(We open onstage. It begins with a single spotlight on Mike in front of the curtain as he begins to sing the first verse to "Listen To The Band." As he moves to the second verse, Peter, then Maxine, and Lauren, start to join him, and the spotlight widens. Suddenly, a bit more than halway through the song, the curtain opens to reveal all four bands, behind a fairly spectacular, bright-colored unit set that looks like psychadelic, spangled Tinker-Toys. Kimberly and Marcus play drums. The Angellettes all have tambourines.)

(The camera moves off to the side as the number continues and more dancers join the bands on the unit set. Sheila stands off to the side. Alex joins her.)

Sheila: (Over the music) Where have you been?

Alex: *smirks* Oh, just checking on the camera.

Sheila: I don't see your brother among the performers.

Alex: *evil grin* That could be because he got to see how the camera works first hand.

Sheila: (Eyebrow raises) He's already in there?

Alex: Yes, he is. *wide & proud grin*

Sheila: My, you're a fast worker.

Alex: *shrugs, still smirking* Actually, he made it so easy. I found him fiddling with the camera & he ended up in front of it, so I turned it on.

Sheila: Such a foolish boy.

Alex: Ain't he, though? *laughs*

Arthur: (Calls over the song as the credits begin) Thanks, everyone!

Marian: (As she shimmies with Danny) And enjoy all these great acts on Headquarters Records, your headquarters for great music!

(As the song continues and everyone plays and dances over the credits, Jenkins joins Alex and Sheila.)

Jenkins: As soon as the audience starts going home and the cameramen turn their backs, I want you to do it.

Sheila: Maybe we really should wait to do anyone else. Alex DID say the cameras weren't ready.

Alex: Thank you, Milady.

Jenkins: We went over this! I want to do this NOW.

Sheila: Do you want to do this right?

Jenkins: If you don't want to do it (he starts over to the cameras) I'll do it myself!

Alex: *glances at Sheila; mutters* Can I hurt him, pleaese?

Sheila: Yes. At least stop him before he (sees him push past two cameramen and shove a dancer aside on his way to the cameras) does that.

Alex: *grins* Thank you! *goes after him* Oh, Jenkins... can I have a word with you PLEASE!

*Alex grabs Jenkin's arm & spins him around to face him.*

Jenkins: What? Can't you see I'm busy?

Alex: I think you need to take a load off. *presses his fingers to Jenkins' temples & rubs*

Jenkins: What? I... (but he finally slumps in Alex's arms, his eyes cloudy)

Alex: Now, don't you feel better? *half smirk* I know I do!

Jenkins: Uh...huh.

Sheila: (Joins them as the number winds down) What are we going to do with him? The animal thing would be too obvious here.

Alex: Lets just lock him up somewhere so he's out of our way, atleast.

Sheila: And the special's finished, so we'll do this the easy way. (She concentrates. There's a faint black light around Jenkins; when it subsides, he's gone) I put him in a closet.

Alex: Perfect.

Sheila: (Sighs) I'm wondering if we should use the cameras now...

(Only a few dancers and the band remains on the set. Mike, Lauren, and Peter stand together worriedly.)

Mike: Damn it, where IS he? He missed the last number!

Peter: Lauren, how do you feel?

Lauren: I feel... *makes a face* weird. He's okay, just confused. He doesn't know where he is.

Peter: That's not good.

Mike: Does anyone have their new communicators? Maybe we ought to call him

Lauren: I didn't bring mine. Didn't think I'd need it. *frowns*

Mike: I don't have mine, either.

Peter: I have mine. (He opens it) Micky? Hello? Hello?

Micky: *over the communicator, wary* Peter?

Peter: Micky! Where are you? The special just finished!

Mike: Tell him I'm gonna tan his ass for not bein' here.

Micky: Not funny, Mike! I didn't do it on purpose! *pauses* And... I'd tell you where I am if I knew!

Peter: (Turns to the others) He's ok, but he doesn't know where he is!

Lauren: *leans over to the communicator* Mick! What's around you? Maybe we can find you if we know what to look for.

Peter: Are you in California?

Micky: Umm...

Lauren: Arizona?

Micky: Well...

Micky: *makes an odd noise, sounding frustrated* I know we were supposed to be on TV... but it feels like I'm IN the tv!

Peter: WHAT?

Mike: IN the TV?

Lauren: But... how?

Micky: *groans* Alex... that camera!

Mike: (Eyes widen) The camera!

Peter: THAT's what he's doing with it!

Micky: I was looking at it when he came over. We found over & around it, then he turned it on me. Next thing I knew... I didn't know where I was.

Peter: Hold on, Mick! We'll find a way to get you out!

Mike: You ain't seen Davy in there, have you?

Micky: No, I haven't.

Mike: Great. Look, Mick, just hold on. We're gonna... (He looks up at the cameras at that moment...and his mouth drops open) Oh SHIT!

Alex: *leans around from behind the camera* Say CHEESE!

Micky: Guys!? What's going on?!

*Alex turns on the camera on the trio. They disappear.*

Alex: *grins over the top of the camera* I love this camera.