Is everyone ready to begin?

Mike: Yeah.

Peter: NO!

Micky: I still have a headache.

Davy: We don't have much choice, do we?

(We open in the same familiar dungeon set, this time with all of Belavarg's little torture devices. Several zombies and demons patrol the area. Micky leans against the wall in one of the cells. Peter sits next to him, shaking his head.)

Peter: (Sighs) I hope the girls can get here in time.

Micky: I hope so too.

Micky: *Tilts his head back; winces* Ow.

Peter: Still sore, Mick?

Micky: Yes. Man, I really clobbered myself.

Peter: Well, the zombies didn't help any.

Micky: No, they didn't.

Peter: We have to get to Michael and turn him back. He's....he's just not like this.

(Mike comes down that moment, smirking. Peter frowns.)

Peter: Michael, what's going on?

Mike: Hi, boys. Bet you'd like to know what we're gonna do with you.

Micky: Well, the question had crossed our minds.

Mike: Belavarg likes your energy. Micky just has so much of it, it makes his mouth water. And Pete, you've got that nice pure strain.

Micky: *Groans, holding his head* Couldn't he like it a little less?

Mike: That's what he wants, boys, and what he wants, he gets.

Peter: Michael, please. You know you don't want this. Your light isn't fully dark.

Mike: I'm tired of listenin', Pete. Things ain't workin' out. I got a way to make them work out now. (He turns away from Peter and Micky)

Peter: Michael...

Micky: *A bit louder than he should* You can't do this to us, Mike! *winces*

Mike: (Stops and turns to Micky) I can do anythin' I darn well please, Mick. I'm tired of bein' told that I can't do this and I shouldn't do that and I just ain't good enough. I want this company to work out.

Micky: *Pushes himself up against the wall* If you're tired of being told what to do, then why are you listening to THEM?! Can't you think for yourself and not let them push you around and turn you against us? *winces again, but gives Mike a slightly pained glare*

Peter: Michael, you know this isn't the way. Let us heal you. Let Em heal you. You've always been so independent. Why are you letting them rule you?

Mike: I AIN'T LETTIN' NO ONE CONTROL ME! I'm in charge of myself! I know what I'm doin'.

Peter: No, you don't. Michael, I've been here. They use you, and you know it.

Micky: You definitely do NOT know what you're doing.

Mike: Yeah, I do. (He storms off, pushing several of the zombies away from him as he stomps upstairs and into the door)

Peter: No, he doesn't...and he knows it.

Micky: *Holds his head again* At least he didn't take a pot shot at me.

Peter: He isn't thinking or feeling straight enough for that. We have to get out of here and make him see the truth!

Micky: Well, he isn't alone.

Peter: There has to be a way out of here. (Concentrates, but there's no blue light) Darn it. My powers still aren't working.

Micky: I'd try mine but with the current state of my head, I'm afraid I might accidentally blow us up.

Peter: I'd laugh, but that might not be a joke. (Looks up at the demons milling around, eating junk and hitting each other) Maybe we can't get out (nods at the demons) but they might be able to free us, if we can figure out how to lure them.

Micky: Any thoughts on how?

Peter: I wish we had some food, or something. Maybe we could just call them over and get them to show off...

Micky: That might just work...

Peter: All right. (He calls to two demons near him) Hey fellas! Wanna come over here?

Demon #1: Why?

Peter: We want to see how strong you are.

Demon #2: Sure, we're real strong!

Demon #1: We can lift or break anythin'.

Micky: Strong enough to bend these bars?

Demon #1: Sure! I's can bust anythin' open, even heads.

Demon #2: I can bust 'em even harder!

Micky: *Lurches a little* Not heads, just the bars.

Demon #1: No, he can't. That guy (indicates his buddy) can't even break a peanut open.

Demon #2: Yes I can! Just watch! (He pulls open the bars on Peter's side as he moves back) See?

Demon #1: Oh yeah? Well, watch me betterment you. (He goes to Micky's side and pulls his so wide, his arm goes through the stone wall) Owwww! Darn it!

Demon #2: (Goes to help his buddy) You shouldn't have pulled that hard!

Demon #1: I can pulls as hard as I want! I just can't aim, that's all! (The two try to pull his arm lodged in the wall.)

Peter: (Grins and steps out of the bars) Thanks, guys!

Micky: *Squeezes through his side* Thanks!

Demon #2: Don't mention it!

Demon #1: They ain't supposed to go anywhere! (Waves his one good arm at the other zombies and two other demons in the room) Hey guys! They're escapin'!

Micky: Uh oh...

Peter: Damn it. (He makes his crossbow appear as "Can You Dig It?" begins. He shoots one of the zombies, who turns into a potted flower.)

Peter: At least the weapons work. (Concentrates...but gets nothing else) That's the only thing that does, though. (He shoots another arrow at a demon...but it just seems to fizzle when it gets near him) And they don't always work. Our powers must be effected by the dark energy here.

Micky: Well... *tries to make his dagger appear, but gets nothing* Aw crap... *Runs between the legs of one demon*

(Peter jams the crossbow into zombies, making them crumble into dust.)

Micky: *Over the music* Come on, Peter! *a demon sneaks up from behind and picks him up* Peeeete!

Peter: No! (He shoots the demon...which turns into a puppy as the music ends)

Micky: *Lands with a thud* Ooof!

Peter: Micky, are you ok? (Helps him to his feet)

Micky: I've been better.

Peter: We have to get upstairs and find Michael and the girls, before Michael hurts them, himself, or someone else.

Micky: Fine with me.

(Cut to the long, winding road outside Belavarg's Castle. Ursula finally pulls up in a grove of trees near the castle.)

Ursula: (Sighs) Well, girls, what are we going to do now? Has anyone decided how we're going to get in?

Emma: I guess ringing the doorbell is out.

Lauren: There's gotta be a way to sneak in.

Valerie: We'll go around back. We'll probably have to keep an eye out for guards or demons.

Ursula: I agree. I'll ride around front. No one's expecting to see a car searching the grounds.

Daphne: So lets go check things out.

(The girls climb out of Ursula, who drives slowly around the front of the castle. The girls don't make it very far around back when they see several zombies carrying weapons. Emma grabs them behind some bushes.)

Emma: Great. They DO have patrols out here.

Valerie: They're really going all-out this time.

Emma: There has to be another way in!

Lauren: *Looks around* I wonder... *Looks amongst the rocks and starts pushing on them. Suddenly, one of the large rocks shifts, revealing an opening to a tunnel.*

Daphne: Wow, Lauren, look at what you found!

Lauren: *Grins* I knew watching all those old movies would help.

Emma: (Grins) Great! Good work, Lauren!

Valerie: Well, ladies, shall we make our way in, before those walking dust piles find their brains and start checking behind bushes?

Lauren: Letís go.

(We see the girls walking down a long flight of stone stairs. Cut to inside a long, dank hallway that looks like the tunnel into the castle set from the first story, "Dream World." We barely see the outlines of moss-covered walls and dirt floors.)

Emma: (Groans) Why can't we ever wander around in well-lit places like department stores? (Sighs) If only we could run into...ouch! (She puts her hands out) Who's there?

Valerie: Emma, are you ok?

Emma: I am, but I'm not sure if whatever I ran into is. (She grabs hold of something) I...I think I have it...

Micky: *Gives her a weak grin as she pulls him into the light* Hi, Em.

Lauren: Mick?!

Micky: Oooh, not so loud... *groans*

Emma: Micky! Are you ok? Did I hurt you?

Micky: No more than I already was.

Peter: Micky? (He's holding a torch) Are you all right? (He holds up the torch...and sees Valerie.) Girls, you're here! You got our message!

*Lauren goes over to Micky as he slumps against the nearest wall.*

Valerie: Peter! (Peter hands Emma the torch and gives his wife a huge hug) What happened? You called us, but then, all of a sudden, you were cut off! We were scared to death!

Peter: It's a long story. I tried calling you on the communicator, but we got caught and thrown in the dungeon.

Valerie: What happened to Micky?

Peter: That's also a long story. He didn't handle the trip up here well.

Micky: The trip didn't handle ME very well.

Peter: Valerie, we have to get moving. First of all, we ran into some of Sheila's human slave goons upstairs. We ran for the nearest thing that opened, and that's how we ended up here.

Emma: (Puts her hand on her head) And we have to find Mike. He's so angry, so frustrated. I don't know what he might do...and that includes turning into a wolf, which is not something anyone needs right now.

Peter: We have to get out of here and find Michael...and I have a feeling that if we find him, we'll find Belavarg, the Devils, and our ancestors.

Emma: Where did you guys come from?

Peter: If you mean now... (Points upwards) From that set of stairs.

Emma: (Nods) Then letís go!

Lauren: Here we go... *grabs Micky's arm, and the two go up first together*

Peter: Wait up! (He goes after them, followed by the other women, Emma still holding the torch) What's that light ahead?

Emma: (As dark shapes, some furry, some human, burst onto the stairs) I have the feeling we're being invaded!

Micky: *Nearly stumbles backwards, but hits the wall instead* Wrong way!

("Randy Scouse Git" begins as the stairs overflow with demons and a few men in skimpy pants, shirts, and shoes.)

Peter: Everyone turn around!

Daphne: Run!

(They do turn to run, but the demons and slaves are, too. Everyone finally ends up toppling head over heels onto each other! Emma's torch lands against the wall and goes out, plunging us into somewhat total darkness. We can still see enough to catch outlines and know who's who.)

(Peter grabs the nearest silhouette and runs into it. When he rolls over, he finds himself laying on Micky.)

Peter: Oops. Sorry.

Micky: We gotta stop meeting like this.

(Peter jumps away and helps Micky to his feet.)

(Emma just rams right into two guys at once...and keeps going through a line of guys.)

*Lauren follows Emma.*

(Peter tries to make his crossbow appear, but two slaves ram into him before he has a chance.)

(Valerie grabs her sword and, in the barest silhouette, goes after the two slaves.)

(Peter closes his eyes as we hear the slashing in the background. When it subsides, Valerie comes out...wiping something off of her sword that we can't quite see...)

(Emma makes her field hockey stick appear and whacks at demon's shins with it. There's soon a flock of demons dancing on one foot around her.)

*Lauren continues using her fists, while Daphne makes her staff appear.*

(Peter pulls away a rock...and finds Micky and a demon playing cards.)

(A demon is trying to chase Emma. She aims to whack him in the rear...but he ducks, and she ends up whacking the wall! She wobbles so much, the demon has to steady her.)

(Peter smacks the demon playing cards with Micky over the head. He slumps over, revealing his last hand to Micky. He has three 4s and two jacks.)

*Micky pulls all the winnings over to himself, grinning.*

Peter: (As the music ends) Enjoying yourself, Mick?

Micky: I gotta have something that doesn't harm me.

Emma: (Stumbles over to them) I think that's about it. We'd better get out of here. The Devils may come looking for their regiment, not to mention they're probably already after you two.

Peter: We can't go back in the main area. We'll have to stick to the tunnels.

Valerie: (Nods towards another tunnel that branches off) I think this might be a good start.

Emma: (She picks up the torch and concentrates; it lights back up) Let's go, then.

Peter: How come your powers are working, and ours are acting strangely?

Valerie: I suspect for the same reason the Devils' attempt to split us up in November didn't work. Our powers are different than yours. Whatever was done to this castle effects us differently than you.

Peter: (Sighs) We really need to ask Ursula how that came about.

Valerie: I suspect we will, in time.

Emma: Girls, maybe you ought to see if you can make some kind of light source appear.

Valerie: (Concentrates - a small flashlight appears in her hand) Here we go.

Lauren: *Makes her flashlight appear* All set.

Daphne: And I have mine. *flashlight appears in her hand*

Emma: Ok, then. Boys, stay near us. You don't have light.

Peter: I'm not going anywhere in this house of horrors that the rest of you aren't. I know what happens when we don't stick together.

Micky: I'm lucky I still have a head. I'm not going anywhere.

Emma: (Closes her eyes and murmurs) Oh Mike, honey, you're so angry. I hope...please don't hurt anyone... (She steps into the dark tunnel...and we fade out on the darkness as the others follow.)

(Fade in on another kind of blackness. The camera enters Belavarg's private suite. Midge, wearing a purple satin bathrobe with feather trim, has Davy cuddled in her arms...but he's protesting rather loudly.)

Midge: Now, little pet, you stop that. You're going to be good for me.

Davy: I am not your pet, and I'm not going to be good to you!

Midge: Oh, but you will be. Bela bring you all kinds of lovely drinks that'll make you feel very good.

Davy: I feel just fine.

Midge: But Bela will make you feel even better! (Belavarg and Mike enter, Belavarg carrying a tray filled with vials and containers of various kinds.)

Mike: We thought your new pet might give ya trouble, so we're here to lend ya a hand, so to speak.

Midge: It is appreciated, Michael.

Davy: I don't appreciate it.

Mike: You be quiet, now. (Smirks at Belavarg) Wanna give him the first potion? It'll be a lot less noisy in here.

*Belavarg shoves the potion down Davy's throat. Davy tries to yell out, but his voice is completely gone.* :P

Mike: (Smirks) Sorry, runt, but you can't call out for help anymore.

Midge: (Strokes Davy's throat) This is much better. I prefer my pets to be quiet pets.

*Davy glares at Mike and moves his mouth, attempting to say some very un-nice things.*

Mike: Come on, runt. That ain't a real good thing to say, even when you can't say it.

Midge: He is too stubborn. I want him to be yielding, soft.

Belavarg: *holds out another potion* Try this one.

Midge: It looks like it will do tricks. (She forces it down Davy's throat.)

*Davy gags on it, but the potion goes down. His eyes begin to glaze over...*

Midge: Yes. Yes, this is better. (She strokes Davy's cheeks) How do you feel now, my pet?

*Davy nuzzles her.*

Midge: This is much, much better. (She smirks and pulls a silk scarf around his eyes) Michael, would you tie his hands? I would like to have lots of fun with my new pet. (As Mike does so, she leans over Davy and whispers in his ear) You're a pretty pet. You are here to look pretty and keep owner happy. I am your owner.

*Davy nods.*

Midge: (She strokes his hair) Perhaps, we could take a little of his energy later? It is full of emotions. I have never gotten such emotional energy before.

Mike: Yeah. Davy can pick up on love. You must be gettin' that.

Belavarg: He is yours to do with as wished.

Midge: That is wonderful! (Grins) However, now that he is pet, I would like some time alone with him.

Mike: Aww, we don't get to have any fun!

Belavarg: You have others to play with. Let her have one.

Mike: Oh, all right. (He heads off. Midge frowns)

Midge: I hope you still have control on him. You know what he can do when angry.

Belavarg: Yes, I do, but his is a strong will.

Midge: You be careful. That will may bite you in back someday.

Belavarg: I'm willing to take that risk.

(Midge just shakes her head as he leaves. She cuddles with Davy as we fade out.)