(We open back at KLAC. John and Steve return to the camera, Steve groaning.)

John: This is crazy. Now we're missing Needlebaum, Jenkins, three bands, the wives of two of the band members, AND two more band members aren't here, either!

Steve: Maybe they all went home and we didn't see them?

John: Steve, we have asked every single person in this building at least three times if they've seen any of the band members, Mr. Needlebaum, Mr. Jenkins, Mrs. Nesmith, or Mrs. Thorkleson leave. No one's seen ANYONE leave for the past hour!

Steve: Maybe there's some kind of time vortex here, like the sci-fi movies...

John: (Sees Sheila and Alex coming towards them) Mr. London! Miss Saunders! Thank goodness!

Steve: We're missing all three Headquarters bands, Mr. Needleman, Mr. Jenkins, Mrs. Nesmith, and Mrs. Thorkleson! Have you seen them?

Alex: You don't say? 8shakes his head* No, we haven't.

Sheila: Not at all. We've been on the phone with some of my clients since the special ended.

John: I'm going to call the police. This is just too strange.

Steve: I'll ask the rest of the cast if they've seen them.

Sheila: Yes, you do that, Mr. Libby. There is certainly something strange going on here.

John: Come on, Steve. (They head out. As they do, Sheila and Alex go to the camera.)

Sheila: Are they all in there?

Alex: *nods* Yes, they are.

Sheila: Would we be able to remove their souls now?

Alex: *frowns* Actually... there's still a slight problem with that.

Sheila: I thought you got it working during the special!

Alex: It was working, but removing souls still wasn't an option... & after my brother played with it... it's doing some weird things & I can't regain control.

Sheila: What kind of "weird things?"

Alex: It'd be easier to show you than tell you...

Sheila: Then show me!

*They go over to the camera & Alex presses some buttons on it.*

Alex: Give it a moment...

*The camera flashes... & the two disappear.*

(When the flash fades, we're back in the limited-animation woods. The woods have given way to darker, denser, more realistic looking trees and forest land. The group finally stops on the edge of a hill that overlooks a huge black, vaguely spacey-looking building surrounded by dark pines.)

Mike: What is that lovely place?

Emma: Someone's fond of black.

Kimberly: Something tells me no Looney Tunes live there.

Marvin: *sighs* This is my Queen's home.

Mike: They way you sound, Marv, she ain't the Queen of Sheba.

Marvin: Oh, but she is... to me, anyway. *sighs again*

Maxine: Oooh, is she your girlfriend?

Marvin: I like her, but because I'm supposed to protect her, I can't get overly close to her.

Mike: What's she like, anyway? Would she be willin' to meet with a couple of aliens?

Marvin: She's tall, thin, with short, red hair. Gorgeous, but don't tell her I said that. Besides, she's got a personal bodyguard that probably likes her, anyway. *sighs*

Davy: That sounds rathah familiah...

Mike: Shit. British accent, the guy has curly hair, scars, and a goatee?

Marvin: Yes! How did you know?

Davy: Les just say that this planet isn't the only one that those two in'abit.

Mike: Great, just great. What are those two doing here?

Emma: And how did they end up ruling a planet full of Saturday morning's finest?

Kimberly: You think we ought to go down there?

Emma: Knowing them, they'll probably find US anyway.

Mike: Besides, Alex MADE the damn camera. He might know how to get out.

Maxine: Like he'd tell us!

Mike: (Puts a hand on his gun holster) We're armed, remember?

Davy: I've often wondahed if they'd feah guns...

Marvin: You've had bad experiences with the Queen & her bodyguard?

Mike: You might say we ain't on the same side.

Emma: Yes, we've had bad experiences with the queen and her bodyguard before. VERY bad.

Marvin: Oh dear.

Emma: They've tried to kill us many times. The queen came very close to killing ME once.

Marvin: Oh my. Oh my my my!

Mike: And both she and her uncle repeatedly tried to kill or capture me and my men for many years.

Marvin: But... but...!

Kimberly: But you love her, and I'll bet she never tried anything on you.

Marvin: *nods* That's right. I just can't believe she'd do anything like that.

Mike: Want us to prove it to you, Marv?

Marvin: Yes, I do! I don't believe you!

Mike: Come on. (Pulls his gun) We're gonna do some invadin'.

Emma: Maybe we'd better go around the back way. Knowing them, they're expecting us.

Maxine: What I'd like to know is, what ARE they doing here?

Davy: *grins* Maybe they got sucked in the way we did.

Emma: Or maybe they figured out that the camera wasn't working the way Alex intended.

Daphne: Which makes sense. *slight grin*

Mike: (Nods at the back of the building) Follow me. (They all sneak around the back, flattening themselves against the walls. Mike peers into the shadowy recesses of the back entryway) It looks all clear.

Maxine: But how are we going to get in?

Davy: *grins* Subtahfuge?

(Mike leads them into the recesses. There's a big, black metal door. Mike tries to punch codes into a computer bank next to the door, but nothing works.)

Mike: I guess I could hotwire it...

(Suddenly, the door opens.)

Davy: That's just a little suspicious...

Emma: (Glares at her husband) What did you say about sneaking around back?

Mike: (Shrugs) Who knows? Maybe I actually punched something in right.

Maxine: Well, at this point, what do we have to lose?

Mike: Our lives.

Emma: Not to mention our souls.

Kimberly: At this point, there doesn' t seem to be anywhere else we CAN go.

Mike: Right. (Pulls out his gun) And I'd like some target practice on Alex the Pain-In-The-Butt.

Davy: Me, too, mate.

Kimberly: (Gets into her martial arts stance) Get in line, boys.

Emma: Well...shall we go on, then?

Daphne: Lets go.

(They move into the darkness of the entry way, into a dim hallway lit only by soft red lights. You can see some black and red space-art deco ornamentation and several other doors.)

Mike: I don't like this. It's too quiet.

(Suddenly, there's a blasting sound...and laughter. Everyone jumps.)

Mike: I don't like this. It's too noisy!

Davy: Make up your mind, Mike.

Kimberly: There's a light up ahead!

*The groups reaches the light & find the main throne room. Sheila sits on the throne, drumming her fingers in a bored manner. She wears a long black gown with a high back collar. Alex stands beside the throne, arms folded over his chest. He wears a long black cloak with a hood over his head. He looks a bit bored as well.*

Mike: (Draws his gun) Figures, Sheila. What are you up to this time?

Sheila: It took you long enough. (Smirks) I think you have a good idea.

Emma: Our souls.

Sheila: Of course. (Looks at her watch) Though I had expected you three minutes sooner.

Mike: This place is a maze! Can't you turn on some real lights?

Alex: What's the fun in that?

Mike: (Puts up his guns) Makes it easier for me to aim.

Kimberly: (Puts up her fists) Me too.

*Alex snorts.*

Mike: Take THIS, Alex! (Mike aims for Alex and shoots a laser blast at his shoulder; after he fires the shot, he blows on the gun barrel) Fastest laser in the west.

*The laser shot moves in slow motion as we see Alex look on disbelievingly that Mike just shot at him, nor did he expect it. The beam makes direct contact with Alex's shoulder. We change back to real time as we see Alex spin around & fall to the floor holding his shoulder.*

Davy: You got 'im, Mike!

Mike: Good.

Sheila: (Runs to Alex) Alex, are you all right?

Alex: *sitting up, gripping his shoulder* No, I'm not! I just got shot with a friggin' laser beam & it hurt like hell!

Sheila: (Stands and turns angrily to Mike) I don't like you playing with that, Knight. (She concentrates; the gun flies from Mike's hand to hers, leaving a black light trail in it's wake)

Mike: Damn it, Sheila...

(Sheila pumps the gun, but Mike, Davy, and Daphne manage to jump out the way.)

Sheila: Damn it, stand there so I can shoot you!

Marvin: My Queen...!

Sheila: (Turns to Marvin) You! Bring in the army!

Marvin: But...!

Marvin: Oh dear... *goes to a wall & pushes a lever down; the wall opens & a bunch of troops file in*

Mike: Swell.

Sheila: Attack them, gentlemen! (Nods at Marvin) You too.

Marvin: But...!

Alex: *growls, still gripping his shoulder* Do it!

("Calico Girlfriend" begins as the group spreads out. Kimberly knocks the very first man she sees into the wall...leaving a man-shaped crater near Sheila's throne. Marvin takes one look at it and hurries on his way!)

*Alex has regained hi feet, though he still holds his shoulder, trying to stand his ground. Suddenly, a blue ball of light hits him from behind. He turns to find Davy waving at him & grinning.*

(Mike knocks one of the men out with his fist and grabs a gun. Emma jumps on Sheila, trying to wrestle the gun away from her.)

*Daphne goes to help Emma.*

(Maxine shoots three men in a row...knocking the last out of a window on his rear!)

(Kimberly gives Maxine a prize. She plays happily with her new yo-yo.)

(Mike ducks behind the throne and engages in a shooting match with another guard.)

*Alex dives for Davy, but Davy sidesteps & knocks Alex to the floor. Alex slides & hits he wall, knocking him out. Marvin peeks out from his hiding spot near where Alex landed. Marving ducks back in, hiding again.*

(Sheila finally turns Emma over and holds the gun to her head.)

Sheila: (To the room at large) Call it off, Guardians, or the Scholar will not live to open another book. I'd be very happy to do her in.

Emma: Get off me, Sheila! You're getting kinda heavy! What the heck did you have for lunch, anvils?