(We open back in KLAC. Davy, Daphne, and Howard storm into the building.)

Howard: Where are they?

(John Libby storms up to them.)

John: Where have you two been? The special ended twenty minutes ago!

Howard: We're too late!~

Davy: That's just bloody wondahful. *sighs*

Steve: They're all gone! (His eyes are wide) Everyone went looking for your friends and other other Headquarters bands...and now Mrs. Thorkleson and her friend are missing too!

Daphne: Oh no...

John: There was some kind of a flash from one of the cameras, and all three bands and Mrs. Dolenz somehow disappeared into thin air.

Steve: Mrs. Thorkleson and Mrs. Nesmith went looking for them...and now THEY'RE gone, too!

John: We sent the others looking for them. We're getting worried. Fourteen people don't just disappear without someone seeing them walk away.

*Davy & Daphne exchange glances.*

Howard: The Captain. That's what he and Mr. Alex did to all those people!

John: The Captain?

Howard: Have you seen Mr. Jenkins around?

John: No, come to think of it, he's among the missing.

Howard: I don't know how to explain this right now, but we have to find him and Mr. Alex.

Steve: If you mean Ms. Saunders and Mr. London, I've seen them around. They were near the cameras just a few moments ago....

Davy: Then lets keep everyone else away from the cameras until we figure out wot 'appened to the othahs.

John: I don't understand any of this, but... (turns to Steve) Steve, you and I will keep everyone else away from the cameras until further notice.

Steve: (Salutes him) Right, Mr. Libby!

Howard: (A malicious glitter in his eyes) I'll look for the Capt...Mr. Jenkins.

Davy: *makes a face* And we'll look for the othah two.

John: Right.

(Davy and Daphne head over to the cameras, following John and Steve.)

Steve: What's so special about these cameras, anyway?

John: And what was that flash?

Daphne: I'll bet the flash was used as a visual trick. I'm sure the others are around somewhere.

John: Mr. Needlebaum looked a bit...peturbed, didn't he?

Steve: He looked like a raging bull seeing red!

John: I hope he doesn't do any damage.

Davy: Maybe you two could go keep an eye on 'im & we'll keep an eye on the cameras.

Steve: Are you sure?

John: Maybe they're right. Mr. Needlebaum seemed like something of a loose cannon. We've had enough going on without damage to the station.

Steve: (Winces at a crash) I hope that wasn't him.

John: Come on! (Turns to Davy and Daphne as they head out) You kids sure you'll be all right?

Davy: We'll be fine.

(Steve and John take off after Howard. Davy and Daphne immediately go to the cameras and start looking them over.)

Davy: The camera must've transported the othahs somewhere...

Daphne: So if we can figure out how to use the camera on us, we'll find them.

Davy: Exactly. *motions to the camera* Shall we, luv?

Daphne: *nods* Only one way to find out.

Davy: *pokes around at it* I just 'ave to figure out 'ow it works...

*Davy presses a few buttons... suddenly the camera flashes & Davy & Daphne have disappeared.*

(We open in what looks like a large, slightly battered space ship. Mike, Emma, Maxine, and Kim materialize before our eyes. Mike wears a simple white tunic with tight black pants, boots, and a small black gun on his hip. Emma wears an off-white jumpsuit and white boots, with a gold circlet around her head. She also has a gun holster.)

Mike: What the HELL...

*Kim wears an all black jumpsuit. Maxine wears a white jumpsuit. Both also have gun holsters.*

Emma: What's this? (Looks around) What kind of piece of junk did we end up in?

Mike: (Juts a finger over his shoulder, pointing to the wide window behind him...showing nothing but stars and blackness) I think we got shot into orbit.

Emma: (Eyes widen) I've heard of "to the moon," but this is ridiculous!

Kimberly: And I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, either....

Mike: Kim, I don't think we're even on the same planet anymore.

Emma: Or ANY planet. (Looks at Mike as he looks over the flashing computer bank in front of him) What are you doing?

Mike: Tryin' to make sense of these controls. If we're on a ship, this must be the way to fly it.

Emma: Good luck. We don't even... (suddenly, something hits the side of the ship; the three girls are throw to the floor. Mike grabs the side of the chair to keep from joining them) What was THAT?

Mike: Damn it! (Points at another, far larger ship that's shooting laser blasts in their direction) What the hell did WE do?

Emma: (Mutters) Recently.

Maxine: I think we made some enemies...

Mike: (Pushes some levers) I'm going to see if I can turn around.

(Mike does manage to turn the ship around, just barely missing the larger ship.)

Emma: Honey, you nearly killed us!

Mike: So I'm new at this! So sue me! I've never flown anything this big before!

Kimberly: I can't watch...! *covers her eyes*

Mike: (Frowns, seeing several smaller ships shoot out of the big one) Shit, they're sendin' out the troops!

Emma: There has to be a way to attack them!

Maxine: Isn't there a gun on this thing?

Mike: (Pushing some buttons, revealing what looks like a blueprint on one screen) There is. (Waves towards the door) Down past the community room and to your right. Four gun turrets.

Emma: Honey, what about you?

Mike: Somebody's gotta fly this baby! Autopilot ain't gonna do loop-de-loops and try to avoid these guys!

Emma: (Kisses Mike's cheek) Careful, Baby.

Mike: Yeah, darlin', I will be.

(The girls head for the turrets Mike indicated as "Writing Wrongs" begins. Each girl sits down behind a small console that looks like a sit-down booth for a gun-based video game. The all throw on headsets.)

Emma: (Over her headset and the music) Here they come!

(Mike zig-zags around and over three of the sleek little triangular ships. They get so "dizzy," they have little cartoon whirlwinds over them!)

*Maxine pumps the buttons on her console. A bright red "TILT" lights up after her score changes too quickly to keep up.*

*Kimberly ends up typing in her initials on the high score list.*

(Emma shoots two brown triangles, a yellow one, and a brown one. When they fall, they look like a triangle-shapeed sandwich!)

(Mike manages to "stop" between two of the black ships, confusing them.)

(Emma shoots three brown ships with one shot! She pumps her fist and cheers, then types in her initials in the high score section over Kim's!)

(Mike hides the ship behind a large asteroid. When two yellow ships pass, their ship peeks out and goes on it's way.)

*Maxine & Kimberly end up crossing their lasers & create what looks like fireworks exploding. A nearby ship veers off after getting too close & the ship then hits an asteroid. the girls high five each other.*

(Emma hits the back end of one ship. The ship turns around and actually licks it's singed back end with a big cartoon tongue!)

(Mike goes into free-fall, followed by four black ships. He goes down faster, faster, and faster still! He just manages to pull up before he hits an asteroid...but the other ships aren't so lucky! They hit the asteroid in four spectacular collisions.)

Mike: (Into the intercom as the song ends) I think that's all of them, ladies.

Emma: (Frowns as she removes the headset) I'm not so sure.

Maxine: All for now, perhaps.

(She joins Maxine and Kimberly in the lounge area, which looks something like a slightly spacier version of a typical 70s living room, with round, smooth tables and egg-shaped chairs.)

Mike: (Grins and flops in an egg chair) Damn, I am GOOD! We out-smarted those goons, and the big ship went home. I'm amazin', aren't I?

Emma: Your ego's amazing. How do you know we've outsmarted them?

Mike: We ain't bein' shot at.

Kimberly: Not at the moment, atleast.

Emma: Mike, they must be following or tracking us. That's how we got off so easy.

Mike: This ship? Nahhh.

Emma: (She tugs at an egg chair; the back falls off) This ship is a piece of junk!

Mike: Can I help it if this is a low-budget show?

Emma: Maybe we ought to find a place to land and get the plot rolling on this show. This must be some kind of ongoing space opera thing, like the "Buck Rogers" serials.

Mike: (Groans) Great, like handling devils ain't bad enough! We're going to have to handle Ming the Merciless!

Mike: (Frowns; we see flashing lights) What's that?

Emma: Where the hell are we, Paris?

Kimberly: Morse code, anyone?

(The four run back into the cockpit. Mike takes one look at the console and groans.)

Mike: Figures. We're runnin' low on gas.

Emma: I guess they don't have Exxons in the middle of deep space.

Mike: We're gonna have to find someplace to land.

Kimberly: How about that pretty blue planet to the right of us?

Mike: Anything sounds good to me right now.

Emma: As long as it isn't made of gas or hot molten lava or something.

Mike: Then I'll just have to land on gas. Hold on, ladies! We're comin' in for a landing!