchen before I go home to see Val and Jordan?

Micky: You have to ask, Pete?

Davy: I'll bet she does just to keep 'im 'appy.

Peter: (Laughs as they head for the front door) I wouldn't be surprised, Davy. (They head inside as we fade out)