(That's when the door to the shack bursts open again. Everyone ducks for cover as gunfire is heard. When the smoke subsides, Valerie and the Angellettes storm in, toting rifles; Peter has six-shooters.

Lillian: The cavary's here!

Audrey: Did we hit anything important? This is our first time handlin' guns!

Lauren: Well, everyone who should still be living is alive, so I'd say you did pretty darn good. *chuckles*

Micky: *whines* Could someone PLEASE untie me!?

Lauren: *starts over to him* Hang on, Mick...

Peter: (Looks around; all the men but Jeb are on the floor) I hope we didn't kill anyone!

Valerie: (She and Winnie check pulses) No, they're all still alive. Hit in random places that don't kill.

Jeb: Oh no you don't, girlie! (He points his gun at Micky's head) Come any closer to him, and those curls will be plastered to the wall.

Lauren: *groans* Not again! *makes a face* Can't you do anything without your stupid little gun?

Jeb: Want me to hit him in the face again?

Lauren: *frowns* No... I've got a better idea...

*Lauren aims her foot into Jeb's sensitive area, dropping him like a sack of potatoes. the gun clatters away as Jeb moans in pain.*

Lauren: *grins* Now, wasn't that a better idea?

Micky: *grins* Babe, I'd clap if my hands weren't tied behind my back!

Lauren: Right! *goes around behind Micky & starts untying him*

("The Girl That I Knew Somewhere" begins as Lauren unties Micky. Winnie helps her.)

(Jeb tries to reach for his gun, but Peter grabs it before he can get a hold of it, and Marcus and Chris pounce on him.)

(Audrey and Lillian tie up the other men.)

*Micky & Lauren hug, then Micky dips Lauren & kisses her.*

(Audrey and Lillian clap and cheer. Winnie sighs. Chris and Marcus, who are tieing up Jeb, wolf whistle.)

*Micky pauses long enough to look up & glare at Chris & Marcus, then shrugs, grins, & returns to the kiss.*

(Peter makes a face and tosses the gun out the window. We hear a shot out the window; Peter jumps into Valerie's arms.)

*Chris sticks a sign on Micky's back that reads "Do Not Disturb."*

(The group looks around as the song ends.)

Chris: We make some damn good western people!

Marcus: At least we got the job done.

Audrey: We'd better get these guys into town. Not only do our sherrifs need to arrest them, but those wounded will need to see a doctor.

*Micky & Lauren finally come up for air.*

Micky: And arrest them we will do so GLADLY! *makes a face as he puts an arm around Lauren's shoulders*

Peter: And we'd better do it before we fade out again.

Micky: Riiiight.

Marcus: (He and Chris heft Jeb to his feet) Come on, big fella. Say "bye" to the folks at home!

Chris: Bye!

Marcus: Not you!

(They help the men out of the cabin as we fade out on the western set.)