Everyone ready to rescue the boys?

Valerie: Let's go.

Lauren: Ready.

Daphne: I'm ready, too.

(We open back in the tunnel. Flashlight beams penetrate the darkness. Emma is the first to step out of the darkness and into the flashlight's beam. She points the light at a set of stone steps.)

Valerie: Looks like we're going up again.

Emma: We'd better be careful. These look pretty steep.

Valerie: Em, you go first. I'll go last and light the way from the back.

Emma: Good idea. (She starts up first, followed by the others.) Lauren, Daphne, can you feel Mick and Davy? All I get from Mike is anger.

Daphne: Davy's annoyed.

Valerie: Peter's scared to death.

Lauren: Poor Mick is still fighting his headache. He's too tired to be mad or annoyed.

Emma: (She winces) Ouch. I feel...something's drawing energy from them...

Valerie: I have a huge headache. Feels like something's taking the energy right out of me...

Emma: The boys...Mike feels like he's going to pass out...

Daphne: This is not good...

Lauren: *Bows her head* Micky DID pass out.

Emma: (She jams into the door at the top of the stairs) It's stuck! (Peers into a hole) I think there's something in front of it.

Slip: *Slaps Sach's shoulder* Sach, if you be so callous to get that door open?

Sach: *Salutes* Yessir, Chief! *He backs up as far as he can and runs into the door. He bounces off of it, but does get it open. He tumbles to the floor.*

Sach: Chief, the door bit me!

Slip: You bit it, first. It was just regurgitatin'.

Valerie: Are you boys ok? You're lucky you didn't end up back downstairs!

Sach: *Stands* I'm okay. I've had doors bite me before.

Slip: He's okay. The worst that happened was he fell on his brains.

Emma: Good. We're going to need everybody in tip-top condition. (She pushes through the door.)

(Cut to inside what appears to be a large ball room or throne room. The group emerges from behind the familiar 309 throne chairs. The four Monkees dangle helplessly from the ceiling. Waves of black energy can be seen around them. Belavarg and Alex stand next to a huge machine that seems to be giving off the energy. Zelda holds two vials. Sheila watches two more.)

Sheila: (Smirks) They look just about ready. (Hands Belavarg the vials with the ancestors)

Emma: (Gasps) What's going on?

Valerie: Shhh! (She leads the group back behind the thrones and some tapestries) We have to stop that machine!

Emma: Anyone have any ideas of how?

Lauren: I'd like to just smash it.

Valerie: We need to wait for the right time, when their distracted. Or create a distraction somehow...

Slip: What kind of distraction?

Valerie: Anything that'll get them away from that machine!

Slip: I think I'm beginning to get the necklace of an idea. *turns to Sach* Sach, a little routine 7?

Sach: Sure, Chief!

*The pair jump out from hiding, Sach doing plenty of hollering and jumping around. Slip knocks over various antiques, making as much noise as possible.*

Sheila: (Rolls her eyes) What are those idiots doing now? Zelda, take some of the boys over there and handle them. (Nods at a group of demons staring vacantly at the pretty lights on the ceiling.)

Zelda: Gladly. *Whistles; demons appear beside her.*

Sheila: While she handles those idiots (turns to Belavarg) let's release the spirits and combine them. (She opens the vials containing the red and white lights) You will join your ancestors in the energy field and become one with them.

Belavarg: *Releases the other two lights* You two will also join your ancestors in the energy field.

(The four lights are drawn into the black energy. They swirl around the Monkees until they almost seem to blend with them. There's a blurring of a magnificent rainbow assortment of colors. Suddenly, we get a rainbow blast...and the machine lowers the four to the ground. When we see them, they look like the ancestors....but they wear the Monkees' uniforms and carry their weapons.)

Mike: (Looks at himself wearily; his Texan seems to be overlaid with French) What...has...happened?

Sheila: (Smirks) Belavarg and Alex figured out how to join your souls to the almost identical soul of your ancestors. Your powers and energy are a hundred times stronger.

Peter: (He can barely shake his head) I just feel tired...

Sheila: That's because we've already taken energy. (Grins at Belavarg) And we're going to take so much more energy. We're going to take your powers...and the souls that carry them.

Davy: *Wearily* You won't get away with this...

Sheila: Oh, I think we will.

Peter: I...feel...overloaded...

Emma: (Cut behind the thrones as she gasps) Oh, my god! I feel like I have too much energy...and yet, I'm really tired, like I can't move another step....

Sheila: Belavarg, how would you like to take their energy?

Belavarg: Gladly. *flips a switch*

Daphne: (Cut to the girls again) Oh no!

Emma: SHIT!

Lauren: No!

Valerie: What have they DONE?

(Four black iron bands pop out of the machine and take the boys around their arms and torsos. Ignoring their cries, Belavarg pulls a lever. Black energy swirls around them, draining the colorful energy and lifting them into the air. When it lowers them, they fall to their knees on the floor, black energy still swirling around them.)

Mike: (His French accent is thicker now; looks up at Belavarg with a barely-managed growl) You....bastard.

Sheila: And now, their souls.

(Long tendrils of black energy seem to jump away from the machine. The energy drifts around Mike...then forms a hand and reaches into his heart! He screams as loud as he can.)

Emma: (Screaming; cut back to the girls) NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Valerie: Em, they'll hear you!

Emma: I don't care! (She runs out to the boys...but is immediately repelled back into the thrones.)

Sheila: (Narrows her eyes) Scholar. I was wondering when you'd arrive.

Emma: (As Valerie helps her to her feet) Let them go!

Sheila: Not now that we have those super-strong souls of theirs. (The hand of black energy gives her Mike's white-light soul. She holds it in her hand) His soul is so powerful...I've never felt such power...

(Alex takes the red soul from the black energy near Micky.)

Emma: NO! NO!

Valerie: Peter!

Daphne: Get away from them!

Lauren: Noooo!

*Slip and Sach reappear, still fighting the demons. Demons fall this way and that, getting closer and closer to the machine...*

Sheila: (Groans) Watch out, you bloody idiots!

Midge: (Covers her eyes) Oh, I can't look.

*Slip slugs one demon, landing the demon right smack into the machine.*

(The demon lands against the lever that works the barrier. The moment it drops, the girls run over to the guys. A second later, the door bursts open. Herman, Jessie, Nyles, and Jack run in.)

Demon #1: What is this, a party?

Demon #2: And no one told us?

Jessie: Wow. What's goin' on? We saw all those pretty lights from Herman's van and we thought you might want some help after we sent Miss Lillith home!

Sheila: What's going on is that all of your are leaving.

Emma: Guys, the machine! Destroy that machine!

Sheila: Don't you dare! That's private property!

(The quartet at the door join Slip and Sach as the album version of "Zor and Zam" begins. The girls hurry over to the boys. Emma takes Mike in her arms, but he just stares at her.)

Emma: (Barely over the music) Oh honey....

Valerie: Peter! (She takes his arms....but he pulls away, his stare hard and blank) Oh no...no, no, no...

*Lauren holds a frowning Micky, who seems about ready to keel over.*

Daphne: Davy... *He just stares at her*

Emma: Damn it! This can't be! I can't lose you! I love you too much! (She pulls him into her arms, her hand resting on his heart...and we see a white light under it. The light in Sheila's hand seems to pulse...then it lifts from her hand!)

Sheila: What? (She tries to grab the light, but her hand goes through it) What in the HELL is going on?

Jessie: (Ducks around a demon) Wow! Lookit that! (Points to the four couples in the center of the room)

Lauren: *Slowly grins* Love IS the ultimate trip!

Emma: Girls, concentrate! (She puts her hands on Mike's chest and closes her eyes, her face sweating in total concentration. We see a blur as a golden-brown light from Emma's chest seems to merge with Mike's white one and surround them.)

Valerie: Peter! Honey, hold on! (She grabs his hand and puts her other hand on his chest. She, too, concentrates, and we see a blur of yellow and green as their powers surround them.)

Sheila: No! Stop! I won't let you take all that wonderful power! (She goes after them...but Nyles and Jessie block her)

Nyles: Naughty, naughty!

Jessie: Leave 'em alone! They're doin' love stuff! Ain't you got any sense of romance?

Sheila: Not when souls are involved. (She tries to get around them again, but runs right into Nyles and his oversized chest.)

(Zelda grins and chases Herman around the room.)

Jack: *Stops Alex* And where do you think you're going?

Alex: Leaving.

Midge: (She makes a face as Slip and Sach blocks them) It's those two nut-works again!

Sach: I don't work!

Midge: You don't think, either. Stay away from me.

Slip: Unfortunately, I think you hit the nail between the eyes.

*Lauren touches Micky's chest, causing their powers to swirl together. Daphne does the same with Davy.*

Sheila: NO! Belavarg, do something! Pull the machine to full power!

Mike: (His eyes are fluttering) Em? Oh darlin'.... (He squeezes her hand) Love ya....

Emma: I love you more than life itself. (She kisses him deeply. A burst of amber and white light surrounds them.)

Peter: (He smiles a small version of one of his big ones) Val...I do love you...

Valerie: Peter! (She hugs him hard, then kisses him...and their green and gold lights entwine....)

Demon #2: (Points at the center of the room) Wow, pretty lights!

Demon #3: Yeah!

(All the demons stop instantly and watch the lights swirling around. When the lights hit them, they turn into flowers, birds, books, or jewels.)

Sheila: Stop them! Oh, let me through! (She tries to barrel through Nyles, but he just picks her up by her collar.)

Nyles: What's your hurry?

Sheila: They're going to restore their souls!

Nyles: And?

*Davy and Daphne are already kissing, their lights still dancing around them.*

*Lauren holds onto Micky, who's seen better days. He gives a lopsided smile as their lights bob around them.*

Mike: (He nods and lifts his hands) Guardians, let's destroy the machine that has caused us so much grief...and keep those who created it from using it for such suffering ever again. (He sends a wave of white wind energy blasting at the machine. It literally blows the top half off. Emma lifts her hand and sends amber energy. All of the levers fall from the machine, turning into blank books.)

Peter: (Nods) But let's not cause more harm than need be. (He raises his hand. His green garlands wrap around the back end of the machine...which erupts into a garden of blooming flowers. Valerie's gold energy turns into delicate gold strands that choke piping and break fans.)

*Davy freezes the machine. Daphne just blasts it.*

*Lauren also blasts it. Micky's on the verge of falling asleep.*

Mike: (Lowers his hand; turns to Belavarg) Now you know that the Guardians of the Light are not to be trifled with, Demon. You may think you can take everything from us...but you can't have our souls. For that is where the final power rests. Not in any potion or incantation, but within us.

Belavarg: That's absolutely stomach-turning.

Mike: (Narrows his eyes) I will make you understand, Demon.

Peter: No! (He takes Mike's arm) It is not in our souls to be so violent. Violence only begets more violence. There are others who will take care of him.

Ursula: Peter is right. (She emerges in the very center of the room, wearing her white gown, shimmering like a thousand stars.) This will stop here. You can do no more. Your trouble-making device is gone. (Slight smirk) And I just fed the plans to some of your demons in Alex's suites.

Belavarg: Dammit!

Alex: You little...

Mike: (Nods and sheaths his sword) It is for the best. (Smirks at Belavarg) My lawyers will deliver more punishment to him than my sword could ever hope to do.

Ursula: (Turns to Sheila and the devils) And I don't think you'd like to land in jail again. How would you like Sergeant Nielson to receive an anonymous phone call that you've violated the terms of your parole by aiding and abetting in several criminal activities, including kidnapping again?

Sheila: You BITCH!

Ursula: Do watch your mouth, sister. And calm down. You look like you're ready to start five new fires.

Sheila: You...you...you... (She's so angry, she can't bring herself to talk)

Ursula: One more thing. Ladies, please join me.

Emma: What's going on?

Sheila: Yeah!

Ursula; You'll see. Take your soulmates' hands. (Looks around the room) All of you who are so inclined can help. Just concentrate.

Sach: Hey, Chief, am I inclined?

Slip: You ain't sittin' down. I don't think so.

Herman: Guys, shut your faces.

Ursula: Guardians, take my hands. (They all do. Sheila smirks and lunges for Mike, but Nyles and Jessie block her.)

Sheila: I'm getting tired of seeing you two.

Jessie: We ain't big fans of your ugly puss, either.

Sheila: UGLY?

Jessie: If your eyes get bigger, can I play ping-pong with them?

(Sheila just ends up squealing and yelling.)

Nyles: I like her better like this.

Jessie: Yeah. Red's her color.

Sheila: You two are IDIOTS!

Jessie: Thank you!

Ursula: The rest of you, make sure we aren't disturbed.

Emma: (Grins) Which means, pick your villain and make sure they don't try anything funny.

Herman: *Goes to Belavarg* I wouldn't wanna be you right now.

Slip: *Pushes Sach at Zelda, then goes over to Alex* Better not pull nutin' funny, shorty.

Alex: *Glares down at Slip* "Shorty?"

Zelda: *Grins at Sach* You're cute. *brushes her fingers over his cheek*

*Sach just does his motor lips bit, then grins widely.*

Ursula: Now, everyone concentrate. Think "ancestors, return!"

(There's another burst of light as everyone closes their eyes and concentrates. It's so bright, it temporarily blinds everyone. When it subsides, we see four little lights bobbing around everyone's heads. The lights land and become the outlines of human figures again. Sir Robert turns to Ursula with a smile.)

Sir Robert: Merci, Mademoiselle Ursula. You have saved us once again. (He turns to the others) And all of you. Merci, from all of us. (He turns to the group behind them) And merci to all of you for handling these traitres.

Bard Peter: (Gives a short bob) We thank you deeply. You have saved us.

Lord David: *Sweeping bow* Thank you very much.

Georgi: *Grins* Thanks!

Mike: Uh, yeah. Anytime.

Ursula: And now, I think it's time we all left. I know it seems rather anti-climatic, but we can do no more here.

Mike: (Nods at Belavarg) You'll be hearin' from my lawyers in the mornin', pal.

Ursula: Farewell, sister. (She concentrates. There's a white light...and suddenly everyone but Belavarg, Midge, Sheila, Alex, and Zelda have disappeared, along with the remains of the machine.)

Sheila: OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do they manage to get us EVERY TIME!?

Zelda: I lost another cutie.

Alex: *Rolls his eyes* Shut up, Zelda.

Sheila: (Turns to Belavarg) And I agree with Lillith. It was YOUR fault and YOUR idea. YOU were the one who HAD to drug the damn White Knight!

Belavarg: As if YOUR plan worked much better.

Sheila: At least I didn't do anything that got lawyers involved! The Knight is going to rake you over the coals until you bleed! (Turns to Alex) And we really need to figure out how to make a machine that the Guardians can't destroy. I've lost count of how many of your inventions they've wrecked.

Alex: YOU'VE lost count?

Sheila: And you, Zelda...could you concentrate on helping us and not on chasing anything that looks good? You're getting soft, girl.

Zelda: I am NOT soft!

Sheila: Then why didn't you attack that man in the hat instead of playing with him? That last one?

Zelda: When have you known me to attack a man instead of playing with him?

Sheila: At least I don't drool at everything in the room!

Sheila: I know how to be selective. You ought to learn the same.

Zelda: I am selective. I don't drool over yours, do I?

Sheila: Yes, with mine. But I've seen you go after that little cook, and that British singer...and now, that idiot and his buddy!

Zelda: So?

Sheila: (Groans and throws her arms in the air) Oooh! Alex, you talk to her.

Alex: *Raises an eyebrow* Me?

Sheila: She's YOUR girlfriend! YOU created her! I'm going to take a nap. I have a headache. (She stomps out of the room)

Alex: *Smirks and turns to Zelda* SHE has a headache.

Zelda: *Grins* Wanna talk?

Alex: You bet. *Throws an arm around her shoulders, and they head out.*

Midge: I like talk. (She turns to Belavarg) We must talk, too.

*Belavarg leaves last, grumbling.*

Midge: (Realizes she's talking to air) Bela, wait up! We will talk, I swear!

(We fade out on Midge's back and the pile of nuts and bolts that was once the machine.)

(Fade in on a parking lot next to the beach. Ursula and Herman's car stops in the empty lot. Mike turns to Herman as he and the others get out.)

Mike: Hey, did Lillith get out all right?

Herman: Yeah, she did. She's okay. She just wanted to rest.

Mike: Um, Nyles already knows the drill, but for the rest of your band, we'd appreciate it if you didn't mention anything that happened today to anyone. Especially the part about the lights and the transparent lady who appeared from nowhere.

Herman: I know nothing.

Slip: And we ain't no squealers.

Jessie: I didn't see anything!

Mike: Good. You'll never know how thankful we are for your help today.

Sach: What help? Did we help someone?

Mike: Yeah. You helped us kick butt.

Jessie: That's the kind of help I like givin'.

Mike: Well, at any rate, we'll see you guys tomorrow to finish that music video.

Herman: We'll be there.

Mike: (Shakes Slip and Sach's hands) Thanks again, fellas. You did a great job. Welcome to the Rescue Crew.

Slip: I truly depreciate the honor.

Mike: (Chuckles) I'm sure you do.

Jessie: (Puts her arm around Nyles) Now, why don't we all go home and have some fun together?

Mike: (Shakes his head) You guys go on. Our group has a lot of things to discuss.

Nyles: Come on, babe.

Jessie: You bet! (They all head for Herman's car and climb in. As he drives off, four little lights land on the empty parking lot. They become the four ancestors. Sir Robert bows.)

Sir Robert: Merci, mon ancestres, from the bottom of mon coeur. You have done us great service.

Mike: Man, thanks to you, too. (Frowns) You wouldn't know what happened back there, would ya?

Sir Robert: I think Mademoiselle Ursula would be best to explain that. I am not certain either.

Mike: Urse, how'd you like to come out and explain what just happened? (He puts a hand on the flower-shaped panel. It opens to reveals Ursula's early-pixeled face.)

Ursula: Hello Guardians, originals and ancestors. (Sighs) I'm not entirely sure, either, but I think what happened is my sister and Belavarg tried to combine your powers with that of the ancestors. It increased them tenfold...but it also altered your personalities to the point where you may have been driven mad if you'd remained that way much longer. It also increased your energy, which I'm sure is all that Belavarg cared about.

Emma: How did we women help?

Ursula: This is why I've told you many times that you're stronger when you're a group. Yes, each of you are powerful on your own...but together with your fellow Guardians and soulmates, your power is increased. You're almost literally unstoppable.

Mike: (Grins) I did get a huge rush from all that. It was like...all that energy, just floodin' into me...

Peter: (Frowns) But I don't really remember what happened before the girls came in, when we were joined with our ancestors. It was like I was two people, but I wasn't. It wasn't right.

Emma: Adding our powers set you right again.

Ursula: Exactly. Your love is stronger than any machine my sister and her cohorts can create. When you're together, there's nothing you can't do.

Mike: And guys... (he sighs) ...I'm sorry for everything that's happened in the past few days.

Peter: (He smiles) Michael, you're forgiven. It's not your fault. You know how the Devils and Demons can get to us.

Emma: (She takes Mike in her arms) We've all been attacked by them like that at one time or another.

Mike: Yeah, but...I lost our music. The one thing we all have that we can really rally around.

Peter: I don't think that's quite true anymore. We all work pretty well together, whether music's involved or not.

Davy: Peter's absolutely right.

Valerie: And we'll get the rights to our music back. I - and my lawyers - will make sure of that.

Emma: Mike, running a music company is more than music. Now you can promote other bands, like Herman's, and other people's music. You can still make music. Just in a different way.

Mike: Well...I guess we sort of owe it to Herman after he helped us today. He deserves to be a star.

Davy: And he will be one way or another.

Valerie: And I have several up-and-coming bands that could use a showcase on television.

Mike: I still want to make a TV station that'll be for nuthin' but music. They're talkin' 'bout cable bein' the wave of the future. Imagine hundreds of channels, each devoted to one thing, steada everythin'. There will be room for sports and fashion and old shows and new shows and comedy and drama....and promotin' new records.

Lauren: Oh, great, I already lose Micky to the TV as it is.

Micky: *Looks up wearily* Huh?

Lauren: Easy, Mick. I'm just teasing you.

Micky: Oh. *lowers his head back down*

Mike: Maybe we'd better get back to the Cave and see if we can find somethin' for Micky's head. We'll talk more about this there.

Peter: (Nods) I agree. Micky, we're going to head back to the cave. You can rest there. You had a hard time in this story.

Micky: *Without looking up* Good.

Sir Robert: And we will take our leave.

Bard Peter: We greatly wish to return to our good women.

Sir Robert: Whenever you need us, just call us. You will know how.

Mike: Yeah, man. Thanks again...for everythin'.

Sir Robert: We thank you for being able Guardians. We know we can safely leave our Light Powers in your hands. (He bows again, then turns to the others) And now, Guardians, let's go home.

(The group in the car watches as the ancestors flicker, fade, and return to their light forms. Their eyes are on the little spots of light as they bob and dance off into the distance. Mike turns the car on and follows them onto the beach and into the horizon as we fade out on the bright, mid-afternoon sun and the long shadows on the beach.)