(And so, we land on a very dusty, red planet. It looks like a red-clay desert, only this red-clay desert has little cartoon houses and buildings that look like the Art-deco-esque designs of "Duck Dodgers In the 24th and 1/2 Century.")

Mike: (A ramp opens on the misshapen space ship; Mike steps out first and takes a big breath) Ok, girls, all out! Air's breathable.

Maxine: Oh wow! Hey, this is groovy!

Kimberly: They've got their very own civilization going on here!

Emma: This is amazing!

Mike: Yeah, well, remember we were being shot at up there. Someone around here may not be all that friendly.

Kimberly: Yeah, but whoever was shooting may not even be from this planet.

Mike: That don't mean these...uh, whatever these guys are...are friendly.

*As the quartet gets onto the land... an odd-looking little "man" wearing what looks like a Roman soldier uniform with a brush coming from the helmet nears them, followed by a green dog dressed similarly. Both appear to wear Converses. The little man appears to carry a stick of dynamite.*

Emma: Oh, good grief!

Mike: Tell me that ain't who I think it is.

Emma: That would explain the animated background.

Maxine: glad to know we aren't the only ones who watch cartoons...

Alien: Oh, visitors! It's been so long since we've had any visitors! Isn't that right, K-9?

*The dog nods, apparently understanding spoken language... which appears amazing that the alien speaks English.*

Kimberly: You speak English!

Alien: Doesn't everyone?

Mike: Uh, hey pal, glad to meet a guy who literally speaks our language. Hey, you wouldn't know what planet we're on, would ya?

Alien: Why, this is Mars, of course! And you're from... Earth?

Mike: I'm guessin' we're still from Earth.

Alien: *shakes his head* The Earth obstructs my view of Venus. That's why I have my "Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator."

Maxine: It.... what?!

Kimberly: Besides, who are you to say Earth obsturcts YOUR view of another planet?

Mike: And ain't there a law against blowin' up planets?

Alien: I'm Marvin, Martian Commander X-2, second to only Queen Tyr'ahnee.

Marvin: *sighs* And I've only been trying to blow up the Earth since the late 1940s by your timeline.

Mike: (Looks at the girls) Why couldn't Disney have bought our contracts?

*Maxine & Kim shrug.*

Emma: Somehow, I'd rather put up with this little fellow than Donald Duck and his nephews on a good day.

Mike: Yeah, well, I'm gonna check for fallin' anvils before I do any more talkin'.

Marvin: Fear not, you're in the non-anvil zone. Be warned, however, should you enter the Corus. The anvils are plentiful there.

Mike: I'll take your word for it.

Emma: Now, Marvin, why don't you be a good boy and hand over that...uh, little stick?

Marvin: Hand over the "Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator?" Why should I? It's mine! Besides, I used to sell them door-to-door.

Mike: Cause... (he lights the fuse with a lighter he pulls out of his pocket) you never know when these things might go off.

Marvin: *frowns* Oh, poo. Now see what you've done? Now, I'll have to throw this one away. *tosses the stick over his shoulder*

*K-9 fetches it & trots back over, the stick in his mouth.*

Kimberly: Shouldn't he get RID of that thing?!

Marvin: K-9, what have I told you about what's trash & what's a toy?

*The fuse meets the stick... & fizzles. The stick doesn't explode... or do anything at all, for that matter.*

Mike: Must be a dud.

Marvin: Follow me, I will take you into the city.

Mike: Sure.

Emma: (Grins) We'll get to meet more Marvins!

Mike: (Mutters) I'm not exactly sure how excited I am about that. If I see Daffy Duck and Porky Pig runnin' around in space suits, I'm leavin'.

Marvin: Oh, but I am the only Marvin. The Queen said I mmay be the only one called Marvin.

Emma: More Martians that is, good sir.

Marvin: Very well. Follow me.

("Do You Feel It Too?" begins as the group follows Marvin to the sci-fi animation city.)

(Mike jumps aside as a little green guy with a pink umbrella on his head does a cute "do-do-de-do" soft shoe.)

(Mike and Emma jump aside again as a padoga-shaped car comes careening around a corner. A tan dog with black ears in a karate outfit jumps out and confronts a cat dressed in black and carrying a big bag. The dog tries to karate-chop the cat, but he mistimes his chop and gets flung over the cat's shoulder. Kimberly steps in and does some fancy moves of her own, knocking the cat out! The dog shakes Kimberly's hands and asks her for another demonstration!)

(Mike sticks his fingers in his ears as a blue dog tries to sing "My Darlin' Clementine"...rather off-key.)

*Max & Kim get spun around by a brown mouse being chased by a gray cat.*

(Emma ducks away as a huge, hulking, barely-dressed blonde man, carrying a broadsword bigger than even Mike's, duels with an equally muscular figure dressed in blue, with a dark blue hood that shows a skeleton-like face. They insult each other in some rather stilted dialogue.)

(Mike walks past a doghouse. A white and black beagle appears to be sleeping on top of it.)

(Emma grabs a black and white cat who chases a yellow bird. She brushes him off and gives him a cat treat...then knocks the bird over several buildings!)

(Maxine is facinated by two mice in space helmets, one with a bigger head than the other, who seem to be trying to set up their gymnasium in some elaborate scheme to take over the world. She actually argues with the big-headed mouse over some schematics on a blackboard, while the other, thinner mouse keeps asking strange questions.)

(Emma and Mike get a frantic ride from a group of ants in pin-stripe suits and a pretty blond girl in a pink jumpsuit.)

*Three black & white characters, two male & one female by clothing run by with a Security Officer chasing them with a net.*

(A black-and-white cat carrying a huge bag stops in front of Emma and Mike. He leans over and opens the bag, pulling out item...after item...after item...)

*Two gray mice, one with a bowtie & the other in a vest, run by with an orange cat wearing a blue bowtie chasing them.*

(A tiny black mouse in a superhero costume manages to lift Maxine into the air just as a huge wolf is about to jump on her!)

(Mike and Emma hitch another ride, this one with a group of teenagers in groovy 60s dress. The two girls, one black-haired, one with a blond ponytail, are shamelessly flirting with a red-headed boy who is more interested in tuning his guitar than either girl. Emma shares a hot dog with a tall, thin boy.)

*A large, furry red creature wearing Converses runs by, chased by a superhero in a blue falcon-like costume & a gray, mechanical dog in a green superhero outfit.*

(Mike and Emma hitch a third ride with a couple in art-deco-space-age dress. He has brown hair and is a bit harried; she has orange hair and a purple dress and is rather interested in the credit cards she filched from him. They wave to a little yellow-haired boy in a space-age overalls outfit, complete with triangular beanie; he's flying on a jet pack with his gray dog, who doesn't speak well.)

*A short, furry creature carrying a large club comes up to them, jumps in the air, waving his club, then flies off like he was shot out of a canon!*

*The girls spot a beige dog wearing a driving hat & goggles. He stands on his hind legs, walking. He stops, the puts a paw to his snout & laughs.*

(As the group walks out to some odd, styilized animated woods just beyond the city and the song ends, the group jumps aside...just barely missing a whole passel of forrest animals making a break for it!)

Mike: What the heck got into them?

Emma: Maybe Marvin's practicing setting off explosives.

Maxine: I'm not so sure we WANT to know...

Kimberly: Wait... do yu guys hear something?

Marvin: *rejoins them* Oh dear. That wasn't me. That sounds like the Tasmanian Devil!

Mike: Pardon my French, Marv, but...shit.

Max: TAZ?!

Emma: THAT Tasmainian Devil? The one that used to destroy anything in it's path and eat whatever comes it's way?

Mike: Anyone see Bugs Bunny around?

Emma: Or Elmer Fudd and his gun?

Mike: Of all the times to need Micky around. He could out-eat this guy paws down.

Marvin: No one can out-eat the Tasmanian Devil! Who is this Micky you speak of?

Mike: Friend of ours with an AMAZING appetite.

Marvin: *nods* I would very much like to meet him.

*Suddenly, a small brown blur bolts from the woods... & stops suddenly, revealing a relatively small, brown furry creature with a big mouth. The creature growls, his tongue hanging out a bit. He makes unintelligible noises.*

Emma: And this guy is dangerous?

Mike: Em, you watch these cartoons more than I do! We gotta get outta his way!

*Taz spins his way around a small patch of bushes. When he stops, there's nothing left but a few twigs... of which he uses one to pick his teeth with.*

Kimberly: Uh oh...

Emma: Um, let's leave now.

Maxine: And quick!

*There's a sudden flash above the group... & two figures fall from above & land in a small heap. It's Davy & Daphne.*

Mike: Dave? Daph? How...

Emma: Are you guys ok? Where have you been?

Davy: We were still in the studio, looking for the lot of you!

Daphne: After we found Howard!

Mike: Howard?

*Taz freaks... & spins back into the woods.*

Davy: Needleman...?

Mike: You FOUND him? (He helps Davy to his feet; Maxine helps Daph)

Davy: Yeah. It's a long story.

Mike: Well, why don't we follow our buddy Marv here and here the whole thing?

(Fade out on the group as Davy begins to tell them what happened and they follow Marvin deeper into the woods.)