Everyone ready to take on the Devils and figure out what they want with the ancestors?

Valerie: Yes!

Peter: I'm worried about Michael...

Lauren: Ready.

Micky: I still have a headache.

(We open with a bright white light shining into the camera. The camera shakes for a few minutes before it moves, and we see the outline of Emma.)

Emma: Sorry! I didn't see the camera there!

Peter: (Sighs) We have to find the end of this tunnel sometime!

Valerie: I'm not sure I want to. God only knows what's on the other end.

Peter: Daphne, can you feel Davy? Is he ok?

Daphne: I can feel him...and he isn't okay. They're done something to him.

Peter: That's not good. Mind control?

Daphne: They've taken his voice, among other things.

Peter: That's really not good.

Emma: (Points ahead) I think I see a light!

Peter: (Points upwards) It's up another flight of stairs.

Emma: Let's go, then.

(The camera moves past them upstairs. It comes out in what looks like a large chemistry lab. Alex is puttering around, watching the four lights of the ancestors flickering in the vials. Zelda inspects the various instruments. Sheila enters, making a face.)

Sheila: Lillith Staffer's just arrived. She's fit to be tied! I don't envy Belavarg having to deal with her.

(Sheila flops in a large armchair across from the chemistry set.)

Sheila: How's our lovely spirit gentlemen?

Alex: Just as detained as ever.

Sheila: It's taken us long enough to get them back. I can't wait to execute the delicious plot Belavarg has to claim those powers my sister gave them.

(The lights flicker softly, barely moving in the vials. The white light almost seems to flicker angrily!)

Sheila: Now now, Robert, you'll be just fine. I can't have you back in my arms...but I can have your ancestor.

Sheila: What about you, Alex? Still want the Mother in your arms?

Alex: Of course I do.

Sheila: When are we going to work on the ancestors and the Guardians, after Belavarg handles Miss Staffer?

Zelda: *Folds her arms* Fine with me.

Sheila: Zelda, you'll get your hands on the Savage soon.

Zelda: *Grins* And all over!

Alex: How shall we handle Ms. Staffer?

Sheila: We can't do anything too bad to her. Her firm will ask questions. Let's just rough her up a bit, maybe turn her into an animal for a few hours, and take her soul.

(A door behind the chemistry set opens...revealing the girls, Peter, and Micky. Sheila makes a face.)

Sheila: How did all of you get loose?

Peter: We had some help from those demons of yours.

Sheila: (Turns to the women) I was wondering when all of you would show up. How on earth did you get in?

Lauren: We sorta fell in.

Emma: (Pulls up her field hockey stick) Enough small talk. Where are Davy, Mike, and our ancestors?

Peter: (Points to the vials) There's the ancestors!

Alex: You're looking right at them.

Peter: Let them out of there! Their auras are fading fast!

Sheila: Not a chance, Bard. (She makes a staff appear) It's time you joined them.

Peter: Forget it!

Emma: (Growls) Like hell.

Lauren: Not a chance.

Sheila: Alex, Zelda, it looks like we're going to have more fun tonight than we thought.

Alex: I'd say so.

Emma: Sheila, don't you even. (She counters Sheila as she comes at her, their staff and field hockey stick deadlocked)

Sheila: I'm going to finally get rid of you, Scholar.

Emma: That's what you think! Peter, get the ancestors out of those vials!

Sheila: Someone call for help!

(Peter tries to get to the vials, but Alex stops him.)

Sheila: Alex, he's going after the vials! Stop him!

Alex: What do you think I'm doing!

Peter: Alex, you know I don't like violence, but I will do serious harm to you if you don't get out of my way.

Alex: Nothing doing.

Peter: Alex, those are our ancestors! We're not about to let you figure out how to do worse things to spirits than you already have.

Peter: Alex, get away, or you're going to get very hurt.

(Peter tries to duck around Alex, but he won't let him.)

Alex: Hurt me.

Peter: You asked for it. (He hits Alex right in the chin as hard as he can. Alex goes tumbling into a table filled with empty beakers, sending table and beakers crashing to the ground.) I warned you.

*Alex growls, steamed.*

Peter: Alex, we're not playing games. Let them go.

(Emma and Sheila are deadlocked. Neither will budge an inch.)

Valerie: (She, Lauren, and Daphne are confronted by Zelda) Zelda, get away from that table!

Zelda: I don't think so.

Sheila: Alex, you're better at whistling. Call in the troops!

*Alex gives a two-finger whistle. Zombies, demons, and human slaves answer the call.*

Emma: (Eyes widen) Shit! (She pushes Sheila away and ducks around two slaves as "Since You've Been Away" begins.)

Sheila: Thank you, Alex. (Is nearly ran over by a demon) But it seems to be getting a little crowded in here!

Peter: I can take care of that. (He opens the door, allowing everyone to literally fall into the hallway)

Sheila: (She has a demon on her) GET OFF ME, YOU OVERGROWN STUFFED ANIMAL!

Demon #1: Oh, sorry Milady, didn't see ya there! (He picks her up by her collar and sets her on her feet rather jarringly) There you go! (Brushes her off)

Sheila: (Grits her teeth) Thank you. I really needed that.

Demon #1: Don't mention it. (He goes after Micky instead, not seeing that he's fighting with Alex. He just rams into both of them.)

Alex: Watch it!

Micky: *Rubs his head where he clunked it against the wall* Not again!

(Peter ducks under slaves, trying to break them out of whatever spell is binding them. Valerie jabs people in the back with her sword.)

(Emma smacks ankles with her hockey stick.)

*Lauren and Daphne swing fists, wiping out some of all kinds.*

(Peter doesn't duck Lauren's fist fast enough and ends up flying into a group of demons.)

Lauren: Sorry, Peter!

Peter: (Puffing) Don't...mention it!

(Valerie is jabbing everyone and anyone in the back. She sees a familiar back. Ahh, there's Alex! She jabs him good in the rear.)

*Micky yelps.*

Valerie: (Blushes) Sorry, Mick.

Sheila: This is ridiculous! (She lunges for Lauren, whacking at her with her staff) Grab them! They're outnumbered, and two are powerless and weaponless!

Emma: Daphne or Valerie, call Herman!

Sheila: Call what?

Demon #2: What's a Herman?

Demon #3: Ain't that a typ'a Hermit?

Daphne: I'm on it!

Sheila: Whatever it is, it won't be here! (She tries to reach for Daphne and her communicator, but Lauren grabs her arms)

Lauren: Oh no, you don't!

Sheila: Let me go! (She kicks angrily at Lauren. Peter circles around Alex, trying to hit him again.)

Emma: (She whacks a demon on the head, but two more grab her arms) Shit!

Peter: (He lunges for Alex, who ducks out of his way; a demon grabs hold of him) NO!

Sheila: (She finally yanks Lauren's arms behind her back) No more games, little Mother. This is for keeps.

Peter: (He struggles with Alex) LET GO!

(That's when the hallway seems to get even MORE crowded.)

Sheila: What in the bloody hell is this?

Herman: *Flanked by his buddies and band-mates* So this is where the party's at!

Peter: (As three guys jump on the demons) Herman, you found us!

Valerie: (Grins) What took you so long?

Herman: Traffic was horrible.

Sheila: Who are you people?

Valerie: Oh, you haven't met one of Headquarters' newest bands, Newton's Newts.

Herman: *Waves* Hiya!

Sheila: What?

Nyles: *Goes up to Sheila* I remember you!

Sheila: (Groans) Oh, not you!

Jack: *Yanks on Nyles' arm* Not now, Ny.

Jessie: (Narrows her eyes at Sheila) Who's that, Ny?

Nyles: Big time trouble, that's what.

Jessie: (Pokes her finger in Sheila's chest) You stay away from my man, ya hear?

Sheila: Oh, don't worry. He's all yours. He's more than yours. Keep him for the rest of your life. I have no more interest in him.

Jessie: (Turns to Nyles and grins) Did ya hear that? I can have you for the rest of my life!

Nyles: *grabs her* All right, babe!

*The last two members of the band split up. One runs off to the side, climbing as high up and away from everything as he can. He starts doling out commentary. The other shorter fellow runs right into the middle of the melee, fists flying.*

Peter: (Turns to the shorter guy as they run two demons together) Hey, you're pretty good at this! Ever fought demons before?

Shorter Man: Not demons, but I've fought with assorted gangsters and nut cases before.

*Micky manages to make his way over to the fellow giving commentary and tucks himself out of harm's way.*

Peter: Then you're in good company. We handle this sort of thing all the time. (Knocks two slaves into a demon, sending all three crashing into the wall.)

Shorter Man: *Punches a zombie, who falls into a demon, who falls into a slave. They land in a heap* I call that the domino conflict.

Peter: I call that very nice.

Shorter Man: I depreciate that.

Emma: (She puts her field hockey stick against Alex's chest) Get those vials and release them. Now.

Valerie: (She comes out with the vials) Here they are!

Alex: Not if we have anything to say about it! *disappears--the vials go too!*

Zelda: Oh sure, just when I'm overjoyed by cuties we gotta cut outta here!

Daphne: Oh you don't have to go if you'd rather just be cut UP.

Zelda: No thanks. *disappears*

Sheila: They would leave me to deal with this mess.

Lauren: *Smirks* Oh Sheila...

Emma: Good. I've been wanting to deal with her, too. I'll share with you, Lauren.

Sheila: (She sees people closing in on her from all sides) I'm out of here! (There's a black light, and she's gone, too.)

Emma: Chicken.

Peter: (Turns to Herman) Thanks for arriving when you did. You really helped out.

Herman: You're welcome. Besides, the fellas were dying for a good workout.

Jessie: And me!

*The shorter man belts the taller man on the head with his hat as he joins him.*

Shorter Man: You always gotta run and hide! Are you a man or a mouse?

Taller Man: Squeak! Squeak! Got any cheese?

*Micky just shakes his head, still holding it.*

(Peter doubles over laughing.)

Herman: *Grins* Full intros later, but the squeaker is Sach, and the other is Slip. (Shrugs) I've had a few issues with keeping band members.

Jack: Jessie scares them away.

Nyles: That's my chick!

Herman: And I don't think we'll have to worry about these two.

Jessie: You bet, Surfer Boy!

Emma: I think we'd better get out of here. The Devils may come back.

Valerie: I agree. We have to find those vials!

Peter: (Nods) Everyone stay very close together. We don't know this place, and the last thing we need is for anyone to get lost. Got that?

Sach: Got what?

Slip: *Belts him with his hat again* Stick close and keep your yap shut.

*We fade out as the group moves en mass down the hallway.*