Is everyone ready to try to talk some sense into Mike and rescue Davy? ;)

Peter: I hope so.

Valerie: Let's go.

Daphne: Ready.

Lauren: I'm ready, too.

(We open back in the castle. Everyone wanders through the hallways, looking behind tapestries and antiques.)

Valerie: (Groans) This is getting ridiculous. I don't see hide or hair of Mike or Davy.

Peter: Daphne, does Davy feel close?

Daphne: *Nods* We're getting closer.

Emma: (Waves her stick at the doors behind them) Would it be in any of these doors?

Daphne: Over here... *Opens a door to her right.*

(When everyone enters, they find Midge cuddled in her bed with Davy in her arms. Mike leans against a wall and watches them, smirking.)

Mike: Yeah, he's good n' ready for Master now.

Peter: (Gasps) Michael, what are you doing?

Mike: (Looks up and makes a face) What does it look like I'm doin'? I'm enjoyin' myself!

Daphne: (Snarls) You little...

Midge: (Pulls Davy closer to her) I did not say this is party time! What are you doing here?

Mike: (Tries to grab the nearest person to him, who happens to be Peter) Leavin'. Bye! (He tries to direct Peter out the door, but Peter's not moving)

Emma: (Holds the field hockey stick to Midge) You get out of that bed and put him back the way he was, or we will get rough with you.

Midge: Put that stick someplace else. We are no playing your games.

Emma: There's a woman here who would really like her husband back...and I'd like mine back. So if you'd please...

Mike: (Grabs Emma's field hockey stick and pulls her away) No, Em. She wanted him. He's her pet.

Emma: (Grinds her teeth) Like HELL he is. You aren't, either. (She takes her hockey stick back and tries to hit his ankles, but he ducks out of her reach)

Midge: All of you leave, or I will call slaves.

(Midge makes a face as Daphne rips the covers off the bed...though the camera is set at an angle that we only see the livid Daphne and not anything personal.)

Midge: Now I am cold. Put that back.

Daphne: Not a chance.

Midge: Now. Or will I call someone to get rough with you.

(Daphne yanks Midge bodily off the bed. The camera only focuses on her from the neck up...but we do hear whistles from several men from around the room. She blushes and grabs a blanket.)

Midge: I do not like this! I want to be one who whistles, not those dopes!

Daphne: You should have thought about that before trying to steal my husband!

Midge: He is not husband anymore! He is pet! (She strokes Davy's head. He nuzzles her hand) See?

Valerie: (She points her sword at Midge) Oh no, you don't. That man is no one's pet.

Midge: You stay out of this.

Peter: (He grabs Mike from behind and pulls his arms behind his back; he yelps) Daph, restore Dave while we have these two in hand!

*Daphne kisses Davy, trying to restore him, but it doesn't appear to work.*

Daphne: *Turns to Midge, fuming* You restore him this instant!

Midge: Uh-uh. My potions work different than Belavarg's or your Devils. It require special potion...and only I know where it is.

Mike: How do you like those apples, huh?

Peter: (He still holds Mike) Midge, this is not the time for being cute. You give Daphne the potion.

Midge: No. I don't want to.

Daphne: Give it to me, or I will personally RIP YOUR HEAD OFF!

Emma: (Grins) I have a better idea. (She leans over Daphne's ear and whispers into it) It'll be more fun if you do it.

*Daphne grabs the blanket and rips it off of Midge.*

Midge: (Tries to cover herself with her arms and ignore the wolf-whistles) Give that back!

Emma: Why? The boys sure think you're cute.

Midge: I do not want them to think me cute!

Peter: Then give us back the potion.

Mike: Midge, don't be a fool.

Midge: But Michael, I am feeling drafts! (She goes to the work bench and takes a bluish vial. She hands it to Daphne) Here.

Mike: Midge, you traitor!

Midge: You are wearing clothes. I am not.

Daphne: Thank you very much!

Peter: (Grins) Slip and Satch, how would you like to apprehend the perpetrator?

Midge: They would touch me?

*Sach does his "motor lips" gag.*

Slip: I would most depreciate the opposition.

Midge: I would not!

Mike: Actually, I think that would be sorta appropriate. It's not like they're that bad lookin'.

Midge: Now who is traitor?

*Slip and Sach flank her sides.*

Emma: As for you... (She turns to Mike...just as there's a black light)

Sheila: (As she, Alex, and Zelda appear) You were right, Alex. His little Lordship did make perfect bait.

Alex: Of course.

Midge: I am glad to see you, Lady London. Get these little asses away from me!

Sheila: I don't know, Midge. I think they're rather charming, in a vulgar way.

Midge: You are not very funny.

Sheila: (Ignores her) All right. Alex, get the Savage. Zelda, you grab the Lord. I'll get the other two.

Peter: Oh no, you don't. You can't just pick us up like we're penny candy in a candy shop!

Mike: What do you mean, "get" us? Ain't I helpin' ya?

Sheila: We have a higher cause for all of you.

("Salesman" begins as Sheila lunges for Mike and Peter. Peter lets go of Mike and side-steps Sheila, allowing her to run into the wall.)

(Midge makes a dash for the door, but Slip and Sach block her.)

Slip: Where you goin' in such a hurried frenzy?

Midge: I am going to find my lover.

(She tries to get past them, but they block the door solid.)

Sach: Uh uh! Me ní the Chief are supposed to occupy you!

Midge: I do not wish to be occupied!

(Sheila emerges from the wall, a little wobbly but ready to fight. She lunges into the fray...only to run head-on into another immovable object - Lauren's fist.)

Lauren: Not so fast, Sheila.

Sheila: (Over the music; reels back, rubbing her head) What is your bloody fist made out of, iron?

Lauren: I wish I could only be so lucky.

Sheila: (She aims a right hook at Lauren) Let's see how well you take it!

*Lauren blocks with her left and jabs with her right.*

Lauren: I received some tips from a great boxer.

(Sheila can't reply, as she's doubled over.)

Peter: (He confronts Alex) You're not going anywhere, either.

Alex: And how do you plan on keeping me here?

Peter: Like this. (He leaps onto Alex's back and grabs his eyes) This is a much better view of you!

Alex: Get off!

Peter: No. I'm having fun.

*Alex tries to knock Peter off.*

Peter: (He tries to hold on) Whoa! Were you a bucking bronco in another lifetime, Alex?

*Alex finally manages to knock Peter off his back. Peter disappears in a black light!*

Alex: Yes, I was.

Valerie: SHIT! PETER! (She goes after Alex, sword raised) Bring him back!

(Emma tries to grab hold of Mike, but he pulls away. They're locked in each other's arms.)

Emma: Mike, are you crazy? You know what the devils are like! You know what they'll do to you, to all of us!

Mike: Darlin', I'm tryin' to make the company work.

Emma: We'll all help you! All of us and our friends! You don't need (nods at the devils) them.

Mike: Darlin'...

Emma: Mike, (she takes his hand) you have to believe. Things will get better. They did for Peter.

Mike: (He rubs her hand) Oh darlin'...

Sheila: NO! NO!

(Sheila lunges for Emma, knocking her to the ground. She holds her there.)

Mike: (Tries to shake his head) Sheila...Em...

Sheila: Alex, Zelda, get him down and get rid of him!

Emma: No! I almost had him right again!

Sheila: And that's something we DON'T want! We can't lose all that wonderful dark energy in his soul.

Emma: What?

Sheila: Someone needs to get the Lord of the Manor, too.

Emma: Over my dead body!

Sheila: You shouldn't say things like that, Scholar. It might give people ideas.

Alex: I'll handle him... *makes Mike disappear*

Emma: (Shrieks) NOOO! (She lunges for Sheila again, but Sheila gets her around the waist before she can)

Valerie: (She turns to Alex, swinging her sword) Where are you sending them?

Sheila: It's not like you won't eventually figure it out anyway.

Emma: Yeah, that's what you WANT us to do, so you can steal our energy, too!

*Zelda makes Davy disappear in a black light.*

Daphne: No!

Emma: You BITCHES!

Midge: Can we leave now? I am very cold!

Sheila: We'll leave...but we forgot one last detail. Alex, would you like to handle your "brother?"

Micky: Oh no... :P

*Alex smirks...and Micky disappears.*

Sheila: Come after them...if you dare. (She, Alex, and Zelda disappear in a black light.)

Emma: DAMN IT! SHIT! SHIT! (She throws her field hockey stick on the wall and screams at the top of her lungs) I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!

Valerie: (Sighs) Em, calm down. They have to be here somewhere.

Emma: Where? This is a big castle!

Valerie: Maybe we ought to go back to the tunnel. They know where we are now. They could send more zombies and other lovely creatures after us.

Valerie: (Thoughtful) And we'll need to make a plan of attack. They expect us to come charging in after the boys. Let's think of something they WON'T expect.

Midge: What of me?

Valerie: You can come with us. You seem to be pretty intelligent. We could use you. Besides (nods at Slip and Sach) they need a new friend.

Midge: I would rather be friends with a lizard!

Slip: *Motions to Sach* Meet the lizard.

Sach: *Grins* Aw Chief, you're too kind.

Midge: (She reaches for a vial from her work station) Well, at least let me dress. (She tosses the vial on the floor - there's a poof of smoke, and she now wears a peasant blouse and long skirt) There. That is good.

Slip: *Nods* That is very good.

*Sach just does his "motor lips" again.*

Midge: (Makes a face) Thank you. (Turns to the others) If you must go into tunnel, there is entrance in this room.

(Midge goes to the huge bed. She knocks on the front of the bed...and it opens, revealing another tunnel.)

Midge: Bela taught me that.

Emma: Let's go, before they do something worse than terrible to our boys.

(Midge makes a face as Slip and Sach take either of her arms.)

Slip: Join us, won't you?

Sach: Am I comin' apart? *looks around at himself*

(Emma chuckles as they head into the tunnel. Valerie snorts. Midge rolls her eyes.)

*Slip holds Midge's arm with one hand and belts Sach with his hat in his free hand.*

Midge: If you boys are done beating each other with hats, we will go.

Slip: I'm never done beating him.

(Slip leads Midge into the tunnel. Sach tries to follow, but almost ends up in the bed before he finds the door.)

Sach: Oop! There's that silly door! Tryin' to hide from me! *tsks, then makes it through*