(We open in a small police station, in the jail area. Alex, dressed in a khaki sherrif's costume, and two simiarly dressed deputies, heads down the hall to one particular cell...which holds Maxine, Kimberly, and Jenny. Jenny wears a sunddress; the other two wear short shorts and t-shirts.)

Alex: *leans against the cell bars* Hello, there, ladies.

Maxine: What are we doing in here, creep? We haven't done anything to you!

Kimberly: (Mutters) Recently.

Alex: You're here as bait for your friends. Simple, isn't it? *smirks*

Jenny: Let us out! We're not bait!

Kimberly: (Smirks) And I'm sure the others will get us out from under your dumb noses anyway. They've done it before.

Maxine: And they'll probably do it again!

Alex: I'm really shaking, can't you tell?

Kimberly: You ALWAYS say that, but we saw what Mike did to you in the space show! You know they're dangerous.

Alex: Please. That was a lucky shot. Besides, we have a few aces up our sleeves this time.

Maxine: Like what, the hillbilly patrol? (Indicates the deputies)

Alex: That's one of them.

Maxine: And that's probably about all of it.

Jenny: The others know how to get around you!

Kimberly: (Puts up her fists) And if you or the Beverly Hillbilly troop try anything...

Alex: Always the same threats. Why don't you just come out & say you're gonna kick me where it hurts the most?

Kimberly: Thanks for the suggestion! (She kicks out from between the bars; Alex dodges)

Alex: *shakes his head* So predictable.

Maxine: Well, how about THIS then? (Maxine stamps on his foot)

Alex: *holds his foot* As soon as I decide how, you're gonna PAY for that!

Maxine: We're not the only ones who're predictable.

Kimberly: Yeah, you're always after us!

Alex: We're devils! We're SUPPOSED to be after you! That's how these things work. You have the good versus the bad. Duh!

Alex: Enough of you for now. I'll be back later.. LADIES. *grins, winks, & walks away, back down the hall*

Kimberly: Takes one to know one!

(Alex stomps down a hallway and into a surprisingly plush office for the building. The huge chair behind the mahogany desk is turned to him; all we can see of who sits in it is a long hand in a pink silk glove.)

Alex: *whines* Can't I play with those three?!

Familiar Voice: No, Alex. We need them alive...and whole. Local scuttlebutt has it that they're involved with three of the Guardians' men.

(A bit of smoke wafts from behind the chair...and floats right at Alex.)

Alex: *swats at the smoke* I don't give a damn about local *makes a face* scuttlebutt! I want to teach them a lesson!

Voice: There are other ways to teach them a lesson. (Smirking) Maybe they'd like to see their sweethearts?

Voice: We'll bring the men here. (Audible smirk) And I know just what else will lure them.

Alex: Something better go right soon! *huffs* I'm getting very irritable.

Voice: I'm having my collection of jewels, along with a substancial amount of cash, delivered to my mansion tomorrow. We could imprison the women there as well. They'll come after the girls and the jewels and money to give to the poor and destitute...

Alex: You've perked my interest a little at the mention of the women...

Voice: We'll keep the women imprisoned in the mansion somewhere, perhaps in the little-used East Wing.

Alex: Mmm, yes.. lots of private rooms, out of the way...

Voice: The jewels and cash will be on the other side of the house. It will separate the group. BOTH are away from the car lot.

Alex: You'd better not be getting my hopes up.

Voice: It WILL work, Alex. I will double your security force.

Voice: I will be there myself, to lend a hand, so to speak.

Alex: Alright, fine. *pauses* How did you get the cool role in this?

Voice: Your camera has excellent taste.

Alex: Meh.

Voice: What was that, Sherrif London?

Alex: *eyes narrow* Nothing.

Voice: Very good.

*Alex sitcks his tongue out.*

Voice: You are dismissed, Sherrif.

*Alex rolls his eyes, mocking silently as he heads out.*

(We cut to the front of a huge, white, antebellum southern mansion, complete with rolling fields and huge collumns in front. Four vehicles stop behind the mansion. The entire group piles out.)

Mike: Ok, we're gonna have to be careful, gang. They probably already know we're here.

Emma: Like four huge cars are hard to miss!

Micky: I'm willing to bet they're watching us right now.

John: We're gonna have to split up. Half of us will look for the girls, and the other half will look for the cash.

Mike: Em n' I will take the folks lookin' for the cash.

Emma: Lauren, you and Mick take the crew looking for the girls.

Lauren: Okay.

John: The boys and I will look for our women.

Lillian: We wanna see those rocks up close!

Peter: (Looks at Valerie) We'll look for the cash.

Davy: We'll 'elp look for the cash, too. *motions between himself & Daphne*

Mike: Ok, gang! Everyone got their weapons?

John: (Puts up his dukes) Just our good ol' fists.

(Peter holds out his arrows; Valerie shows off her sword. The Angellettes hold out staffs.)

Micky: Daggers up! *he & Lauren raise them*

Davy: I 'ave my rapiah.

(Mike shows his broadsword. Emma hefts her field hockey stick over her shoulder.)

Daphne: And I've got my spear.

Mike: Ok, everyone, meet back at the cars or at the secret room if anything goes wrong.

Emma: And be careful!

(Cut to the hallway of the mansion. Everything is clean and elegant, done in the finest antiques and Civil War relics.)

John: (Peeks out from behind a corner) Nothing there.

Micky: Man, this place is... boring! Everything's so neat & clean. There's no way that anyone could actually LIVE here!

John: It's a rich chick's house. They probably DON'T really live here. They live in the Rivera, or somethin'.

Chris: I heard this chick is so loaded, she owns almost the whole county!

Lauren: I can't hardly wait to meet the snootface. *makes a face*

Danny: Supposedly, that's what WE are. We take moola from the snootface and give it back to the people in the county.

Micky: Damn straight. Like a modern day Robin Hood.

John: Shh! It's the snooface's private police force! (Alex and his men storm past them.)

Micky: Well, well, well, looks who's regained consciousness... *smirks*

Lauren: Down, Mick.

Chris: Ain't that the devil chick's boy?

Lauren: *sighs* Yeah.

John: And where HE is, SHE usually is, so be careful, guys!

(Everyone sneaks out and across the hall, following a troop of deputies. They stop by the door Alex just left.)

John: They must have been here.

Danny: Messing with the girls, I'll bet!

Micky: *snorts* Or worse.

Chris: We've gotta save them!

Danny: We need a plan.

John: Maybe we could get the drop on them.

Micky: Anyone got anny ideas?

Chris: I like sneak attacks myself. They're...sneaky.

Lauren: Uh, yeah.

John: (Nods) Let's go.

(John, Chris, and Danny trail behind three men. When one man turns around, John clonks him on the head, knocking him out. He drags him into a room.)

(Danny tugs on one guy's hair. He turns around...and gets clonked in the head and dragged to the room.)

(Chris puts his hands over the guy's eyes and makes kissing noises into his ear before knocking him out and dragging him with his mates.)

*Lauren taps one on the shoulder, then slugs him. She grins.*

*Micky simply spins another around & decks him, then drags both his & the one Lauren knocked out to the others.*

John: Nice work, guys.

Chris: (Holds out a key) I picked one guy's pocket. I hope this is the key to the room!

Lauren: Lets find out.

(The group tiptoes to the door. Chris puts the key in the door and grins when it turns.)

*Inside the room, Alex had the three girls tied to chairs, each facing a different direction. Alex leans over Kimberly, his hands obviously on her.*

Danny: KIM!

John: But...we saw you out there...

Alex: *sneers over his shoulder* Oh, but I was...

Micky: *eyes widen* Oh shit....

(Suddenly, Alex's deputies jump out from furnature, closets, and doors, and grab the kids!)

John: Damn it! (He fistfights with his as "Auntie's Municipal Court" begins.)

*Micky uses some wrestling holds on one of the men.*

(Chris ducks around and under his. Danny kicks at his.)

*One tries to grab Lauren, but she ducks under his arms.*

(Danny rushes to Kimberly, but Alex confronts him. Danny swings at Alex, knocking him to the ground!)

*Alex holds his chin, but sweeps a leg at Danny, aiming to knock him down.*

(He does knock Danny down...and into John, who falls over the guy he was fighiting!)

*...Which starts a chain reaction, ending in knocking over everyone... except Lauren who, thanks to her small size, managed to duck away.*

(The guys try to get back up, but the deputies pounce on them.)

(Alex reaches for Lauren, smirking.)

*Lauren tries to duck away, but Alex grabs one of her wrists & holds tight.*

John: (As the deputies drag the boys to their feet and the music ends) What the HELL are you doin', you jerk?

Alex: I'm finally going to try & enjoy this damn set up with the camera! Thanks to my brother playing with it, everything got messed up & nothing has worked the way it should!

Chris: What do you mean?

John: The camera?

Micky: Cry me a river, Alex. Let Lauren go!

Danny: They were right! That's what the flash was!

Lauren: *tries to tug away* You'd better listen, you jerk.

Alex: My own invention, but it got messed up by someone's poking & prodding. *pulls Lauren closer to him; grins* So I'll have to make my own fun.

Chris: Could you do it without us?

Alex: Oh, but that's part of the deal. *shrugs, still grinning* I'm really not overly picky.

Micky: *groans* Oh, puke...

John: What about us?

Alex: I've got time for you, too.

John: You wouldn't.

Danny: Eeeww.

Chris: Sorry, you're not my type.

Micky: *makes a face* He would.

Alex: *motions to the deputies who have regained their feet* Take 'em away, boys.

(The deputies haul the protesting boys away. A few more remain with Alex.)

Deputy 1: (Heavy Andy Williams Show drawl) Where ya want the ladies, sir?

Alex: I think we can leave them here. *motions to the Abbies* These three are already all comfortable. *tugs at Lauren again* We just have to add this lovely babe to the collection.

Lauren: *sneers* Shut up.

Deputy 1: Tie her up, too?

Alex: Yes.