(We open back at KLAC...with the camera focused on one particular innocent closet.)

Jenkins: (From behind the closet) Let me outta here! When I get my hands on those...

Steve: *walks by the closet* What the...? *opens the door*

Jenkins: (He almost literally falls out onto a very surprised Steve!) Whoooaa!

Steve: *falls over* Ooof!

Jenkins: (As he gets to his feet) Did you see Alex London or Sheila Saunders around? I'll send those two into litigation HELL when I get my hands on them!

Steve: No, I haven't seen them in a while. *mutters* Or hardly anyone else, for that matter.

Jenkins: They were the ones who put me in that damn closet! They did some weird thing to my head, and the next thing I remember, I'm trapped in some dark space with no way out! (Makes a face) Nice metaphor for my career.

Steve: *makes a face* Strange.

Jenkins: This all began with those cameras. (He points in the general direction of the stage) It's those cameras! They've done something to the cameras! (He grabs Steve's hand) Let me show you...

*Steve's eyes widen, but he doesn't argue & lets Jenkins pull him along.*

(Jenkins drags Steve over to the camera...but Howard and John are already there, looking at the back of the camera.)

John: (Eyes widen) You say this camera can...SWALLOW humans?

Howard: Yes! That's where everyone's gone to!

*Howard presses some buttons on the camera.*

Jenkins: Howard! How did you... (But he never finishes. We see that same flash again, and Jenkins disappears!)

John: Oh...oh my...

Howard: *grins* It worked...!

Steve: Oh dear...

John: So, he's in the camera now?

Howard: *nods* Yes.

Steve: Um, how do we get them OUT?

Howard: *shrugs* I don't know.

John: I still think we ought to call the police.

Steve: Good idea. This is seriously messed up!

John: (Turns to Howard) Um, sir, maybe you should... (But Howard is leaning over the camera and not listening to him) ...stay here and keep an eye on the equipment.

Steve: Lets just get out of here before something happens to us!

John: (gulps as Howard accidentally knocks the camera his way) Right. (They hurry off)

*Howard presses a few buttons, then hurries in front of the camera. The camera flashes... & now Howard is gone, as well.*

(As the flash fades out, we fade in on what looks like a simple, homey kitchen set, with lots of utensils, long counters, a sink, a stove under a long window with frilly curtains, a spice rack, and a huge refrigerator. Micky and Davy appear, both wearing aprons. Micky wears Mike's ruffled apron from "Monkee Mother.")

Micky: What the...?

Davy: Wot on EARTH are we doin' 'ere? This don't look like your kitchen or mine.

Micky: Considering how much we've been bounced around, this doesn't surprise me.

Davy: I wonder what we're supposed to be makin'?

Micky: I have no idea. Um, there's gotta be a recipe here..

*"Acapulco Sun" begins as the guys start grabbing ingredients & throwing them together.*

(Davy brings over some butter and milk, then cracks a few eggs.)

*Micky preheats the oven, then goes to grease a pan.*

(Davy adds flour, nutmeg, and cinnamon...but as he reaches for the sugar, he accidentally flips the page with his long green sweater sleeve!)

*Micky checks the recipe & starts grabbing other items... making a face at the odd mix of ingredients.*

(Davy frowns, too, but then checks the recipe and shrugs, turning to Mick. They have to do what the recipe says!)

*Micky nods in agreement, then mixes stuff together.*

(Davy looks up from greasing a second pan. He nods at the stove - everything's ready to bake!)

*Micky nods & grabs the first pan & sticks it in the oven.*

*Micky waits for the second pan... not noticing the oven has started to smoke slightly.*

(Davy hands Mick the second pan.)

*Micky turns to put the second pan in when he notices the oven is smoking. His eyes widen as he puts the pan down. He eases over to the oven & carefully opens the door... which belches the "baked good" all over the floor... & even spits some out, covering the guys! It starts shooting everywhere, on the walls, the ceiling, the floor. the guys take cover on the opposite side of the counter.*

Davy: 'Oly cow, I've nevah seen a stove act like THAT before!

Micky: A pot yes, not an oven, though...

Davy: Wot did we put IN that thing?

Micky: We followed the recipe! *reaches a hand up & pats around on the counter for the recipe book; finally brings it down* Lets see... *flips to the previous page* Um, Dave...?

Davy: (Joins Micky at the counter) Yeah?

Micky: You didn't happen to flip the page in the recipe book at some point, did you? Because I think we accidentally meshed two together...

Davy: I didn't THINK I did.. (reads the recipe and makes a face) Oh, my. This isn't the one I was following! I was makin' pumkin pie!

Micky: And I think we have our answer...because we put an AWFUL lot of yeast into that mix!

Davy: At least three times as much as this recipe calls for!

Micky: It's no wonder it exploded all over us!

Davy: Umm...when's this show fadin' out?

Micky: Good question. Maybe we should get out of here before this gets worse.

Davy: Maybe we can blue-light and get out before it ends.

Micky: As quickly as possible, too.

*The boys concentrate & blue light out as the show goes to credits.*

(We open in the countryside, on a dusty paved road. All seems quiet for a minute...when suddenly, a blue car carreens across the highway!)

(Cut to inside the car. Micky drives, with Mike next to him, Davy and Peter in back. All four wear T-shirts, boots, and jeans; Peter wears his moccasin boots and his shirt is paisley print.)

Mike: Geez, Mick, you almost hit a skunk back there!

Micky: Well, it's kinda hard to miss something when you just appeared out of nowhere!

Davy: Just keep an eye on the road, mate!

Peter: (Frowns) What's that sound?

Mike: (Looks behind him; growls) Holy geez, Mick, it's the cops!

Micky: Oh, that's just GREAT!

Peter: They must be pretty mad at us for exceeding the speed limit!

Mike: Pete, I have the feelin' it ain't got nuthin' to do with how fast we're drivin'.

Micky: Well, I don't WANNA know why they're following us!

Peter: Micky, look out! Bump ahead!

Micky: What?