Everyone ready to find Belavarg and Mike?

Lauren: Ready.

Peter: Belavarg, yes. Michael, I'm not sure...

Valerie: Yes.

Micky: Yeah...

(We open in a large, spacious library/office. In fact, it's the library/office set from "Monkees Get a Clue" with some more antique furniture and some older knick-knacks on the fireplace. Belavarg sits behind the desk in his human guise as Lillith enters.)

Lillith: Hello, Mr. Lensher.

Belavarg: Greetings, Miss Staffer.

Lillith: I'm going to come directly to the point, Mr. Lensher. It's time we considered severing our relationship.

Belavarg: Is it now?

Lillith: Yes. First of all, there's your ongoing battle with Mr. Nesmith over the rights to his music. The way you went about it was really out of ethical bounds.

Belavarg: It was the only method that would work.

Lillith: There's also the incident at the awards ceremony last week that I know you were involved with. That whole affair turned into a major fiasco.

Belavarg: You assume we'll just part and never deal with each other again, and all will be like it was before.

Lillith: No. I would like you to stay on as a business manager for Dark Star Records, but you will not be dealing with groups.

Belavarg: Really?

Lillith: You may recall the scandal that caused you to lose Dark Star Records to begin with. I was hoping to avoid repeating such a scandal.

Belavarg: Unless it's to our favor.

Lillith: No. I don't wish to court scandal. I just want to do business.

Belavarg: I also wish to just do business. *pulls a pocket watch from inside his jacket* Perhaps, I can help persuade you... *swings the watch*

Lillith: Mr. Lensher, what are you doing?

(Lillith blinks rapidly, trying unsuccessfully to clear the rapidly emerging cobwebs from her brain.)

Belavarg: *Smirks* Yes, Miss Staffer, keep your eyes on the watch.

Lillith: This is... (blinks, then yawns) absurd... (Yawns again, then pulls her head back up) What was I saying?

Belavarg: That you'd be happy to cooperate with anything I request.

Lillith: I...no....yes.... (She shakes her head again, but her eyes are drooping) I can't think...head's cloudy... (She blinks and yawns again...and when she opens her eyes, they're blank) I...I'll cooperate with anything you request. I'll do what you say.

Belavarg: Excellent.

Lillith: I will do whatever you want me to do. I will cooperate.

(Belavarg walks behind her and begins rubbing the sides of her head. She closes her eyes and leans back, slumping a bit.)

Lillith: I feel...so strange...tired...

Belavarg: You'll be just fine.

Lillith: I feel strange...light....like I have no energy...

(Lillith's head lulls to the side. She looks up at Belavarg with a tired smile.)

Lillith: I am ready to obey you.

Belavarg: *rubs at Lillith's head* Then make me producer and give me full authority over Dark Star. >

Lillith: Yes. Yes, I will.

(Lillith gasps a little as Belavarg's hands move to her shoulders.)

Belavarg: Very good. *Runs his hands up and down the tops of her arms*

Lillith: (Shudders) Feels nice...

Belavarg: I've only just begun.

(That's when the door bursts open. Peter and Herman lead the pack...and Herman doesn't look happy.)

Lillith: (Gasps) H...herman....

Herman: Lillith!

Peter: Belavarg, I thought you two were partners!

Emma: Is this how you treat everyone you're a partner with?

Belavarg: The partnership was dissolved.

Peter: No kidding.

Lillith: (Sighs) Herman... (She leans into Belavarg's hands)

Emma: (Turns to Herman) Do you know her?

Herman: Yes. She's my girlfriend.

Belavarg: *Smirks* Isn't that sweet?

Emma: (Raises an eyebrow) Your...girlfriend?

Peter: So that's Lily.

Herman: Yes, that's Lilly. And this guy's gonna be dead meat if he doesn't get his bloody hands off of her!

Emma: (Pulls out her field hockey stick) You heard the man. Don't touch that lady.

Valerie: Even if she is the competition.

Belavarg: As if I care. *pulls his sword seemingly out of nowhere*

Valerie: (Pulls out her sword) Herman, get her out of here. I'll handle this bastard.

Herman: *Slightly taken aback* Okay... I'm not arguing with a woman with a sword.

Emma: (Sees zombies behind them) We'll get rid of the green and ugly boys behind us.

("Shorty Blackwell" begins as everyone jumps back into the hallway but Valerie, who confronts Belavarg, and Herman, who tries to get a floppy Lillith to her feet.)

(Valerie ducks away as Belavarg slashes at her. She tries to lunge at him.)

(Emma just runs straight at a line of zombies, swinging her field hockey stick. When she's on the other end of the hallway, the camera turns behind her...showing nothing but dust piles where the zombies were.)

(Peter tosses antiques to zombies. As they try to catch them, he runs off.)

*Lauren and Daphne continue to tag-team zombies. Micky and Sach are as far from the action as possible. Slip is in the middle of everything, fists flying this way and that.*

(Emma pushes zombies over to Slip with the back of her field hockey stick so he can smack them into piles of dust.)

(Jessie cheers Nyles on as he runs through lines of zombies.)

*Jack ignores Nyles and does his own zombie dusting.*

(Cut back in the office. Valerie just barely misses Belavarg's sword coming at her arm. She pulls away at the last minute and aims for his side.)

(Belavarg pulls away and pins her against the wall. She pushes at him angrily.)

Valerie: (As the music ends) Belavarg, let me go! What are you doing?

Belavarg: Look at me!

Valerie: No! (She tries to turn away, but Belavarg grabs her chin and turns her head to his)

Belavarg: Look!

Valerie: Noooo! (But she can't help looking into his eyes. She tries to blink) I...I'll give....you...Headquarters....

Belavarg: Yes...

(Suddenly, a vase cracks against Belavarg's head. He slumps to the floor, unconscious, right near Herman and Lillith. We reveal Peter behind him, holding the remains of an antique vase and looking angrier than he's ever been.)

Peter: (Growls) You stay the HELL away from my wife and her company, you bastard.

Valerie: (Gasps) Oh...oh Peter... (She falls into his arms)

Peter: (Strokes her back) It's ok, honey. (Turns to Herman) Herman, is Lillith all right?

Herman: No. She's really out of it.

Lillith: (Murmurs) Herman....

Peter: Try kissing her. Works for us.

Herman: Can't hurt to try. *gives her a gentle kiss*

Lillith: (Moans) Oh....oohhhhh, does my head hurt... (grins up at him) ...but it feels a little better looking at something so lovely.

Herman: *Grins* My view is pretty darn good, too.

Peter: Do you think you two would be up for walking around?

Valerie: I have an idea. Herman, why don't two of your men escort Miss Staffer back to her car?

Lillith: (Nods) I don't want to stay in this place another second. (Looks down at Belavarg) I don't care if you can't hear me or not. Mr. Lensher, as of this minute, you are fired. You are no longer an employee of mine, in any form.

Herman: *Turns to Jack, Nyles, and Jessie* Would you three mind taking Lilly out to her car?

Lillith: (Rubs her head) Yes, please. I don't trust this house of horrors.

Jessie: Can't say I blame you. This castle is kinda pretty, but really creepy, too.

Lillith: Thank you. (Gives Herman a kiss) Call me tonight, and we'll set up a real date. After all, you did save my life.

Herman: *Smiles* I'll call as soon as I can.

Lillith: I'll be waiting. (She kisses him again and follows Jessie, Nyles, and Jack out.)

Peter: I think we'd better get going, too, before Belavarg gets up and realizes what I did and how much it's going to cost to fix that vase.

Emma: (Nods) Good idea.

(They all head out as we fade out on Belavarg spread out on the floor.)