("MGBGT" begins as all three cars charge across the streets of LA, passing several other rather surprised vehicles.)

(There's shooting; Peter gasps as their front windshield winds up with a bullet hole in it.)

*The red car ends up driving half on the sidewalk causing people to scatter.*

Mike: (Over the music) That's it. I'm drivin'. (Tries to grab the wheel)

Micky: *slaps at Mike's hands* Get away, man! I'm doing fine!

Mike: Then why did you just try to flatten those pedestrians? I thought we were in "Kojack," not the Keystone Kops!

Micky: I didn't do it on purpose! I had to swerve to keep up with the chase!

Peter: (Eyes widen) G...g...guh...

Lauren: Peter?

Mike: Yeah, Pete?

Peter: Um, M...Mick, you might want to turn around. The bad guys just went off a pier.

Micky: WHAT?!

(The girls' car has already turned around. Some of the men jumped; others are swimming.)

Micky: Oh SHIT!

Mike: (Sees the pier coming up) Mick, stop the car!

*Micky stomps hard on the brakes. The car starts burning rubber on the road, nearing the pier, slowing down.*

(Micky swerves just in time to barely miss going off the pier. He shakily drives over to the other car and the remaining men. Maxine and Kimberly, both dressed similarly to Lauren, handle two of them with karate moves not unlike Lauren's.)

Maxine: (Over the music) Damn, this is fun! I shoulda had you teach me ages ago! (Kicks the legs out from under one of the men)

Kimberly: What did I tell you?

*The four get out of the car & go over to Maxine & Kimberly.*

Mike: (Points his gun at one of the remaining men as more cop cars are heard in the distance) Freeze, scum!

Kimberly: Mike, you're so good at this cop shit, you're scaring me.

Peter: You guys know?

(The girls shrug and hold out their own badges.)

Lauren: This whole situation is just plain weird.

Maxine: No kiddin'.

Mike: Help me handcuff these guys. Girls, see if you can find a raft or something to throw to the guys who ended up swimming.

(Mike handcuffs the first man. Peter closes his eyes and imagines rope, then binds the second.)

*The girls toss rings out into the water for the men..*

(The cop cars arrive again. Jerry and his assistant run out, followed by the uniformed officers.)

Jerry: Nice work, kids.

Assistant: Got them all?

Mike: Yeah. (Shakes the one in the fancy suit he handcuffed) I think this one's the ringleader.

Jerry: Yeah, I've seen his handsome face on the posters at the precinct. (Takes the man's arm) Ok, fella, we're takin' you in.

Mike: (As the cops take the men away) I think we'd better get outta here, before we FADE out.

Maxine: What's goin' on, anyway?

Kimberly: One minute, we're chattin' with Jenny and John at the station, and the next, poof, we're being chased and shot at in the middle of not-quite-LA!

Micky: *makes a face* Simply put, we got sucked into Alex's trick camera.

Maxine: We're IN the cameras?

Kimberly: How?

Mike: Mick, did you ever find out what was goin' on with those cameras?

Micky: *sighs* Not completely. The thing I can't figure out is how we're in these TV shows.

Peter: Maybe Alex really, really wanted to watch TV.

Micky: I doubt it.

Mike: He would if he could control what was on the screen.

Maxine: What do you mean?

Micky: Watch what HE wants to watch.

Mike: Or, more to the point, what he wants everyone to do.

Maxine: Is this the Alex who hangs around with that nasty Sheila chick?

Kimberly: The guy who looks a little like Micky?

Lauren: *nods, making a face* Yes.

Peter: Micky, when you messed with the camera, you must have broken Alex's control over the shows.

Micky: *scratches at the back of his head* I must've done something because if he had full control over what we're doing... *shakes his head* We'd be in really bad shape right now.

Mike: (Mutters) Or in each other's beds. And God only knows what he'd do to me.

Kimberly: This is great and all, but...how do we get out?

Peter: Lauren and I were wondering the same thing.

Lauren: *turns to Micky* Any ideas, Mick?

Micky: For once... *sighs* I have no idea.

Mike: (Things are fading around them) Hey...what's going on?

Peter: We're going to the credits!

Maxine: Oh shit! We gotta change the channel!

Micky: Time to blue light outta here!

Mike: Ok, everyone who can, concentrate. Kim, Max, we'll take you girls.

Maxine: (Half-sarcastic) Gee, thanks Mike.

(There's a series of blue lights in various shades as the camera fades out on the scene, and we briefly even see fake "credits" before cutting back to KLAC.)

(The KLAC staff stand onstage with Emma as Valerie rushes out.)

Arthur: I'm sorry, but I don't know how they all just vanished into thin air!

Marian: Honey, we're just as shocked as you!

Emma: Someone had to have seen SOMETHING....

Valerie: What is going on?!

Angelina Druddard: Your guess is as good as ours. One minute, everyone's there, and then there's this flash, and the next minute, all of the bands and a couple of my girls are gone!

Marian: The flash...

Arthur: We know you guys were talking about some experimental technology for your specials, but really...

Valerie: Do you think Headquarters had anything to do with this?

Junior: (Jogs up to them) What's going on? Where is everyone? Dad's having a fit!

Marian: We were wondering the same thing, kiddo.

John Libby: (Also joins them) How did you do that flash effect? We must remember it for our war shows.

Valerie: It wasn't us, though.

Emma: All we know is, there was a flash, and everyone in front of the cameras at the time suddenly disappeared!

Junior: Well, if they disappeared, they'd have to reappear somewhere, right?

Emma: Might as well try the station first. Arthur, John, Marian, go search the station. See if you can get Prissy, Steve, and anyone else not busy with another show to help. Meet us back here in twenty minutes. (Turns to Junior) Junior, you'll have to try to calm your dad down until we can figure out what's going on.

Junior: But I want to help!

Arthur: Keep your dad off our backs. That would help anyone.

Junior: Well...

Marian: I'll go with you. Mr. P might be easier to handle with two voices instead of one.

Junior: Well, all right. (They walk out, Marian's arm around the boy's shoulder)

Emma: (As the others leave the stage; turns to Valerie) That flash has to mean SOMETHING.

Valerie: *nods* Yes, but what?

Alex: *appears at the edge of the stage, arms folded; smirks* That you're on Candid Camera?

Emma: Alex!

Alex: That would be me.

Valerie: I'm willing to bet you had something to do with that flash.

Alex: *nods* Yeah, I did. *grins* Care to check it out first-hand?

Emma: (Steps back) Not really.

Valerie: Me either.

Alex: Well... too bad. *steps over to the camera* Say cheese, ladies!

Emma: Alex, no! (She starts towards the camera, with Valerie on her heels)

*Alex turns the camera on them... & the two women disappear in the same flash.*

Alex: *grins* I love this.

(Fade back out on the station. Fade in on a very brightly colored, very animated - if limited animation - land filled with gigantic strawberries and other fruits. Maxine trips out of a massive lemon with with a fancy door and lace curtains first. She wears a frilly yellow dress with green-and-white striped stockings, tan maryjanes, and a hat that looks rather like the frothy topping of a lemon merangue pie.)

Maxine: (Looks at herself as she whistles) Hey...is it me, or do I feel awfully animated? (She skips and whistles to the next door, a massive raspberry tart, and knocks on it) Hey, there! Anyone home?

*The door opens & Lauren comes out. She wears a dark pink track suit & baseball cap. Her ponytail sticks out the back... & is distinctly a red color & very curly.*

Lauren: Max? Is that you?

Maxine: Yeah, I think. (Sniffs) You smell like raspberries! (Grins) You look kinda like one, too. ;)

Lauren: Thanks... I think. *grins* And you smell like Lemons!

Maxine: (Sniffs herself) You're right. Must be that new rinse I used on my hair last night. (As they head to the next door, a huge blueberry muffin) Is it me, or do things seem awfully...different?

Lauren: Things are definitely different. I can hardly wait to see what the others look like!

Lauren: *knocks on the door* Hello! Anyone in there?

Kimberly: (She pokes her head out; she wears a blue calico-print dress with a pale-blue jumper with green-striped socks and blue sneakers and has a book under her arm; her hair is also much curlier, and she wears a blue calico-print cap) Hi! (Frowns) Girls? Why do we smell like a fruit salad?

Maxine: I may be blonde, but I ain't that dumb. (Indicates the animated backdrop behind her) Look around, Kim. We're in a cartoon!

Kimberly: About FRUIT?

Lauren: Looks like it. *grins* I can hardly wait to see the guys.

Kimberly: Let's go find them? (Sniffs herself) And why do I smell like a blueberry muffin?

Lauren: If we look like them, we might as well smell like them, too. *shrugs*

Maxine: At least we ended up in fruit. Could be worse. We could be flowers and have someone pick us.

Lauren: Good point.

(Our next house surrounds a massive plum tree. It almost looks like a plum pudding!)

Kimberly: You knock on the door this time, Lauren!

Maxine: Yeah, who's gonna live in a plum?

Lauren: *shrugs* I have no idea... *knocks on the door* Anyone home?

Peter: (Sticks his head out) Yes? (He grins) Girls! (He wears a pair of plum-and-lavender two-tone pants, a psychadelic plum-colored shirt, and plum and off-white beads. He sports glasses and his usual fringed boots, with a hint of striped socks peeking out from under the boots.)

Maxine: Groovy, Pete!

Lauren: *smiles* Not a bad look, Peter.

Peter: (Sniffs) Hey, something sure smells good! Smells like Millie's mixed fruit cheesecake! (Grins) Thanks! (Pushes the glasses up his nose)

Lauren: What smells good is all of us.

Peter: Us? (Sniffs his beads) I smell like...well, like the plums in our kitchen at the Montgomery House.

Maxine: We seem to have landed in some cartoon where everyone lives in fruit and wears weird clothes.

Peter: I don't see what's so weird about my outfit, other than I don't usually wear purple...

Maxine: I look like Miss Lemon Merange Bakery of 1904!

Kimberly: I want to know how I got my hair like this. I can NEVER keep it curly for very long1

Lauren: *nods* I'm wondering the same thing about my hair, Kim.

Peter: Let's go find the other guys! Mike and Micky HAVE to be around here SOMEWHERE!

Maxine: We hope.

Kimberly: Well, WE'RE here, and (looks around her and smiles) this seems to be a nice place. (Grins) Not to mention one that makes me hungry! I was ready to eat myself out of house and home when you showed up!

Lauren: My stomach's growling, looking at all these fruits...

*The group continues on to the next "house" that happens to be on the edge of the river. This "house" is actually a large treehouse.*

Lauren: *goes up to the door* Well, this is different, atleast. *knocks on the door* Hello?

Peter: Anyone home?

Kimberly: I hope so! This house is awesome!

Maxine: Beats a giant lemon.

Micky: *sticks his head out one of the port holes in the tree; wears a blue cap over his curls* Yes? *grins at the group* Hey, a walking fruit salad!

Lauren: Funny, Mick.

Micky: *grins at Lauren* Man, babe, you look good enough to eat!

Peter: (Sniffs) Yum, I smell Huckleberry pie!

Micky: *makes a face* That'd be me. *pauses* Hang on, let me come down there. *disappears back inside*

Lauren: *sighs* He would make an eating compliment. *slight grin*

*Micky comes out the door. He's actually fairly normally dressed in blue jeans, sneakers, & a teal t-shirt.*

Micky: Don't all of you look cute. *snickers*

Lauren: How did you get off looking half way normal, Mick?

Micky: *shrugs* Lucky?

Maxine: Don't ask about the rest of us. I think I preferred being a cop to this!

Kimberly: (Turns around in her blue dress) Actually, this outfit is kinda cute, in a country-ish way.

Lauren: I kinda like mine, too, actually.

Peter: We're missing Michael.

Micky: *snorts* He's probably hiding.

Peter: Maybe he doesn't like the way he smelled.

Kimberly: (Smirked) Or what he's wearing.

Micky: Or both. *wide grin*

Peter: (Points ahead to a house shaped like a cookie jar) Hey, there's the next house!

Kimberly: It's worth a shot. We've found everyone else.

Micky: *grins* Let me knock!

*The group goes up to the next door & Micky knocks.*

Micky: Yoo hoo? Anybody home?

Mike: (From inside) I ain't comin' out!

Peter: Michael, it's ok.

Mike: No, it ain't!

Micky: Want us to come in & get you? *grins*

Mike: I'd like to see you try! The door's locked!

Maxine: Mike, you know we'll break it down if we have to..

Peter: Michael, it can't be all THAT bad!

Micky: Come on, Mike!

Mike: Oh, all right. (We hear the sound of the door unlocking...and Mike finally comes out, wearing a large purple and teal hat and what might be a pink, tan, and green-fringed mini-skirt under Mike's arms. He has the ubquitious green-striped stockings and a pair of tan cowboy boots.)

Micky: Oh... my... god... *falls over laughing*

Lauren: *eyebrows raise* Wow...

Mike: Good, you saw me. (Frowns at Micky and Peter) How did you guys end up in pants?

Micky: *through his laughter* Luck...

Mike: (Tugs at one short black pigtail, which are tied with green ribbons) Can we go now?

Peter: Why? I like being animated!

Mike: Can't we get somewhere where I can wear pants?

*Lauren pulls Micky up, who's still laughing, but not nearly as hard as he was.*

Peter: (As they head across the bright, animated fruit garden landscape) We're sorry Mike, but, well, you DO look interesting.

Mike: I look stupid. My legs ain't made for these dumb stockin's.

Micky: *wipes at his eyes* Oh man, I haven't laughed that hard in ages. 8shakes his head* I'm sorry, Mike. It's nothing personal, but... you gotta admit you look really... interesting in that get-up.

Mike: Yeah, I know. That's what I DON'T like

Maxine: (Stops, frowning) Hey, what's that noise?

Mike: (Looks up and listens) It sounds like...

Peter: Like crows.

Lauren: Crows...?

(Suddenly, a group of big, fat black crows swoop down on the group and the berries and cookies around them!)

Mike: Hey! (He chases after them, kicking at them) Damn pests!

Maxine: Leave the fruit alone! Go eat corn or somethin'!

Micky: *waves at them* Shoo!

Kimberly: (Sees a crow lift a berry and carry it off) They aren't EATING them! They're STEALING them!

Mike: (Grabs a huge cookie; a crow has the other half) Gimmie that!

Maxine: (She grabs a berry vine) You let go, before I use you to trim a costume!

*Lauren & Micky try to chase the crows away.*

Kimberly: (Swats at them with her book) Oooh, I'm gonna throw this thing at you if you don't shoo!

Peter: (Covers himself) Go away! Leave our berries alone!

Voice: What'sa matta, kiddies? Losing your berries so soon? (A tall, very, very thin man in a baker's outfit, complete with white apron and purple chef's hat, swoops down on a crow)

Mike: (As he struggles with the cookie) Who are you, pal?

Micky: Some demented chef?

Kimberly: (Swats another crow) And when was the last time you ate something? You're skinnier than a rail!

Baker: Why, you don't know me, kiddies? I'm the Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak! (He does a little soft shoe) Ya-ta-ta-ta-tah, ta-ta-tah, TAH! (Takes off his hat with a flourish to finish)

Micky: Damn. *snorts*

Mike: Um, yeah, so you're a really skinny baker who thinks he's Fred Astaire. What's with the birds?

Pieman: They're just stealing berries for my pies, lots and lots of berries!

Mike: They ain't stealin' nuthin', pal! (He lets his cookie go and starts after the Pieman...but a crow knocks him to the ground, and two more sit on his legs and chest)

Pieman: I wouldn't try anything, Ginger girl!

Mike: (Roars so hard, the birds look scared) I'M A MAN!!!!

Pieman: Now, if any of the rest of you have any comment, and since you don't, I'll be taking those berries...

("Apples, Peaches, Bananas, and Pears" begins as Peter runs over to help shoo the Berry Birds off of Mike. The Pieman continues to encourage his pets and block the kids' efforts to scare them away.)

*Micky tries to grab at the birds, but he just ends up with a few feathers.*

(Maxine climbs on the fence and tries to jump at the birds, but they fly away and she ends up face-first on the bright green grass. She taps her fingers on the grass and makes a face.)

*Lauren pulls a slingshot from her back pocket & takes aim. The birds scatter, dodging Lauren's shots.*

(Kimberly tries a few karate moves on the birds, but she just ends up kicking air - they're too fast for her!)

Pieman: That's right, birds! Knock them into the river, so they'll wash away downstream and we'll have all the berries for ourselves!

Mike: (As two of the birds try to pick him up) No way!

Peter: (A bird tugs at his shirt) No way!

*Two birds tug at Micky as he swats at them.*

(That's when one of the birds holding Mike is pelted with a giant strawberry! Another is hit by a stream of vanilla icing!)

Emma: Get those birds! (She joins them in a cute pink strawberry-print floppy hat with a red ribbon, a red and brown-sprigged dress with a white and green-lace-trimmed apron, the stripped stockings, and brown shoes. She carries a couple of giant strawberries! Valerie wears lavender overalls over a lacy white blouse, with a gold ribbon headband, stripped socks, and lavendar shoes. She carries a big cake decorator's bag.)

Peter: Valerie! (Pulls away from a bird after Valerie shoots it and runs to her)

Mike: Em! What in the world...

Emma: Mike, hand me that cookie! (Mike does so) You want baked goods, Pieman? Eat THIS! (She tosses the cookie like a frisbee - it hits the Pieman square in the chest, knocking him off his feet and over the berry patch, over to a pile of trash looming in the distance)

Valerie: (She sprays the last of the icing on several birds, who beat a hasty retreat) Eat icing, you jerks!

Mike: Damn. Nice throwin', darlin'.

Emma: (Blows on her fingers) Nothing to it.

Peter: Valerie, where did you come from? (Smiles) And what's with the icing?

Valerie: (Shrugs) I don't know. We were trying to get a hold of Alex and his camera...

Emma: And we saw a flash and ended up here.

Maxine: Like the rest of us!

Micky: Exactly. *makes a face* Figures.

Mike: (Leans over Emma's wavy, now slightly reddish brown hair) Em, you smell like strawberry shortcake. (Grins) Talk about good enough to eat! ;)

Emma: (Grins) And you look adorable.

Mike: (Blushes and tries to cover his bare limbs again) Oh man...

Valerie: Is there a way we can get out of here? This is cute, but the icing is going to be murder on my diet.

Micky: Not to mention most of us really look kinda weird. *slight grin*

Emma: Has anyone tried our powers?

Mike: That's what got us here.

Valerie: Maybe someone else could try this time.

Micky: I'll give it a go!

Lauren: Uh oh...

Micky: Very funny, babe. *sticks his tongue out at her*

Mike: As long as I'm wearin' pants, I don't care WHERE we end up!

Peter: Someplace nice!

Micky: Anyway, everyone who can, concentrate & help those who can't...

*There's various shades of blue lights as the group disappears & we fade out...*