(We open right back up with the car landing safely - if bumpily - on the other side of the pit! The sherrif's car isn't as lucky. It ends up in the pit.)

Mike: (Looks over his shoulder and grins) I think we outran 'em, guys!

Micky: Thank goodness! *pauses* I sure as heck don't wanna do THAT again!

Mike: Can I do it, then?

Peter: NO!

Mike: (Sighs) This is remindin' me of all those B movies I occasionally go see at the Malibu Beach Drive In.

Micky: Okay, so... does anyone know where we're going?

Mike: I have a great idea. Let's find the nearest bar and get piss drunk.

Peter: But what if that's not what we're supposed to be doing?

Mike: To hell with what we're supposed to be doing. My head hurts.

Micky: For once, I'm going to agree with that suggestion, Mike.

Davy: *shrugs* We don't even know WOT we're supposed to be doing! We keep jumping from show to show. Why not 'ave a little fun.

Mike: Mick, stop us at the first bar you find so we can have some liquid libation and a good bar brawl.

Micky: Gladly!

*Not before long, Micky pulls the car into the parking lot of a local pub that's relatively seedy looking, but overall clean.*

Mike: This'll do. (Raises his eyebrows at a familiar vehicle) And it looks like someone we know is here. (Points to the familiar space-age Buick with the huge fins and silver trim)

Peter: The Martians are here!

Mike: I wouldn't say that around these parts, Pete. They'd think we're bein' invaded.

Davy: No kidding.

(Mike leads them into the building. It's not too different from the exterior, seedy and slightly run-down but clean. All of the Four Martians sit at the bar, while Lauren and Winnie bring them drinks.)

John: Hey, guys! (Grins) Now THIS show, I like!

Chris: This is great! Wine and women!

Marcus: We need the song!

*Lauren throws a rag at Chris, stinking her tongue out.*

(The very wet rag knocks Chris off his seat; the Martians all laugh as he hits the floor. Marcus helps him to his feet.)

Marcus: You deserved that, kiddo.

Chris: Geez, what was in that thing, oil?

Lauren: *smirks* Wouldn't you like to know?

Mike: (They join the Martians at the bar) Hey, Lauren.

Peter: Wow, you're the bartender?

Winnie: (Grins) She's workin' for US! Apparently, Lil and Audrey and I own this joint!

Lauren: *grins* Bartender & occasional bouncer.

Davy: Aftah seeing wot you just did to Chris, I believe that.

Micky: No one messes with my babe. *grins*

Winnie: Yeah. You should have seen the size of the guy she tossed out right before the Martians arrived.

Lauren: All in a day's work.

(The next arrival has Mike and Peter jumping up and heading for the door. Emma and Valerie stride in next. Emma wears short denim jeans, sneakers, and a T-shirt with a red sweater tied around her waist. Valerie wears a simple sundress and sandals.)

Mike: Damn, darlin', I always knew you had nice legs.

Emma: Thank you. I'm just glad we found you. (Makes a face) Were you run down by the not-so-friendly local law enforcement, too?

Mike: They chased you guys?

Danny: We had cops on our tail, too!

Peter: I wonder what they want?

Marcus: Maybe we're wanted criminals or something!

Chris: That would be cool!

Mike: Nahh, they probably just wanted to give us a speedin' ticket.

Emma: (She joins Mike at the bar) Can I have a soda, Lauren?

Mike: Whiskey, straight up.

Emma: He'll have a soda, too.

Mike: Em, I came here to get drunk!

Emma: Mike, there's devils out there! We need you sober!

Winnie: (Looks at Lauren) Think we ought to give liquor to this crowd? Ya know, she does have a point about those two idiots.

Lauren: Hmm... we can either give it to them... or they'll sneak it anyway.

Winnie: Good point.

Mike: Ok, whiskey all around. (Pulls money out of his pocket) Lookie what I found.

Peter: Where did you get all that?

Mike: In my back pocket.

Winnie: Someone's loaded.

Mike: We must be moonshiners or somethin'.

Micky: Groovy! Load us up!

(Emma goes to the jukebox to pick a song, which turns out to be "Antartica." Mike slugs down his whiskey right away and calls for another round! Emma gets FAR away from his breath.)

(The Martians sing along...or try to.)

*Micky chugs his beer, then hops the bar & pulls Lauren down behind it!*

(Winnie covers her eyes...but she peeks!)

(Valerie covers Peter's eyes.)

(The Martians and Mike look over the bar...and pull back, grinning.)

(Mike grabs Emma and drags her into the bathroom.)

(Lillian and Audrey come out with food...and to join the fun.)

*Davy & Daphne dance REALLY close!*

(Lillian and Audrey attempt to dance with John and Danny, but no one's very coordinated while drunk, and there's a lot of "ow!" and "oomph" and stepping on toes.)

(Valerie and Peter also dance, a bit less close than Davy and Daphne.)

(Mike and Emma stumble out of the bathroom as the song comes to an end. Mike grins as he zippers his pants. Emma's blushing.)

Mike: Maaaannnnn....