*We open in the TV station again. Several people now mill about, wearing Shakespearian clothing & rehearsing lines. Eventually, we see a certain curly-haired guy exit a dressing room.*

Mike: (He ambles up to Micky in his white and blue cowboy outfit, carrying Black Beauty; he cracks a wide smile when he sees Mick) Hey, beautiful, nice legs!

Micky: *sighs* They'd needed someone to fill in, so... here I am. Besides, I'm the only one that could memorize the lines sub-par enough to get by. *grins*

Micky: *elbows Mike* And watch it with the beaufitul remark. Lauren might get jealous.

Lauren: *walks over to the guys* I wouldn't be so sure of that, Mick. *smirks*

Mike: (Grins) Nahh, sorry Mick, you ain't my type. I've got a type. (Looks at Lauren) Em and Valerie still looking for Steve?

Lauren: *nods* Yeah, they are. *folds her arms & sighs* I just hope nothing bad happened to the poor guy.

Mike: If he got in Alex's way, he may be missin' a soul by now.

Micky: *makes a face* Lets hope he's just a little fuzzier now.

Emma: (Runs up with a scared gopher in her hands) I think we found him!

Valerie: Otherwise, I don't WANT to know how a gopher got backstage. Junior swears he's not his.

Micky: He turned the go-fer into a gopher. *smacks his forehead & groans* What a BAD joke!

Lauren: So if it is Steve, we should be able to change him back...

Mike: I'll do it. (He looks left and right to make sure no one will see them, then concentrates. There's a dark blue light around the gopher. When it subsides, a bewildered Steve stands in the gopher's place)

Steve: (Gasps) I can't...what HAPPENED! One minute, I was trying to get that Alex guy to help me get coffee, and the next...

Mike: We'll explain it after the special, Steve.

John: (Hurries up, followed by Prissy in a Elizabethian gown, and Marian in spangles and feathers) Micky, you're on! Go out there!

Prissy: (Raises her eyebrows) I'm not sure that costume is quite...you, Mr. Dolenz.

Marian: Nice toothpicks, kid.

Micky: *tilts his head slightly, making a face* Yeah, well, you want someone who looks good in these things *pinches his tights* or someone who knows the lines, hm?

Lauren: *frowns, mutters* He's got nice legs...

Prissy: Both would be nice. (Nods at a clock) Which reminds me, we need to be onstage.

Micky: *nods* Lets go.

*"To Be Or Not To Be" begins as Micky, Prissy, & Marian go on stage.*

*Micky gives some lines, then gets into a duel with a man about twice his size.*

(The man pretends to "stab" Micky in the chest.)

*Micky grasps at his chest, dropping his sword, & starts swaying. He goes into a long, drawn out death before finally keeling over, his legs twitching a bit, then finally lays still.*

(The man takes one look at Micky's "death" and doubles over laughing. Prissy rolls her eyes.)

(Marian leans over him, trying to look dramatic but really laughing.)

*Micky peeks an eye open & gives a slight grin.*

*Out in the wings, Lauren slaps her forehead.*

(As the song ends, everyone stands for a bow. Micky gives a flourish, and waves his sword...and as he does, accidentally sticks the big guy in the rear so hard, he jumps off-stage! Everyone watches him as we hear the sounds of crashing in the orchestra pit and the curtain closes.)

*Micky runs back stage & over to Mike, hiding behind him, his eyes wide.*

Micky: Hide me!

Mike: (He stands straight and tall as the big man stomps past them; looks behind him) All clear, Mick. Nice aim.

Micky: *comes out from behind Mike* Thanks, Mike, I owe you one. *shakes his head* It isn't like I did it on purpose!

Lauren: Maybe not, but if you hadn't been hamming it up...

Micky: *makes a face* I know. I was just trying to make it a bit more fun.

Mike: That's great, Mick, and the crowd ate it up. Just don't get yourself killed doin' it.

Peter: (Looks at his watch) We'll be going onstage for the big finale soon!

Mike: Mick, there might be time before the finale for you to take a look at that camera.

Micky: *nods* Sure!

Micky: Although... *looks down at himself* I need to change first.

*Micky waves as he heads back to the dressing room. Once inside... there's a familiar yelp, then a few seconds later, the big guy leaves the dressing room.*

Mike: Man... (he runs in and pokes his head in) Mick? You ok? We're gonna need you for the finale.

Micky: *on the floor, groaning* Fine... just ran into a human wall... nothing major...

Mike: (Nods) Oh. Well, I think Sheila's talkin' to Alex now, so this would be a good time to get to the cameras. (He closes the door)

Micky: *groans as he gets up* Great... I've got a pain ON my ass & now we've gotta stop a pain IN the ass. *rolls his eyes & grabs the clothes he was wearing earlier*

*A few minutes later, we see Micky emerge from the dressing room, back in his own clothes, though he's still rubbing at his rear end slightly.*

*Micky goes over to the camera & pulls out his trusty screwdriver again. He starts tinkering with it. He gets so involved that he doesn't see Alex coming closer to the camera...*

Alex: *over Micky's shoulder* Can I help you with something, brother?

Micky: *starts & spins around, frowning* Alex! Get outta here! *shakes his screwdriver at the devil* I'm gonna find out what's up with this camera somehow.

Alex: Oh really? You don't even know what you're looking for. *folds his arms, smirking*

Micky: No... *grins* but you could tell me.

Alex: *shakes his head* Not gonna happen.

Micky: *snaps his fingers* Rats. *shrugs* Well, I tried.

Alex: *rolls his eyes* C'mere...

*Alex reaches out for Micky's head, but Micky ducks, then pushes Alex into the camera.*

*The camera sparks a bit as Alex moves away from it, advancing on Micky.*

Alex: Not a bright move, brother!

Micky: *shrugs, grinning* I dunno, I liked it.

*Alex lunges for Micky, but Micky darts away... which starts the two of them chasing each other around the camera.*

Alex: Stand still & let me muddle you, dammit!

Micky: Gotta catch me, first!

*Alex suddenly turns around & starts around the opposite way & runs right into Micky, knocking Micky into the camera this time. It sparks again... & Alex grins. He goes part-way around & pushes a few buttons & flips a few switches. Alex then goes to Micky & shoves him away from the camera, but still in the camera's view.*

Alex: You wanna know about this camera so badly, then why don't I show you first hand! *laughs evilly*

*Micky's eyes widen as he looks warily into the lense... before disappearing!*

*We cut from Alex laughing evilly back to the stage where the others are preparing for the show's finale.*

Mike: Damn it! Where's Mick?

Lauren: *glances around* I'm wondering the same thing...

Mike: He better not have done something to the camera.

Steve: (Pokes his head in) Onstage for the finale!

Mike: (Shakes his head) How the HECK are we going to explain this?

Peter: Mike, all the bands are playing together! We'll just borrow Marcus or Kim.

Lauren: *makes a face* Something's wrong, though. I can feel it...

Peter: Lauren, is Micky ok?

Lauren: Physically, yes... but he's confused. *makes a face* He doesn't know where he is. How can that be?

Mike: (Grabs Black Beauty) Alex must have put him somewhere.

Lauren: *growls; holds up a fist* I hope that devil's hungry!

Peter: Lauren! (Gently takes her fist) Don't hurt him yet! What if he tries to do something to you, too?

Mike: Em's in the audience and Val's backstage. They'll keep an eye out for Micky.

Lauren: *sighs* Alright.

Steve: Onstage, guys!

Mike: (Nods at the others) Come on. (And they head out to the stage as we fade out)