Is everyone ready to finish this story?

Mike: I've never been so ready to finish anythin' in my life.

Peter: I am.

Davy: I am too.

*Micky just groans.*

(We open in the Beach Cave. Mike sits in his big old chair. Micky lays on the couch; Lauren is next to him on the end. Everyone but Peter sits at tables or in chairs. Peter comes in from the bathroom and gives Micky some aspirin and a glass of orange juice.)

Peter: Here you go, Mick. I hope this helps.

Micky: Me too.

Bob: Hey Mick, how are you feeling? Any better?

Micky: *Takes the aspirin and gulps the orange juice* My head is throbbing something fierce.

Bert: You really went through the ringer in this story, didn't you?

Micky: You could say that.

Mike: I think we all did. We're all feelin' really tired right now.

Bert: One big question - what HAPPENED back there? All the lights, and the colors, and the energy...

Ursula: I think I have some ideas. Belavarg wanted to wear down the boys, so he could use their weakened states to combine their souls with their ancestors'...and increase their powers and energy tenfold.

Mike: No wonder he kept after us. He knew that if he just kept on attackin' us, we'd get tired.

Ursula: I believe that's why he specifically attacked you, Mike. He knew you're the leader and give the orders.

Mike: He didn't want to me to be able to give orders or be strong enough to lead.

Ursula: Exactly.

Bert: But he didn't count on Peter being stronger or able to lead.

Peter: I don't think he really counted on me at all (sighs) until I slipped and told him that I'm co-leader now.

Ursula: But he still underestimated you. I think it'll take a while for our enemies to catch up to how much you've changed.

Mike: It'll take me a while. You're a whole different person, Pete.

Peter: I don't know if I should thank you or not, Michael. I'm not like I was. I know that much.

Valerie: (She puts her arm around Peter) But a lot of you hasn't changed. That's what matters. You're just gaining some new skills.

Mike: I could use some new skills. (Turns to Micky) Speaking of skills, do you think you'll be up to directin' tomorrow?

*Micky snores.*

Mike: Um, Lauren, do you think I ought to cancel or just rehearse with Herman? He seems to be gone.

Lauren: Just rehearse with Herman. I don't think Mick will mind too much.

Mike: Looks like we're gonna have to. I don't think Mick will be up to tomorrow.

Bert: Hey, how is Herman and the rest of that crew, anyway? Has anyone heard from them?

Mike: We haven't heard from Jessie and Nyles, but that's no surprise. They're probably makin' out at his place.

Bert: How about Herman? Has he heard from Lillith?

Emma: (Turns to Lauren) He called you and Mick after we got in the Cave. Lillith's really going through with firing Belavarg, isn't she?

Lauren: She sure is. She was absolutely fuming after what happened.

Bob: As well she should have been. Belavarg really violated several ethical and legal laws with drugging Mike.

Valerie: (Nods) Our lawyers agree. It may be a long battle, but we should be able to get the rights to our music back.

Bob: How's the rest of them? Are they your new Rescue Crew?

Mike: We seriously need some new blood around here. Most of our old buddies are on tour or married and living elsewhere.

Lauren: Herm's group was a great help.

Mike: Yeah, they were. They did a real nice job. I'm glad to see Jack again. Is Coco still datin' him?

Lauren: Yes, she is.

Mike: She made a good find. Jack's a great guy.

Peter: Who were those two guys with Herman? They seemed familiar somehow.

Lauren: *Shrugs* He saw them in the music shop trying to hawk some instruments they, uh, were given to earn some money. Neither one can sing a lick, but the taller one plays guitar and the shorter one can wail on the drums.

Mike: They're pretty damn good in a fight, too. You sure he didn't pick them up in a boxing ring?

Lauren: The shorter one has done some boxing, too.

Peter: I swear I saw them at an ice-cream shop somewhere.

Davy: The shop run by the little guy, Louie?

Lauren: The fellow who's always complaining about people never paying their tabs?

Peter: That's the one.

Lauren: I bet those two have quite the tab with him.

Mike: At least they'll have the money to pay the owner now, if they haven't used it all on cars and new instruments n' stuff.

Lauren: I have my doubts.

Bert: So, what was your favorite part of this story?

Mike: When it was over.

Peter: When the girls helped us take out that machine.

Emma: Actually, roaming around in the tunnels was sort of fun.

Lauren: The fights.

Valerie: Getting to give the Devils what's coming to them.

Bert: Davy, Daphne, how about you two?

Daphne: The machine being destroyed. *Davy nods agreement*

Emma: I'd love to know where Alex keeps coming up with these crazy contraptions of his. You'd think by now they'd figure out that we just destroy them.

Lauren: *Sighs* The same place Mick comes up with his crazy contraptions.

Mike: Maybe they ought to try gettin' their own powers updated. Then they wouldn't need the contraptions.

Bob: So, what's on the dock for next month?

Emma: Right now, we have some vague ideas about treasure-hunting, but we need to do some major brainstorming on the summer and fall stories.

Mike: And hopefully, by the time we next see the Devils and Belavarg...if we have ta see them again...they'll be more worthy of tanglin' with us.

Bert: What about you, Mike? How are you feeling?

Mike: Other than tired, I feel fine. If you mean "am I gonna turn into a bastard and kill everyone," no. I think the light show was enough to clear that out of my head. Belavarg don't seem to have a hold on me anymore.

Emma: Until you get near him and start howling.

Mike: I sure as hell didn't feel like a wolf when we were back at that castle. Just pissed. We'll see, Em.

Bob: So, the Devils and Belavarg and Midge are still at large?

Mike: (Shrugs) At present, yeah. Ain't much we can really do about that. There ain't much use in turnin' the cops on them this time. They didn't really do anythin' punishable by normal law...and we'd have to explain Urse and the powers and our ancestors. It would just get way, way too complicated.

Bert: What about that Midge, huh Davy? She's still pretty nuts about you.

Davy: She's just bloody nuts.

Mike: I thought you liked it when all the girls chased you, Dave.

Peter: I never thought I'd see the day when Davy didn't like being chased by a good-looking woman!

Davy: She's bloody crackers!

Mike: Don't mean she ain't good-lookin'.

Peter: With any luck, Davy, she'll go the way of Stella and Belavarg will let her go soon.

Mike: If he don't kill her first.

Peter: Belavarg doesn't seem like the type who keeps partners around very long.

Mike: No kiddin'. Look at him and Lillith. I wonder how he's gonna try to worm his way back into Dark Star now.

Peter: I don't know, unless Lillith is willling to sell. Remember, Sheila wants Dark Star, too.

Mike: I hope Lillith don't sell to her. Remember, she don't have anyone to run the place now.

Peter: She may. Sheila knows more about music than she does.

Mike: Yeah, but Lillith's datin' Herman now. He can teach her 'bout the music biz.

Peter: (Sighs as Mick lets out a snort) It's getting late. I'm tired, and we're going to have to pick up our children sometime.

Valerie: Maybe we should all stay together tonight. It's a weekend. The children are off of school. Everyone can crash at the Montgomery House.

Peter: That's a good idea. We'll tell the children it's a sleepover night.

Mike: Kids nuthin'. I'm wiped, and Micky's so gone, he's snored through this whole interview.

Bob: Lauren, do you think he'll be ok? Does he need a hospital visit?

Lauren: Nah, he just needs some rest.

Mike: Thankfully, we all seem to have gotten out of this one with minor bruises and scrapes. No need for hospitals this time. Rest time at Pete's should work just fine.

Emma: How about Herman's crew?

Mike: They sure seemed ok when they left.

Peter: I doubt they sustained anything worse than a few bruised knuckles.

Lauren: I'm inclined to believe the same.

Mike: (He yawns and looks at his watch) I really think we need to pick up the kids and get some shut-eye. Why don't our good women, who rescued all of us, finish us out this month? I'm includin' Urse in there, too.

Emma: Thank you, dear. (Turns to the camera) This concludes our spring four-parter. We'll see you again next month!

Valerie: (Waves) Thank you, and enjoy the beginning of the summer!

Daphne: *Waves* Bye!

Lauren: See you later!

(We end with all of the women waving...and all of the men slumping over in their seats, asleep.)

(Cut to the end credits. The album version of "Zor and Zam" plays over scenes from the "production." We end with a shot of the entire group kissing while surrounded by lights under the words "A Raybert Production.")